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How to Bypass OTP Verification in Any App or Website (Updated Guide)

In this article, we will show you how to bypass OTP verification on any website or app, bank, Amazon, for online payments and even in carding.
how to bypass otp verification

Want to bypass OTP verification in any app or website? The internet is a great place to navigate and sometimes, we do find contents that interest us—at times, to get the most out of some sites, we will need to signup. Many sites require you to use a phone number to secure your account. 

We all know the dangers involved when exposing our real numbers online and to keep our numbers safe, we got to use some OTP bypass methods.

Here comes the intervention of virtual phone numbers which are the most used OTP bypass tools that you can find online. It is pretty easy and the virtual number providers will capture the OTP once the site you registered on send you the message containing the Pin code.

But some of these virtual phone numbers are just obsolete and generally do not work with sites and apps that spot banned numbers. What do we do in this case? Don't worry we got you covered.

Banks and credit card providers secure their customer accounts with One Time Passcode to be used for every signup. It can be the case that you lost your number and for that reason, you will begin searching the web for methods on how to bypass bank OTP verification or even credit card verification.

Most people go in for searches because they want an easy method to access their financial assets without OTP and without having to contact or visit a bank branch for assistance though this can be the most secure option. But don't worry, we still got you covered.

To bypass OTP verification in any app or website, the first thing you need to do is to grab a virtual phone number, add it to your account (bank, mobile app and more) and whenever you will be asked to enter the OTP, you will have access to the virtual phone number that will receive the OTP code in order for you to bypass the OTP verification step. 

If you have been looking for a genuine method to bypass OTP verification on any website or application without actually providing your real phone number, then you are in the right place—because in this article, we will share with you the best ways to bypass OTP verification.

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Table of Contents

What is OTP Verification and How Does It Works?

A one-time password (OTP), also known as a one-time authorization code, one-time PIN, or dynamic password, is a kind of password that is required to verify one login session or transaction, on a computer system or other digital device. After this login, the OTP will no longer be valid and every new login attempt will be require a new OTP each.

OTP verifications are used by most websites and apps as an additional security layer for each of their customers assets. 

Here is how OTP verification works: — For instance, you want to login to a site, let's say Amazon, when you provide the password for your your account, Amazon will send a OTP password to your number which will be required to verify you as the genuine owner of the account. Providing that OTP is the best way to bypass the amazon OTP at that very moment. This OTP can be sent to the email or the phone number registered with the account.

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Some sites will even give you some minutes to enter the one-time Pin and afterwards, the OTP sent will no longer be valid and you will have to request a new one. This is generally practiced by most banks (for online banking) and financial institutions.

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Which Organizations or Websites Use One-Time Password (OTP)?

Generally, all online services and websites that keep and store the information of users and customers are recommended to use OTP as an additional layer if should in case a password breach should occur in their systems or someone gain the login info of one/more of their customers.

Here are some of the services and websites recommended to use OTP:

  • Online banking
  • Financial services such as online stock portfolios or cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Sensitive company data
  • Confidential channels of communication
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using One-Time Password (OTP)

Though using OTP represent some advantages (pros), it also has some sideways (cons/disadvantages) that are not that joyful to experience. Here are some of them:

Advantages (Pros) Disadvantages (Cons)
Usually difficult to crack during replay attacks Requires additional technology
Stolen password cannot be
used for multiple sites or services
Security tokens can break and fail
Best security layer for users Process of OTP password generation
can be cumbersome

How to Bypass OTP Verification on Any Website or Application

Nowadays, with security methods taken to the next level by most sites, it can be really difficult to bypass OTP verification no matter the website or app you are attempting to bypass. The bypass methods are not that evident with fake or disposable virtual phone number services since these numbers are usually banned.

For Instance, WhatsApp, Telegram, Google have banned many virtual phone numbers and as a result, they can't be used for verification on these services. However, the usage of a phone number from a verified provider is the best choice you can opt for. Here are 6 ways to get verified phone numbers for verifications.

We have made many guides on how to virtual phone numbers (any country) for verifications online and you can use any of them to bypass OTP verification on any website or app. Check our virtual phone numbers tricks.

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Here is how you can bypass OTP verification on any website or app:

  1. Grab a verified phone number from one of our guides
  2. Use the number on the website or app you will want to bypass
  3. Request the OTP
  4. Now check your inbox for the OTP
  5. Copy the OTP and paste it in the field required on the website or app
  6. Then verify and bypass the OTP

Some sites such as Amazon and many online banks will require a more genuine method to bypass OTP. Let's bring each of them into details.

