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How to Fix Discovered - currently not indexed error in Google Search Console

In this article, I will show you how to fix Discovered - currently not indexed error in Google search console.

How to Fix Discovered - currently not indexed error in Google Search Console

Google Search is a vital tool and asset for any Websmaster and it is a necessity for every webmaster or website owner to understand some basic things and tabs in Google Search console.

Google Search powered by Google is a Tool that helps many website owners in getting more and more traffic daily to their website so that they can easily get customers for their products or just bring visitors to read their articles on their website.

When dealing with Google Search Console, you need to move by their way and only then that you might get your website to the top rankings. Many website owners most especially new website owners that have just launched their websites face serious Coverage issues in Google Search console. That is, most of their pages don't get indexed by Google Search Console.

This is a really serious issue that might make your website completely run down. Most Coverage issue faced here is the Discovered - currently not indexed issue and also the Crawl - currently not indexed. These errors in Google Search Console are known to affect many pages on your website because Google classifies them as not optimal for indexing and search results.

I understand the pain and stress you can feel after you must have written a long article hoping Google Search Console will index the page and start displaying the page as search result. If you are in search for a solution then this is your bus stop because in this article, I will show you how to overcome the commonly known Google Search Console error Discovered - currently not indexed.

What is Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a web service by Google which allows webmasters to check indexing status and optimize visibility of their websites. Until 20 May 2015, the service was called Google Webmaster Tools. In January 2018, Google introduced a new version of the search console, with changes to the user interface.

Google Search Console is a the highest web tool used by many website online to rank their pages on search results of the most used search engine world wide (Google). Aside of Google Search we also have search engines such as Microsoft Bing, Yahoo Search, DuckDuckGo...

In order for your website to be shown in Search Results, you need to add and verify your website domain or URL in Google Search Console. If you don't know how to add and verify your website in Google Search Console, then click here.

The Next thing you will want to do is to submit your sitemap to Google Search Console for Google to discover your Webpages, Crawl and then Index them and display as search results. Click here to read on how to submit your Sitemap in Google Search Console.

How do I Setup and Use Google Search Console?

There are just a few steps to setup and use Google Search Console;

  • Verify your website ownership and access a set of tools in Search Console.
  • Make sure your web contents or articles can be easily accessed by Google bots (Configure robots.txt file)
  • Check for any error in the mobile usability section.
  • Submit your static pages or xml sitemap in search console
  • Monitor your site's performance.

Discovered - currently not indexed in Search Console

How to Fix Discovered - currently not indexed

Google Crawlers have what we call crawling limit for any website in their library daily. So if this crawling limit is reached, your pages will not get indexed that day. If you publish about 15 articles daily, then few articles will be crawled that day and when the crawling limit is reached, then Google Crawlers will stop crawling the website that day. But your pages will how ever be discovered and still have that currently not indexed error.

This is a persisting issue that can get your site under-rated by Google and this isn't good for SEO equally. Before we head to the solution for this, let's talk on what makes Google to classify your pages as such.

Causes  Discovered - currently not indexed error in Search Console

Google bots can access the Page and URL but there is an issue that makes Google not to index the page. These issues are of several types and you should know that the issue comes from your side and not Google's. The most known issues I've highlighted are;

  1. Little or no unique content
  2. Little or no Keywords
  3. Inappropriate content 

Though there might be more reasons why Google does this to your webpages, I have highlighted the above three as the main reasons why Google Search classifies your webpages as Discovered - currently not indexed.

When we talk here of little or no unique content, it simply means that your content don't have a lot of words or materials for Google to classify that as a quality content. Google want to assure that their results are of quality in order to retain their users equally that why they Discover the page but they can't index the page for search result.

Little or no Keywords cause is somehow similar to the first cause but the thing here is Google does not find enough Keyword materials in your article for indexing. So they keep that in their Discovered library till they find a little change or update in the article before they index the page.

Inappropriate content simply means that the page has contents or materials that Google doesn't allow such as Copyrighted material, copies or clones of other pages (Plagiarism) and it is just obvious that Google can't value the concerned pages.

To fix and overcome all of this, checkout the fix section below.

How to Fix Discovered - currently not indexed error in Google Search Console

Since we've highlighted the major causes of this issue or error in Google Search Console, we can now give a solution or fix for all the causes of this known issue in search console.

1. Little or no unique content: Google has a way of seeing pages and obviously a page with 250 word count can't compare its quality with a page of 500 word count. But the situation may be different if the page with 250 word count has good qualities such as relevant keywords and distinctive contents. So make sure you write distinctive articles with relevant keywords for Google to see your pages as quality pages for search results.

2. Little or no Keyword: A keyword is a count of words that Google uses to rank webpages in order of quality. If you include a considerable amount of keywords in your article where necessary on the page, then I assure you that your page is going to be indexed within some hours and well ranked on search results. Be careful not to put much keywords if not your page will be depreciated by Google.

3. Inappropriate content: To overcome this, make sure you avoid copying contents online most especially images. If you use someone's image online, your page will not only never be indexed but your site authority will reduce and this will really affect your website SEO. Also, don't copy words on webpages online because even if the page eventually gets indexed, your page will be classified as low quality because the original content already exist on the web. The page will be a clone of the original.

When the above solution are applied, then your page will be indexed within some hours. I have and additional tip that is a trick I developed to get your webpage having this error indexed in just some little hours. Check it below.

Additional Trick to Easily Get your Page Indexed

If you want to get your pages with this error indexed, then consider changing the URL of the article or post add some words and add or delete some similar keywords to the Link to make it a new URL. Also, if possible change the Title and add something relevant keywords to it. This quite simple and always works. 

Wait for some hours and you will see good results for your being in Google Index as shown below.

How to Fix Discovered - currently not indexed


Google Search Console is a really important tool to use if you want to bring visitors to your website. If you are a business person that own a website, your business might fall if its products don't show in search results. This equally implies for simple website owners. Apply all these solutions to your webpages and I assure you that your webpages will get indexed in some hours frame. My personal trick I use works just perfectly and you can try that out.

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