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How To Shop Online Without OTP (Latest Update)

Shopping online without OTP can be tricky and sometimes impossible. Find out how to shop online without OTP.
shop online without otp

If you have a bank card and want to know how to shop online without OTP, then you are at the right place.

Online shopping is becoming popular among internet users and we find many local businesses expand their services to serve a wider population which can only be found online.

Before you think of shopping online, you will need to get your finances ready and make sure your are shopping with the best available payment method you can offer.

Experts usually recommend virtual prepaid cards for international shopping since they provide all the security you need to keep your payment info safe when shopping online.

Reputable disposable credit card number services provide one-time use virtual cards which when used once will no longer work. These type of virtual cards are excellent when shopping online because you won't fear to use the card even on an untrusted site.

Retailers require you to enter an OTP as an extra verification for your card. Some sites, however, let you shop online without having to enter an OTP.

It is worth mentioning that your card issuer highly influences the use of an OTP code when shopping online. If your card issuer doesn't require you to use an OTP for online transactions, then you can shop online without using OTP.

The most important information required by merchants to verify that the card you are using is yours is the card's CVV code. However, there are still ways to shop online without CVV code.

If in the case your card issuer requires you to use an OTP when carrying out online transaction, do not worry because that's not the end.

Though complicated, you can shop online without OTP. If you got a card and you don't have access to the mobile number used to receive OTP code, do not worry because we equally got you covered.

That said, in this article, I will show you how to shop online without OTP.

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Table of Contents

What is OTP in Banking?

For financial and sensitive transactions made on Online Banking, a One Time Password (OTP) is an additional second factor authentication. While conducting the transaction, an OTP is a four to six digit numerical code sent in real time as an SMS to your registered mobile number.

How Do OTP Work?

The OTP is a four to six digit password that is generated at random. It's usually sent to the debit card's linked phone number or email address. This had the effect of preventing a stranger from using a person's debit card.

If you want to know how to shop online without an OTP, you'll need to figure out how to avoid obtaining them.

You'd be contemplating a number of options in order for this to happen. One of the disadvantages of buying online is that most payment service providers allow you to complete your transaction with your bank before paying for your online purchases.

Let's say you're using PayStack; you'll be redirected to your bank's portal to complete transactions at some point.

OTP is needed since you are going to your bank to complete your transaction.

But what if a store refuses to connect you to your bank to complete your payment? What would you do then?

Is It Possible to Use Credit Card Without OTP?

You can use a credit card without OTP in the following situations: When making offline payments, the card can simply be swiped to complete the transaction without the requirement for an OTP authorization. When making online payments through payment gateways that do not support OTP security.

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What to Consider Before You Shop Online Without OTP

When shopping online, you will be required to provide some information to verify your payment details. Some of them include a mobile number, address and email.

More importantly, your IP needs to be pointing to that of the credit card you are using to complete the payment because, most retailers use your IP to determine if the country from which you are completing the payment matches that of the card you are using. They might also require you to provide an address to show that you are in the country.

This is why, if you are using a credit card that you bought online, you will need to make sure you get all information concerning the card if not the card will simply be useless.

Nevertheless, if you already got the card and want to use the card to complete your transactions, then we got exactly what you need.

Below are some things to use when shopping online without OTP.

1. Use a VPN

It is important that your IP points to that of the card's location. Most popular retailers use your actual IP address to check if it matches that of the card you are using to complete the payment.

For instance, if you use a credit card issued by a provider in the United States on Amazon and your IP points to Canada, your payment method (card) may be declined.

For your convenience, here are some free premium VPN apps that change your IP to that of the card.

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2. Use a Fake Billing Address

If you want to use a credit or debit card for shopping online and you don't have the real address of the card, then, using a fake billing address found in the same country as that of the card is what you should use. If required and you use a billing address that doesn't matches that of the card, then, the card may be declined by the merchant.

For your convenience, here are the best billing address generator to use right now.

3. Use a Virtual Phone Number

If asked to provide a phone number for the card, you will want to provide a number that is located in the country where the card was issued. This is just to increase your chances of getting your card approved by the merchant.