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How do I Bypass Amazon OTP Verification

Amazon requires an OTP to be entered each time you login to your account. To resolve this issue, you will need to disable your Two Step verification in your account and then, you will be able to bypass OTP on Amazon every time you login.

Here is how to bypass OTP verification on Amazon:

  • Login to your Amazon account,
  • Once in your account, go to Login & security.
  • Tap Edit just beside Two-Step Verification (2SV) Settings.
  • Now click Disable Two-Step Verification.
  • A code will be sent to your phone number or generated through the authenticator app.
  • Verify the code to show you are the one making the changes.

Great, now, for every login, you will no longer be required to provide a one-time password.

However, things maybe a little different in India. RBI doesn't allow Indians to perform such actions. However, there is a way to bypass this restriction which is by creating an Amazon Pay account and then loading it up with money and you won't ever be bothered with OTP.

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How to Bypass Bank OTP Verification

Banks use Two-Factor Authentication for each login attempt on their online banking platform. This helps them keep their customers finances safe from theft. If you do not want to use your real number with your banks, you can always use a verified virtual number for your bank.

Virtual numbers represent a great advantage for banking since they let you verify your login with a one-time password sent to the number no matter your location. Expats and travelers often use virtual phone number services for their banking purposes because it lets them verify their account.

No system is secured at a 100% even banks are not that secure. Though they use a well secured method for keeping customer accounts safe, hackers still find a way to bypass Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and this is how they get to do it. They intercept the code from your carrier and gain access to your account. Some hackers usually use SIM swapping to bypass bank OTP verification.

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But banks have improved security methods which they keep on developing overtime. So if you planned on bypassing someone else's account OTP verification for your own good, we advice you to abandon such activities as it can get you penalized by the law.

If you no longer want to use OTP or secure pass to login to your bank account anytime, here is how you can bypass the bank OTP verification:

  • Login to your bank account
  • Go to Settings>>Security and disable Two-Factor Authentication (Steps might differ depending on your bank)
  • A code will be sent to your email or number registered with them.
  • Copy the code and paste the code into the field and confirm the changes
  • Now you won't be required to enter OTP anytime you want to login.

Some banks will not let you perform such changes just for your own security and we do not recommend you to perform such changes as your account will be vulnerable to most cyber attacks.

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How to Bypass OTP in Online Payments

To shop online with a credit card or bank, you will need to provide an OTP which is required by merchants to confirm you are the legit owner of the account. There are many possibilities that might push you to look for methods to shop online without OTP.

You might have bought a credit, debit or prepaid card from a provider that didn't explain the basics to you and when you want to shop online, you will be asked an OTP and if the credit card wasn't registered with your account, you will find it difficult to shop online with it.

You might find something great online and you do not have a credit card to make the payment, then you got figured out that you can use mum or dad's credit card to perform the online payment and then you discovered that you need to bypass OTP for the online payment and purchase what you want without

Those are some of the many possibilities that might push you to look for methods to bypass OTP in online payments. No matter what your reason may be we got you covered.

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Here are 3 methods that will help you bypass OTP in online payments and shop online without OTP with credit cards:

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How to Bypass OTP in Carding

Carding is a cybercrime referred to the trafficking and unauthorized use of stolen credit cards or credit card numbers—which are then used to buy prepaid gift cards to cover up the tracks. Activities also encompass exploitation of personal data, and money laundering techniques.

Most carders know one way or the other, they may be confronted to OTP when using credit cards that are not theirs—that's why they always have a set of tools known as "carding tools" which include OTP bypass tools and methods.

However, just as others will do, carders can use verified phone numbers to bypass OTP on any website they try to access—and as such, it will be even easier to bypass OTP in carding.

Here is how to bypass OTP in Carding:

  • Pick-up a verified phone number provider from this list
  • Signup and follow the steps, you can use fake details if you want
  • Select a number and if required, purchase one to guarantee your success
  • Use the number gotten to bypass OTP in any site or app.

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How to Bypass Netflix Phone Number Verification (OTP)

Netflix is an online streaming service and to enjoy these contents, you will need to get Netflix premium account. You can purchase an account or subscribe to Netflix premium service to enjoy its contents. The other way round is to use Netflix Premium Bins to create a premium account for free.

When you use Bins, you will reach a step where you will need to provide a phone number where they will send a one-time password that you will be required to enter to complete the signup. Without a phone number, it is practically impossible to signup for Netflix now.

