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Best Australian Virtual Phone Number Providers in 2022 [Free & Paid]

This guide compiles the best free and paid Australian virtual phone number apps for calls, text and verifications.
australian phone number app free and paid

Looking to get a free Australian phone number? Australia is a great country to live in with diversified culture and topographies, you definitely want to have virtual presence in the country. The best way of having a virtual presence in the country is by getting an Australian virtual phone number.

If you manage a business in the country, you will need to open a bank account to manage your company's finances safely. You can open this bank account with a virtual phone number in order to access your account from abroad.

Be it for SMS verification or WhatsApp verification, you definitely going to need an Australian phone number to bypass verification on sites that require an Australian phone number for signup.

However, your need for an Australian phone number might be different. Some will want a free Australian phone number for WhatsApp verification, meanwhile some will need a free Australian phone number app for SMS verification.

Either way, we got you covered. In this guide as we have compiled the best free and paid Australian phone number providers to use today. Some providers have a second phone number app that provide Australian phone numbers.

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What is a Virtual Phone Number?

A virtual phone number is a digital phone number that is not associated with a specific location or device. Calls to a virtual number can be directed to mobile devices, traditional office phones, computer software-based "softphones," and even other phone numbers.

A virtual phone number in Australia can help you keep your real number private and reach your customers and friends with a virtual phone number.

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5 Best Australian Phone Number Apps for Calls, Text and Verification [Free & Paid]

There are many Australian phone number apps that you can use right now. However, there are some providers that offer free Australian virtual phone numbers for SMS verification meanwhile some offer phone numbers for WhatsApp, Telegram and other social media verification.

However, some offer paid Australian phone numbers that you can use for calls and text. These numbers can be private or personal depending on your need for the number.

Below are the best Australian phone number provider apps which provide phone numbers for calls, text, SMS or WhatsApp and other social media verification.

1. Numero eSIM: Australian Virtual Phone Number

Numero eSIM is a well-known virtual phone number provider in the Android market. It is an ideal choice for those looking for an almost free Australian phone number for WhatsApp and SMS verification.

Numero eSIM is a prolific phone number app. Meaning, it is one of the only Apps, that provides virtual phone numbers for many countries. Numero provides special phone numbers such as social media numbers for verification of services such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook etc, Mobile numbers for private calls and texting and also, Toll-Free Numbers.

Numero eSIM is a second phone number app in Australia equally offering virtual phone numbers in many countries. Their Australian virtual phone number start from €6.0/Mo and this number can be used for receiving and placing calls, sending text messages but they do not however, guarantee incoming SMS will be received.

However, if you want an Australian virtual phone number for WhatsApp and other social media, then their social media numbers should be ideal for you. However, you can use their mobile numbers for all sorts of verifications. Numero recommends their users to use calls to receive codes for verifications.

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2. Skype Australian Virtual Phone Number

Skype is a well-known online messaging and video calling app that is used to ease communication between family relatives and friends. However, Skype offer many business or professional features which may be ideal for every business owner.

Skype offers virtual phone numbers in 25 countries and which make it ideal for businesses in America, Europe, Asia, Africa as well as in Australia.

Skype offer an Australian virtual number which cost just $6.5/Mo. This Australian number can be used for all sorts of verifications including SMS or social media verification. If you want a better alternative for almost-free Australian number for WhatsApp or SMS verification, then Skype should be in the top of your mind.

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3. Dingtone - Australian Virtual Phone Number

Dingtone is a free calling app allows you to make free phone calls and send free text messages. Dingtone also gives you a free phone number to make your own phone number private.

Dingtone offers virtual phone numbers in Australia but however, they tend to be costly than its competitor above. The only great thing with this provider is, you are guaranteed to have a real & exclusive Australia phone number which can place local and international calls to over 200+ countries and regions.

Dingtone Australian phone number is ideal for SMS verification which can make it a better choice for some than Numero eSIM. However, they might be costly if you want to use their numbers for social media verification — on this side, Numero eSIM or Skype should be your #1 option for WhatsApp and other social media verification.

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4. Phoner 2nd Phone Number + Text

Phoner is another alternative and from its name, you can tell it offers second phone number in Australia.

