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How to Bypass PayPal Phone Verification (5 Easy Ways)

PayPal usually requires a phone number for verification. Find out how to bypass PayPal phone verification system.
bypass paypal phone verification

If you no longer have access to your phone number used on PayPal or if you are looking to get a phone number to verify your PayPal account with, stick around as I will show you different to bypass PayPal phone verification.

PayPal is a great platform that lets you send and receive money online instantly, safely and conveniently. Before being able to use PayPal, users must have an account. When creating a Verified PayPal account, PayPal will ask you to provide a number that will be used as an additional layer of security to your account.

In most cases, users loss access to their mobile numbers they used on PayPal and this can affect their experience with the platform.

Perhaps, PayPal counts over 392 million active users but not all are active as they might say. Many PayPal accounts get suspended every year and this because of fraudulent activities and verification issues.

If you got a PayPal account with funds in it but no longer have access to the number you used on the platform, it can be quite difficult to get access to your account. But rest assured, your funds are safe — you just need to access your account via some tricky ways without having to use your number.

Wondering which tricks to use in order to access your account? That's what we will be seeing today.

In this article, I will show you how to bypass PayPal phone verification and regain access to your account.

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What is PayPal?

PayPal is a secure online payment system that allows you to pay for products online and send and receive money.

You can use PayPal to make purchases online with participating stores once you link your bank account, credit card, or debit card to your PayPal account. PayPal acts as a bridge for your bank and merchants, protecting your payment details.

You can also use PayPal to send and receive money from friends and family in a safe manner. This feature comes in handy when splitting rent with housemates or receiving money for a birthday.

How Does PayPal Work?

PayPal is a payment service and solution provider for both individuals and businesses. Personal consumers may purchase, make payments, and move money with great ease thanks to the company.

Users must give an email address and a credit card, debit card, or bank account to complete the registration process. 2 Before the service may be utilized, PayPal checks all of the information to ensure that the person setting up the account is the rightful owner.

PayPal account holders can send money to others using the company's website or mobile app by entering the recipient's email address or phone number. If the store offers the service, customers can use PayPal to complete online purchases.

Transactions are completed in minutes, and the company guarantees that transfers are promptly available for payment or withdrawal to a bank account.

PayPal also provides a variety of solutions for businesses' day-to-day operations. Payment portals for both online and in-person transactions, business management software, and credit and financing choices are all included. To create an account, business owners must also supply an email address.

PayPal focuses on making online purchases secure by offering a payment method that does not need the payor or payee to reveal credit card or bank account information. As a result, money is secure, anonymity is maintained, and transactions are faster than traditional methods due to the big customer base.

Why Does PayPal Require Phone Verification?

PayPal requires you to verify your phone number on for login session they don't recognize from you. They do this for your own security. No one will want to log into his/her PayPal account and discover that the account balance has been completely drained.

When you attempt to login to your account a one-time password or OTP will be sent to your number registered with them. The OTP, when verified, helps PayPal know you're the owner of the account.

Here are some reasons why you might be asked to verify phone number when login into your PayPal account.

1. When You Login From a New Device

If you try login into your PayPal account from a new device, PayPal will require additional security set for your account (in which case is the phone verification) to verify that you are the one login in from a new device.

PayPal keeps record for all of our login sessions (including regions, IP addresses etc.) which will help them better understand from what device you are accessing your account.

2. When You Login From a New Location

PayPal uses your location to keep track on your activities. Login in from a new location other than the one you used before will wake some doubts from PayPal if you are the one trying to access the account.

Because of this, they will require you to verify your phone number so as to show you're the one trying to access the account.

3. When You Login After a Long Time

If you stay for long without login into your account and suddenly, you decide to login, PayPal will require you to pass some verifications to show that you are the legal owner of the account.

Verifications in most cases will include phone calls and text messages containing information that will let you access your account.

How to Bypass PayPal Phone/OTP/SMS Verification

When PayPal sends and OTP to verify your account, only this OTP might let you regain access to the account in question.