That said, there are many virtual phone numbers for Netflix out there but not all of them are accepted by Netflix—for example, fake numbers for Netflix will not work on the service—whether you want a US, Canada, UK, Germany phone number for Netflix, the process will still be same. So in this case, you will need a working phone number for Netflix verification and bypass OTP on Netflix.

Here is how you can get a phone number for Netflix to bypass OTP verification:

  • Get a verified virtual phone number from here
  • Go to Netflix.com and signup for your account
  • When you are asked a phone number, enter the number you got from the step above
  • Verify the number on Netflix by providing the verification code sent to the number inbox
  • Done. You just bypass phone number verification on Netflix and now you can enjoy Netflix premium contents.
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How to Bypass Amex OTP

Amex uses OTP to keep accounts safe. However, many individual prefer using the Safekey authentication tool rather than using the OTP tool to keep their accounts safe — because OTP can now be intercepted by hackers and used for malicious practices.

It is not hard to bypass Amex OTP verification provided that you have permission to the account you want to access. However, if you do not have access to your Amex account, you will need to use Virtual Phone Number services to attempt to recover the account.

Here is how you can bypass Amex OTP verification

  • Get a free virtual phone number from here
  • Add it to your Amex account
  • Confirm the number by entering the OTP sent to your account
  • Done, whenever you want to log into your account, you will be asked to provide the OTP which you can now bypass thanks to the virtual phone number you added in the first step.

Can Money be Deducted from Debit Card Without OTP?

Yes. This is a well-known activity frequently practiced by fraudsters. They can steal money from your debit card with the help of their scamming tools. The number of people who use debit and credit cards is increasing.

You are mistaken if you believe your money is safe since you have not shared your OTP and PIN. Even if you do not provide OTP and PIN, fraudsters might steal money from your bank account.

That is why it is usually important to change your login password frequently to render it tough. If you think your PIN is vulnerable, consider consulting your card issuer to help you change your PIN code.

Virtual phone numbers are one of the best ways to keep your account safe. Because they are virtual, hackers won't know the origin of most numbers provided it is from a genuine provider.

How to Bypass OTP Verification on WhatsApp

WhatsApp recently improved its security features and it has become more complicated to bypass WhatsApp OTP verification. But however, if I was asked if it is possible to bypass WhatsApp OTP verification, then I'll answer a big YES!

With Genuine Virtual Phone Number providers, you can get a free US, France, Netherland, Canada, Australia, Ireland virtual phone number for WhatsApp verification.

However, you can checkout how to get a free virtual phone number to create a fake WhatsApp US account

Here is How to Bypass WhatsApp OTP verification

WhatsApp OTP Bypass APK

Temp Number is an OTP bypass APK that you can use to bypass WhatsApp OTP verification. Here is how you can setup Temp Number to work with WhatsApp.

How to Get WhatsApp Verification Code by Email

WhatsApp doesn't sends verification code through email, they may be able to send only through SMS or Voice call — which therefore means, you can't get your WhatsApp verification code through Email.

It's possible that you won't be able to verify your WhatsApp account if you're traveling abroad.

The verification code is needed to ensure that the phone number belongs to you. Your phone number must be verified via SMS or voice call. WhatsApp  can't send the code via email.

You might be able to successfully verify your account if you can check your voicemail while traveling. If you choose the "Call me" option after the 5-minute count-down, their automated system should leave you a voicemail with your code on it. If you experience a situation where your WhatsApp OTP is not coming, then you might have passed your restricted network zone.

Otherwise, you should consider using a local phone number with which you can receive calls or SMS.

You may also be able to verify your account if you have roaming service enabled.

WhatsApp Verification Code Generator Online

Virtual Phone Numbers providers are the best WhatsApp verification code generator online. They do not generate the direct WhatsApp code but rather, they generate a temporary virtual phone number that you can use to receive the WhatsApp verification code generated by WhatsApp's automated system.

WhatsApp Verification Code Crack

You cannot crack WhatsApp verification code. The code the send for each verification process is unique for its identification to the system. WhatsApp uses this code to verify you are the legitimate owner of the phone number you used on their system. In some cases, WhatsApp happen to ban unverified phone numbers.

How to Verify WhatsApp Without Code Without SIM

You can verify your WhatsApp without SIM but without code, is another thing to tell. We already discussed this code is important for each verification. However, it isn't that complicated to bypass this verification.

