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Walmart Money Card: Transfer Money From One Card To Another

Transferring money from one Walmart Money Card to another is an easy and straightforward process. Here are the steps to walk you through the process.
walmart money card transfer money from one card to another

The Walmart Money Card lets you do lots of transactions of which one of them is the ability to transfer money from one card to another.

Issued by the Green Dot bank, the Walmart MoneyCard is a reloadable prepaid debit card that lets you pay bills, goods and services and also, send money online without hassle.

In addition to convenience, the Walmart MoneyCard lets you get a cash back on your purchases (3% online and 1% in-store) made at Walmart stores.

The ability for Walmart Money Card users to transfer money from one card to another is one of the features that attracts plenty of users to get the card.

Knowing how to transfer money from one Walmart Money Card to another can help you pay for purchases and send money to friends and relatives that use the card.

That said, this article focuses on showing you how to transfer money from one Walmart Money Card to another.

Table of Contents

What is Walmart MoneyCard?

The Walmart MoneyCard is a reloadable prepaid debit card that requires no bank account or credit check and therefore avoids overdraft fees.

For those who are unable or unwilling to open traditional bank accounts, a variety of prepaid debit card options, including the MoneyCard, have become available recently.

The Walmart money card has a one-time fee of $1 and a $5.94 monthly fee.

Green Dot Bank, an FDIC-member institution, issues the Walmart MoneyCard Visa Card.

As a result, even if Walmart were to fail, the funds on the card would still be safe.

The FDIC will insure up to $250,000 of your assets. Once more, the card is issued in accordance with a great Visa USA license.

How to Get a Walmart MoneyCard

Obtaining a Walmart MoneyCard is a simple process that takes little time to complete.

The card is available at your local Walmart store or online at the Walmart website.

You must be at least 18 years of age in order to apply for the card.

The next step is to activate and use the card once you have it. For the card to be activated, you need your Social Security number.

It's important to note that , each and every applicant for an account with a financial institution must provide their Social Security Number.

In this way, it is simple to stop criminals from opening accounts to finance their nefarious activities.

You'll also need the Walmart MoneyCard mobile app, a verified mobile phone number, or an email address to access all features.

To sum up, here's what you need to get a Walmart MoneyCard:

  • Social Security Number
  • Physical address
  • Date of birth
  • 16-digit card number
  • Expiration date
  • 3-digit card security code
  • Mobile phone number

You can start by going to the card activation page to activate your Walmart MoneyCard.

To begin, enter the card's 16-digit number, expiration date, and CVV. Then click Next to move on to the subsequent steps and finish the process.

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How to Load Money On Walmart MoneyCard

There are many ways to load your Walmart MoneyCard including the following:

1. Direct Deposit

Through direct deposit, you can load government benefits or paychecks directly onto a MoneyCard. You can choose to deposit all or a portion of your check using this free service.

Up to two days prior to the scheduled "payday," employers are permitted to notify the bank of direct deposits; Walmart will then advance money to the card.

2. Walmart Rapid Reload

You can use this option to pay $3.00 to add money to your card at Walmart locations. Using the Walmart MoneyCard app to deposit cash is free at Walmart locations.

You can deposit cash for these deposits by selecting "Deposit Cash Using the Walmart MoneyCard App" from the Deposit tab of the Walmart MoneyCard app.

3. Online Transfer

There is no reloading fee for online transfers, which typically take one to three business days. Your bank might impose fees on the electronic transfer, though.

4. Tax Refund

If you file your taxes electronically, you can choose to have your refund directly deposited onto your Walmart MoneyCard; there is no reloading fee.

You give Walmart your card information and mobile number, and they text you the direct deposit information you need to include on your tax forms.

The standard Internal Revenue Service (IRS) processing period applies; however, you will typically get your refund sooner if you file electronically rather than by mail.

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Benefits of the Walmart MoneyCard

Many of the features found on all Visa and MasterCard debit cards, such as fraud protection, are available with the MoneyCard.

Additionally offered is a free online bill-paying service. You can make recurring monthly payments for bills like your auto insurance by setting up recurring money orders, paper checks, or both.

You can send money using these cards to friends and family members anywhere in the United States.

Additionally, you can gain cash-back rewards by making purchases at Walmart retail locations (1%), Walmart fuel stations (2%), and Walmart app (3%). The annual cap on cash-back rewards is $75.