Bypassing PayPal phone verification can be tricky and in most cases impossible. However, it's wouldn't cost you anything trying some few methods that might work for you.

Here are some ways to bypass PayPal phone verification.

1. Use The PayPal App to Login to Your Account

PayPal offers a mobile app that lets its users send and receive money from the mobile app without having to visit the PayPal website.

The best thing is, this mobile app might not require you to provide an OTP when trying to login. This makes the PayPal app the number one option to bypass PayPal phone verification.

Here's How to Bypass PayPal Phone Verification Using the PayPal App

  1. Download the PayPal App from Google Play Store.
  2. Enter your account credentials (username or email and password).
  3. There you go! You just logged into your account.

2. Use PayPal Developer to Login to Your Account

PayPal Developer is a testing ground for developers who want to run a series of test on their projects before taking it live.

In order to use PayPal Developer, users must login to the platform with their PayPal accounts. This is where the trick applies. You can login to PayPal Developer with your PayPal account and from there, you can access your PayPal account without having to verify the phone number.

Here's How to Bypass PayPal Phone Verification Using PayPal Developer

  1. Go to PayPal Developer website.
  2. On the top right corner, click on Log Into Dashboard.
  3. Login with your PayPal account credentials.
  4. Once you login, you can now access your PayPal account from the PayPal official website.

3. Try Using the Forgotten Password Option

PayPal lets you reset your password if should in case you forget it. In this case, we haven't forgotten our password and are jut trying to login without having to use a phone number.

PayPal will send a password reset link to the email registered to your account so you can reset your password. From here, in most cases, you should be logged in automatically after you reset your password.

4. Use Another Browser (Incognito Browser) to Login

Another great way to bypass PayPal phone verification is by using an incognito browser to log into your account.

When browsing in Incognito, you will be given another IP address other than the regular one you use when browsing with your browser. When you log into PayPal with an incognito browser, PayPal will assume you're someone else. This might turn into your advantage and let your login without having to use a phone number.

Once you're in, you can then change the number registered with the account.

5. Contact PayPal Customer Service

If you've tried all the above methods and they don't seem to work, then contacting PayPal customer service is the only way out for you to bypass PayPal phone verification.

You can contact by tapping the help or contact button at the left side of your screen.

Here are Some Ways to Contact PayPal and Bypass Phone Verification

  • PayPal lets you contact them via their numerous phone numbers.
  • You can use the Live chat to contact PayPal customer service.
  • You can also contact PayPal through their social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter.

How to Bypass PayPal Phone Verification When Creating an Account

When creating PayPal account (such as US PayPal accounts), PayPal will require you to provide a phone number as an additional way to secure your account.

In the case you are creating a verified US PayPal account, you can use a US Phone number to verify your PayPal account.

PayPal might not accept some virtual phone numbers especially if they were issued by non-genuine providers. In the case your are looking for a virtual phone number for PayPal verification, I will recommend you to use any of these 6 free virtual phone number providers.

What's good about these providers is, they let you keep your US phone number which can be important for OTP verifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log into PayPal without phone verification?

You can log into PayPal without phone verification just through the normal log in process. PayPal might only require you to verify your phone number if you are trying to login from a different device or IP.

Do you need phone number for PayPal?

No, you don't necessarily need a phone number for PayPal. Adding a phone number to your account, however, might stop unauthorized access on your account.

Why does PayPal keep asking for verification?

The reason PayPal keep asking for verification is because you're accessing your account either from a new device or from a new IP. PayPal does this to secure your account against illegal access.

Final Thoughts

PayPal is a popular platform that lets its users conveniently send and receive money worldwide. PayPal requires its users to verify their phone numbers when login into their account if they don't recognize a login attempt.

If you no longer have access to your phone number you used on PayPal, you can bypass this PayPal phone verification with some tricky ways. However, this might work for some as it might not work for some others. This article compiles the best ways out there to use in order to bypass PayPal phone verification.

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