If you don't want to use your SIM to verify your WhatsApp account, don't worry, there is an even easier process to receive verification code and get your WhatsApp account verified.

Here is how to verify WhatsApp Without Code Without SIM:

However, if you find it difficult to get a free Google Voice number, then you can checkout how to get a genuine US/Canadian virtual phone number.

Best App/APK for OTP Bypass

There are many OTP bypass APK that work for bank, Netflix, online payment and many more sites but not all of them are accepted by most merchants.

Apps used to bypass OTP are generally apps for virtual phone numbers and we can find many in the android market. Some of them are textPlusGoogle Voice, and many more. Get the full list of these apps from here.

Indian Number for OTP Bypass

There are many disposable phone number sites that provide Indian number for OTP bypass. There are many services that require you to have an Indian number before you can get what they offer, for example, Google's feature, "Add Me to Search" which is available only to Indians will not work for any other country. To enjoy this feature from Google, you will need an Indian phone number.

Now, you can easily get an Indian phone number from many sites and APK that you can use to bypass OTP on any website or app. India has some regulations which do not tolerate the usage of disposable phone number services from providers that do not assure the service. However, you can get a working Indian phone number for OTP bypass from any of the providers below.

OTP Bypass Tool

There are many site online claiming to have some sort of OTP bypass tool. If these sites do no include phone numbers that are not banned, then they are just fake.

As mentioned earlier, the best OTP bypass tools are virtual phone numbers.

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One Time Password Generator

A One-Time Password generator is generally a free tool that is used to generate OTP which can be used for a single signup. The most used free one time password generator is Google Authenticator app which generates 2-Step Verification codes on your phone.

Here is how you can generate a one time password with Google Authenticator

  • Download the Google Authenticator App from Play Store
  • Open the app and click on the plus icon at the bottom left corner
  • Select whether you will want to Scan a QR code or Enter a Setup key
  • Proceed with the steps required for the option you selected
  • Done. Anytime you want to login to your account you will be required to provide the temporary verification code that will be required to login to your account.

Bypass OTP Verification through Modifying Request or Response

Another great way to bypass OTP verification that works for some sites is by modifying the request and response you receive when you enter a random OTP in the field.

This is how this method works: — when you are shown a box to enter the OTP sent to the number you registered with a site, you will be asked to enter an OTP you received in your inbox.

To bypass this OTP Verification, enter a random OTP code (the order or figures do not matter here). You will receive an error, saying the code entered is incorrect. Here comes the tricky part.

Using Burp Suite, you can modify the response you received by the site's server. All you will need to do is to edit the request and response using Burp Suite — changing the "error" response to "success" response and validate.

However, you will need to setup Burp Suite with your browser, turn on intercept and then capture the invalid OTP request. Once the request captures, right click on it, then navigate to Do Intercept >> Response to this request — now change response {"status" : "failed"} to {"status" : "success"} and bypass the OTP.

This trick is pretty easy and works for some sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do hackers bypass OTP?

Hackers have tricky ways to bypass OTP — they usually do not need to capture the authentication code because the OTP expires after usage and is only effective for a limited time. Instead, the hacker gets access to the user's session cookies, which he uses to log in and bypass two-factor verification.

How can I get OTP code without phone number?

You basically need a phone number for OTP codes. If you don't have a phone number or simply don't want to use yours, you can use a virtual number instead.

Can I brute force an OTP?

No, you can't. Because a dictionary attack on an OTP returns the dictionary itself, it is not vulnerable to brute-force. It is crucial to remember that the key in an OTP must be at least as lengthy as the text being encoded. When the key is repeated to encode a longer text, brute force becomes possible.

Final Thoughts on How to Bypass OTP Verification on Any Website/App

Websites and apps have improved their security by adding an additional verification known as 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) that will require all their users to provide a OTP for every login attempt. This method is practiced by most banks since customers can access their account from the bank's online banking platform.

The best way to bypass OTP verification as the owner of the account is to disable the 2FA from your account as it is this feature that initiates the OTP generator. Another way is to use Virtual Phone Numbers which are trusted by many Expats and travelers to access their financial accounts from abroad.

If you are a carder, whenever you buy credit cards from a seller, always make sure you get all the card details because it will be required for you to shop online even without OTP.

If you want to bypass OTP verification for a transaction that is not authorized by the owner, for example during online payments—you should know it will be quite a difficult task and if you fail, exposing your personal details, you can be tracked down and penalized by the law.

Use Google Authenticator App to secure your account with a 2-step verification code.

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