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How to Transfer Money from One Walmart Money Card to Another

Transferring money from one Walmart MoneyCard to another is an easy process and more like sending money from a prepaid card.

All you need to start transferring money with Walmart MoneyCard is your recipients email address or phone number.

Once you're set, follow the steps below to do a Walmart Money Card transfer money from one card to another:

  1. Log in to your Walmart account and navigate to "Pay Bills and People."
  2. Now, select "Pay People", and go to "Send Money."
  3. Enter the recipient's name, email address or mobile phone number, memo, and the amount to send.
  4. Tap "Continue" to review the information.
  5. Finally, tap "Send Money" to complete the transaction.

If you use a memo, make sure to specify the purpose of your money transfer, the recipient, and whether it is personal or business-related. Once received, the recipient has a number of options for depositing the funds.

The money will be automatically deposited into the recipient's account if they already have a Walmart money card.

The recipient can still get the money even if they don't have a Walmart money card, though perhaps not as fast.

The simplest option is to to use a verified PayPal account.

The majority of people use PayPal, and setting it up is simple if they don't.

A temporary Walmart card number will be sent to recipients who do not have a Walmart money card or do not need a PayPal account.

They can transfer the money somewhere else, like to another bank, using the temporary Walmart card number.

How to Transfer Money Between Family Account Cards

It is simple to transfer money between Walmart MoneyCards connected to a family account.

Parents can set up linked accounts for themselves, their kids, and other family members using the family account. Up to four authorized adults over the age of 13 may open a family account.

The Walmart family account is a great, hassle-free way to teach teenagers and young children about money management.

Owners of family accounts can transfer funds by choosing the pay tab and then clicking send funds, as described above.

The account's email or phone number should then be entered. Decide on the payment amount and include a memo. Confirm the transaction right away, including the money transfers.

Can Someone Else Put Money on My Walmart Money Card?

The least expensive way for someone else to put money onto your Walmart MoneyCard is for them to use your routing and account numbers to transfer funds from their bank to your MoneyCard.

They can buy a MoneyPak at most retailers, including Walmart, for $5.95, and deposit cash into your account that way if they can't do a bank transfer or if you need money more quickly.

Can I Deposit a Check to My Walmart MoneyCard?

Yes, you can use the Walmart MoneyCard app on your phone to deposit a check.

Make sure the check is made out to you before signing your name and writing "For Mobile Deposit Only" on the back.

Your account must be in good standing, you need to have made at least four direct deposits in the previous two months, and you need to have used a point-of-sale card at least once in the previous month in order to use the mobile check deposit feature in the app.

Walmart MoneyCard Fees

You can get the Walmart MoneyCard at any Walmart location at a cost of $1.

The $5.94 monthly service fee for the card is waived if you received $500 or more in direct deposits in the previous month. Cash withdrawals from an ATM or teller cost $2.50, but they are free at Walmart stores.

While other reload locations can charge up to $5.95, Walmart stores charge $3 for cash reloads. A 3 percent foreign transaction fee and $0.50 for ATM balance inquiries are additional charges.

A 12-pack of checks costs $5.95, and replacing a card costs $3 (or $15 for expedited delivery).

Does a Walmart MoneyCard Have Overdraft Protection?

Yes, but however, it will fully depend on your choice.

The deposits you receive will determine how much of an overdraft will be covered.

If you receive a single direct deposit of any amount into your account, you will receive $10 in overdraft protection.

If you receive at least two direct deposits totaling $200 or more within a 35-day period, you are eligible for $100 in overdraft protection.

If you receive at least two direct deposits totaling $400 or more within a 35-day period, you are eligible for $200 in overdraft protection.

Final Thoughts: Walmart Money Card Transfer Money From One Card to Another

he Walmart MoneyCard is a reloadable prepaid debit card that lets you pay bills, goods and services and also, send money online without hassle.

The card comes with a number of benefits especially for frequent Walmart shoppers. You can get 1% cash back for purchases made at Walmart retail locations, 2% at Walmart fuel locations and up to 3% when shopping online at Walmart.

Transferring money from one Walmart Money Card to another is an easy and straightforward process and all you need is your recipient's email address or phone number to send money to them.

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