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How to Track iPhone Without iCloud or Apple ID

This article compiles the best ways to track a lost iPhone without iCloud or Apple ID password. iPhone is turned off or dead, here's how to locate it.
how to track iphone without icloud

As an Apple user, you might think your iPhone or iPad is secured from the grabs of thieves right? If you just lost your iPhone or that it got stolen, there are some few probabilities you can get it back yourself.

You will say oh, hopefully, "Find My iPhone" feature of Apple can help you track your lost or stolen iPhone or iPad. With this feature turned on, you must log-in to your iCloud account to get the location of your lost phone.

What if you did not enable this feature or set up your iCloud account on your new Apple device? It may be a nightmare for you in this case and you might maybe get discouraged. Well my friend, if you are here, then this is not the end of the game for you as you have some few pokers to put in play to get the upper hand in this challenge.

Wondering how to track or find a lost iPhone without Find My iPhone or iCloud? Well this article will show you how. You may even learn to find a dead iPhone without iCloud in this article.

If your Apple iPhone was stolen and the thief enabled airplane mode or turned off the device before you could even start locating the device with your iCloud, then know that there are a variety of methods that you can use to secretly track your iPhone without iCloud.

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How To Track iPhone Without iCloud

The best way to track/locate/find lost iPhone without iCloud is by using the "Find My iPhone" feature available for Apple devices. This is the most convenient method to get the GPS location of your lost iPhone.

Though this feature requires the usage of iCloud to get the GPS location of a stolen Apple device, it can however be used without iCloud. How is this possible? If you installed this app on multiple devices such as on an iPhone and iPad, then you can use your iPad to track your iPhone without iCloud if your iPhone gets stolen.

If you need to track down your lost device using a friend's or coworker's device, you'll need to log into your iCloud account with your Apple ID and password.

You can see your missing device on a map after logging in, and its movements are tracked in real time using your phone's built-in GPS. If you lost your iPhone on a bus or in a ride-share vehicle, for example, you can see it continue to move along the vehicle's path until it arrives at its destination.

If your iPhone is connected to the internet, it is indicated by a green dot, and if it is not, it is indicated by a gray dot where it was last found.

However if your iPhone got stolen before you could even enable the Find My iPhone feature, and you can't actually use your iCloud to track your lost device, then there are still some few methods you could use to get your lost Apple device back.

The other methods to track iPhone without iCloud include — Using Google Timeline/Maps History, Using Dropbox Camera Upload, Using Third-Party App such as GPS Tracker and iHound, Using Your Apple Watch, Using a Friend's Find My Friends App and Using iPhone IMEI Number.

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1. Using Google Timeline/Maps History to Track iPhone Without iCloud

You're probably aware that Google will collect all of your location data from your iPhone and display it on a map for you to view whenever needed. This Google Timeline can be quite useful in locating your lost or stolen iPhone if you have Google Maps installed as well as location reporting and location history enabled on your iPhone.

You can now use Google's Timeline to track a stolen iPhone without iCloud in four simple steps as follows:

  • First and foremost, go to Google Maps Timeline.
  • On the top left section, select the current date.
  • A list of updated location history for the entire day will appear. Simply scroll down to see the most recent one.
  • Here you can see if your phone is moving or not; if the position is the same as the previous update, simply go grab it; if not, we recommend contacting the authorities and asking them to assist you in recovering your lost or stolen iPhone without iCloud by providing them with necessary proves that the phone is owned by you.
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2. Using Dropbox Camera Upload to Track iPhone Without iCloud

If your iPhone is stolen and the thief disables Find My iPhone feature and puts the phone in airplane mode or takes your SIM off before you can track it, you may still be able to locate it using the Dropbox app if you installed the application.

Dropbox won't give the exact location of your iPhone , but it can help you figure out who stole it. If the thief snaps any photos of himself or his relative with your phone, Dropbox uploads the photos to your Dropbox account instantly.

Faces, places, and landmarks can be extracted from these photographs to help investigators track down the individual who stole your phone.

3. Using Third-Party App to Track iPhone Without iCloud

Using third-party apps such as GPS Tracker, iHound can be excellent ways to track your lost iPhone without iCloud.

Many third-party apps can operate the same way as a GPS location tracker, allowing you to rapidly find the whereabouts of a stolen or misplaced iPhone. You must pay a little fee for the subscription, and fear not, they are reasonably priced. They are available for download on the Apple app store.