For instance, if your card was issued from the United States, you will need to provide a US phone number if asked. You can use a free real US phone number in this case.

Here are the best ways to get a free US number for verification.

4. Consider Your Card's Issuer Regulation

If your card issuers lets you use your credit or debit card without OTP, then, you can use the card to shop online without OTP. In this case, you may not face any hassle in using the card without OTP since your card issuer authorizes transactions without OTP.

How To Shop Online Without OTP

Shopping online shouldn't be a hassle if you have all what is required by the retailer to complete your purchases. However, if you don't have access to the card's mobile number you use to receive an OTP code, then you will want to know how you can shop online without OTP.

There are many ways to shop online without OTP some of which (the legal ways) have been listed below.

1. Add the Card to PayPal

PayPal is a the most used payment gateway and well-known worldwide for its top-notch financial services. PayPal lets you add your credit or debit card which you will use as a funding source for your transactions with PayPal.

PayPal lets you shop online without OTP — all you need to do is to create a verified PayPal account, link your card to PayPal and shop online wherever PayPal payments are accepted. You will not have to enter an OTP to shop online.

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2. Shop at Stores that have Self-checkout

Self checkout systems let customers scan items and pay for their purchases without the help of store employees.

Local shopping centers with self-checkout machines are available in most large shopping malls. Simply go to the supermarket section and look for the self-checkout machine nearest the exit.

You'll be surprised at how quickly you can move through the entire buying process without disclosing any personal information. You can make an online bank transfer in seconds. 

To ensure smooth and uninterrupted purchasing experience, keep your smartphone battery charged

This is a great option if you want to shop online but don't want to give out any personal information. A bank transfer can be done quickly and conveniently online.

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3. Use Prepaid Cards for Online Shopping

Prepaid cards are the safest and fastest way to shop online without an OTP. These are similar to credit cards and debit cards. Prepaid cards, unlike credit cards, do not require a bank account to use. Here are some prepaid cards for online shopping that you can use. 

4. Shop at Websites that Don't Require OTP

Shopping at stores that don't require you to use OTP is a great way to shop online without OTP. Websites such as Amazon, Aliexpress, Alibaba, Jumia let you shop online without OTP.

These sites might however, require you to provide your card's billing address alongside the card's basic information.

List of Websites that Don't Require OTP:

  • BigBasket.
  • Nearbuy.
  • Grofers.
  • Clovia.
  • MakeMyTrip.
  • Lenskart.
  • Pepperfry.
  • Dominos.
  • My Gift Card Supply.
  • Card Delivery.
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How to Shop on Jumia Without OTP

Jumia is one of the giant retailers who let you shop online without OTP. They will however, require you to provide your card's basic information and billing address to order an item from them. In the case where you don't have your card's billing address, you can use a fake address generator to generate a billing address.

Here is how to shop on Jumia without OTP:

  1. Go to Jumia.
  2. Shop your favorite catalogs and add your items to your card.
  3. Proceed to checkout.
  4. Enter your card details and billing address.
  5. Complete your payment.

The process is as simple as that.

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Can Someone Use My Debit Card Without OTP?

Yes. If the person uses your debit card on a website that don't require OTP, then, he might be able to deduct funds from your card without hassle. Some cyber criminals clone debit cards and use them to withdraw money from debit cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we do online transaction without OTP?

Yes, and the best way to do online transactions without OTP is by linking the card to a mobile wallet like PayPal.

How can I use my debit card online without OTP?

You can't actually complete debit card transactions without OTP online since it is directly linked to the bank account, which requires OTP to complete transactions.

Which payment method does not require OTP?

Google Pay Cards are the easiest payment methods that neither require OTP nor CVV.

Final Thoughts on How to Shop Online Without OTP

Shopping online is an important daily activity among international shoppers. When shopping online, you will be required to provide your card information including its address. Most sites however, don't require OTP to complete online payment.

Using a card that isn't your for online shopping can lead to legal penalties especially if caught by giant retailers such as Amazon. We highly recommend to use the legal ways to shop online without OTP and make sure the card is yours.

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