Phoner provides a local Australian phone number in Sydney. If you are a business owner, you will love using phoner as it is primarily designed for businesses. It has many features that will suit you in communication with your clients.

However, Phoner can be used as a personal phone number app in Australia which will let you communicate privately with your friends and relatives.

5. Temp Number - Free Australian Virtual Phone Number App

If you were in search of a free Australian virtual phone number app, here comes Temp Number.

Temp number is a free temporary phone number app which provides disposable virtual phone numbers for various verifications. Temp Number can be used to receive SMS online for free. 

They have 100+ disposable phone numbers available in 9 countries including USA, UK, Canada, Australia and many more.

Temp Number can be used as a virtual SMS number for verification in Australia to receive anonymous SMS online. Meaning you can use Temp Number phone numbers as a free virtual mobile number for SMS verification.

You can use Temp Number to get free (US/UK/Canada/Australia) virtual phone numbers for WhatsApp verification though their numbers are not guaranteed to work with WhatsApp and other social media platforms. However, if should in case it works, then you should be aware that you created a fake WhatsApp account with an Australian phone number.

Here is how to setup Temp Number and get a free virtual number.

We recommend you to use a Numero eSIM or Skype to get your Australian phone number for WhatsApp, personal or business use.

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Free Australian Phone Number for Verification

Temp Number should be your choice if you need a free Australian phone number for verification. They also have a website which provides free Australian phone numbers that you can use to receive anonymous SMS online to bypass verification requirements.

However, there are other sites that offer these free Australian phone numbers but the guarantee for your SMS to arrive their inbox isn't assured. For this reason, we recommend you to use Temp Number Website.

Virtual Australia Mobile Number to Receive SMS

Temp Number and SMS24 are ideal places to get virtual Australian mobile number to receive SMS. However, you will need to refresh their inbox to get updated and newly delivered SMS.

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Free Australian Number for WhatsApp

With WhatsApp improving their security features every year, it is not sure to get a working free Australian number for WhatsApp. Unlike with free US phone number for WhatsApp offered by many apps, it isn't that obvious in the case of Australian number. However, we recommend you to use Numero eSIM or Skype to get an almost-free Australian number for WhatsApp.

Fake Australian Phone Number for Verification

It is even easy to get a fake Australian phone number for verification. SMS24 and other free temporary phone number providers offer these kind of numbers. To get this fake number, all you need to do is to go to the site and select Australia as a country and wait for your verification SMS to arrive.

Receive SMS Online 61

Mytempsms is also a great website to grab a +61 phone number to receive SMS online. They automatically refresh their inbox for every newly received SMS online on a 61 number to appear.

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Send and Receive SMS Online free Australia

touchSMS is an online platform that lets you send and receive online for free in Australia. However, 160.com.au is another platform offering similar service. You get free SMS credit with their free trial offer.

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Send Free SMS Online Australia No Registration

afreeSMS lets you send free text or SMS online from your computer without registration. No registration required, all you need to do is to enter the +61 or Australian phone number, enter your text message, verify the security code and click on send to send your text message.

Australian Phone Number Generator

Fake Number is a well-known phone number generator on the internet. This generator can generate fake Australian phone numbers for different types of verifications. However, Temp Number is an Australian phone number generator with SMS that you can use to receive SMS online for verification.

However, here is how to get an Australian phone number with address and name.

Final Thoughts on Best Australian Phone Number Provider Apps [Free & Paid] for Calls, SMS and Verifications

Australia is a country full of resources but when it comes to virtual phone number providers, it isn't that easy to spot the best. Mobile platforms are becoming the most used platforms in the market with an increasing number of users, so for this reason, we decided to mention the best Australian phone number apps.

If you want an almost-free Australian phone number app which can be reliable for your personal or business use, then Skype is the option you should go in for. However if you want an Australian phone number for WhatsApp or social media verification, then Numero eSIM should be your first option here.

You cannot use a free temporary Australian phone number for WhatsApp verification but you can however use this the number for anonymous SMS verifications.

We made our picks based on the customer review in the Android market, the quality of service and pricing offered by each provider. Feel free to pick the virtual phone number provider that best suites your needs.

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