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4. Using Your Apple Watch to Track iPhone Without iCloud

You don't need iCloud to track your iPhone if you have an Apple Watch. If you lose your iPhone in a close vicinity to you, you should still be able to connect to it over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Go to your Apple Watch's home screen to track your iPhone. Swipe up to expose the Control Center, where you should see a green text or a green phone icon indicating that your iPhone is connected. Tap the Pinging iPhone icon to find it. The phone will make a sound that you can follow to find it.

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5. Using a Friend's Find My Friends App to Track iPhone Without iCloud

This method is both exceptional and beneficial. All you need is someone you can trust, and you've already shared your locations with the person before, or maybe the person shared the places with you on the app "Find My Friend," which allows the person to search your locations from his/her phone.

This person can be a trusted friend or a family member. However, this should be setup before your phone gets stolen. Meaning, if you got an iPhone and you are reading this, then it is good thing you consider setting this up.

Here's how to set this feature with a friend or family ahead of time and easily track your iPhone without iCloud or Apple ID if ever it gets stolen:

  • Open the Find Friends app on your phone.
  • Tap to Location Services off at the bottom of the app.
  • Slide on the "Share My Location" option and tap Done.
  • Press "Add Friends" and choose your family member or friend's contact information.
  • Click on "Share Indefinitely" as prompted.
  • Inform your contact to open the Find Friends app and choose "Accept". They can choose not to share their location with you by clicking on "Don't Share".

Now you should be able to see your iPhone's location on your contact's Find Friends app.

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6. Using iPhone IMEI Number to Track iPhone Without iCloud

IMEI is one of the most reliable methods to track or find a lost iPhone without iCloud. With the IMEI, you can get your iPhone back whether it is dead, on airplane mode or turned off. Not only do IMEI let you locate your iOS devices but it can equally help you locate a lost Android device.

Each iPhone has a unique 15-digit code known as the IMEI number, which can be found by dialing *#06# on your phone's call screen. This number cannot be changed or erased from your iPhone, making it easier to track down a missing iPhone without using iCloud, even if it is in use with another SIM card or turned off.

Once the phone has been located, you can ask your service provider to disable it or report your IMEI number to authorities so that you can be contacted when the iPhone is found. It's not simple, but it's possible and worth a go.

How to Track iPhone Without Apple ID or Password

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Frequently Asked Questions on How To Track iPhone Without iCloud or Apple ID

Can I Track An iPhone With Just A Number?

Using the gray pages or phone directories to track a cell phone by only a number is straightforward. Though there are online tools for doing so. To track the real-time position of your smartphone, you can use reverse phone lookup services or a mobile tracking application such as Spyera.

On the other hand, you can use the IMEI number to track down your lost iPhone without iCloud, this method will involve the intervention of authorities.

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How to Find iPhone Without Apple ID

It even easy to find or track an iPhone without apple ID password. You can make use of Google Maps, Dropbox Camera upload methods listed above to get the job done and get hands back on your stolen iPhone.

How to Find an iPhone Location Without iCloud

If you want to get the exact location of your iPhone, you can use "Find My iPhone" from your other device. However, this is possible if and only if you have activated this feature on multiple devices.

How to Find My Lost iPhone Without iCloud

There are many methods which have been listed above that can help you find your lost iPhone without iCloud. However, if you want fast results without complicated procedures, then you can use a third-party app such as GPS Tracker to locate your lost or stolen iPhone.

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How to Track Someone's iPhone Without iCloud

Some might think its impossible to track someone's iPhone without iCloud but it is well possible. Using a Friend's Find My Friend app, you can locate someone's iPhone without using iCloud. However, you will need to setup this feature with a close friend or relative as shown above.

Final Thoughts on How to Track iPhone Without iCloud or Apple ID

From this guide we can conclude that it is very well possible to track iPhone without iCloud or Apple ID. From the Find My iPhone to the IMEI number method, you can get hands on your lost iPhone.

However the Find My iPhone method can be used to find iPhone without iCloud if and only if you enabled it on at least 2 iOS devices — It can be iPhone and iPhone or iPhone and iPad for example. From here, you can use the other device to locate the lost iPhone device.

Find My Friend app is equally a reliable method to find an iPhone without iCloud, you can use it only when you have activated it with a friend or relative before as shown above.

The IMEI method is probably the most reliable method to track down a lost iPhone without iCloud. Because this number is unique for each phone, tracking it should be a problem but however, you will need to be expertized for the task. The best way to deal with this method is to contact the authorities. It can be quite costly and complicated process but it is worth trying as a last alternative.

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