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Can You Use Zelle With A Credit Card? (Explained)

You cannot use Zelle with a credit card and here's why.
can you use zelle with a credit card

When looking to transfer money between banks, Zelle is the go-to choice for most people. However, Zelle users looking to transfer funds from their credit cards usually wonder how can you use Zelle with a credit card.

Zelle is a popular P2P payment service that lets users send and receive payments through their banks.

Bank transfers usually take some time — Zelle eliminates this long wait and completes transfers within minutes.

The best thing about Zelle is, that its money transfer services are fee-free — meaning you don't get charged anything for transferring funds through Zelle. Only your bank may charge you fees as per their banking regulations.

While Zelle comes with a waterfall of benefits, it has some limitations though.

Zelle's exclusive support for most U.S. banks, credit unions, and debit cards makes credit card holders using the app wonder whether or not can you use Zelle with a credit card.

If you're one of these curious users, keep reading.

To address this request, we'll discuss later, whether or not can you use Zelle with a credit card.

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How Can I Use Zelle?

With Zelle, you can send, request, or receive money.

After signing up, all you need to do is enter the email address or U.S. mobile number of your receiver, the amount you wish to give or request, review and include a memo, and click "confirm."

The money usually becomes available in a matter of minutes.

To receive money, simply ask a friend or other trustworthy individual to send you money via Zelle using your registered email address or mobile number.

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Can You Use Zelle With A Credit Card?

Zelle works with debit cards and not credit cards — meaning, you cannot use Zelle with a credit card.

Zelle is primarily designed for transferring funds between banks — debit cards are most often linked to a bank account, but not credit cards — which is the main reason why Zelle accepts debit cards.

Credit cards are independent of a bank account and do not require any bank to work.

Again, credit cards are used to get cash advances and Zelle does not support cash advance transfers.

Moreover, transferring cash advances from a credit card isn't usually allowed by most issuers.

If you're looking to use Zelle with a bank card, I recommend you get a debit card instead and link to the Zelle app to start transferring money.

Let's explore more about Zelle and how it works for a better understanding.

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What Is Zelle?

Zelle is a popular payment app that you can quickly, simply, and securely transfer money from one bank account to another.

Transactions on the Zelle platform normally only take a few minutes, and there are no fees for sending or receiving payments.

In 2021, approximately 3,000 financial institutions joined the Zelle network, and its users sent $490 billion across 1.8 billion transactions.

How Does Zelle Work?

To speed up transfers between American bank accounts, Zelle makes use of the Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment system.

While you could start an ACH transfer from your bank account to a friend, the transfer might take three days to complete. Your money will arrive quickly with Zelle.

How to Set Up Zelle

You have two options for using Zelle: either through your financial institution or directly through Zelle.

How to Set Up Zelle Through Your Financial Institution

Through the website or mobile app of your bank, you can access Zelle. After logging in, follow the instructions to add your account to Zelle.

You could also be able to enroll through Zelle's own app using your banking username and password, depending on your bank.

How to Set Up Zelle Directly

You can simply set up Zelle through its mobile app if your bank does not support payments through the service.

Create a new username and password by downloading the Zelle app and following the on-screen directions.

You won't need to enter any private banking information, so relax.

How to Send Money With Zelle

You can start sending money with Zelle as follows once your account is fully set up.

1. Decide Who to Pay

Sending money to friends and family members or other people you know and trust works best with Zelle.

For instance, you could use Zelle to send your friend $50 if you went to dinner with them and want to reimburse them for your meal.

Several service providers or small businesses, like babysitters, lawn care specialists, and hairstylists, accept payments using Zelle.

2. Enter the Recipient's Email Address or Phone Number

Anyone with a bank or credit union account in the United States can receive money from you using Zelle.

All you need is the U.S. cell phone number or email address linked to their Zelle account.

3. Decide How Much to Send

You'll be asked by Zelle how much you want to send.

Just enter an amount that is within your weekly send allowance.

4. Send the Money

After you click "send," your payment will be sent.

The money will be in your friend's or family member's bank account in a matter of minutes if they already use Zelle.

They will get a text or email outlining how to claim the money if they aren't already enrolled.

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How to Cancel a Zelle Payment

You can cancel a Zelle payment only if the receiver hasn't yet enrolled with Zelle because Zelle payments are instant and can't be reversed if the receiver is a registered user.

To see if a payment can be canceled, sign in to Zelle using the app or the website for your bank.

Go to the account activity page after that.

Choose "Cancel this payment" after selecting the transaction you want to stop.

That being said, getting back your money if scammed on Zelle isn't that easy.

How to Receive Money From Zelle

You only need a Zelle account in order to receive funds from the service.

Nothing else needs to be done if you already have an account with your bank or credit union.

Any money sent to you through Zelle will be automatically deposited into the bank account you've linked.

You can download the app and register for an account if you don't already have one or if your banking institution doesn't support Zelle.

Your initial payment might not arrive for three days.

However, future payments ought to show up in your bank account right away.

What Are the Zelle Transfer Limits?

Any limits on how much you can transfer through Zelle is usually set by your bank or credit union.

Here are some transfer limits set by some banks that use Zelle.

  • Bank of America customers have a maximum Zelle transfer limit of $3,500 per day.
  • Chase personal checking account customers can send up to $2,000 in a single Zelle transaction and up to $2,000 per day. Higher transfer limits are available for Chase “private client” banking customers and business checking account holders.
  • Wells Fargo limits established customers to sending $3,500 in daily Zelle transfers, and it may impose a lower limit for customers who are new users.

However, you can send $500 on a weekly basis if Zelle does not work with your bank.

Is Zelle Safe?

Because no sensitive financial information is shared during a Zelle transaction, it is widely regarded as a safe and secure method of sending money.

Additionally, verification and monitoring tools should be available at your bank or credit union to help confirm that you are the one approving your Zelle payments.

Similar to cash, Zelle is quick, practical, and free.

However, Zelle lacks the payment security features that consumers have grown to expect from credit cards and debit cards, which typically shield users from unauthorized transactions.

Due to these factors, Zelle should only be used to pay friends, family, and certain small company owners that you know and trust.

Zelle is not, however, safe to receive money from strangers.

That said, you should use Zelle carefully if you want to send huge amounts of money to strangers or make purchases from online merchants.

Additionally, confirm that you have the correct email address or mobile number for the person you wish to pay.

This makes it more likely that your money will reach the intended recipient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Zelle if I don't have a debit card?

Yes, you can use Zelle without a debit card by linking your bank account directly to the Zelle app.

How do you use Zelle without a bank?

You can use Zelle without a bank by linking your debit card to the Zelle app.

Final Thoughts: Can You Use Zelle With A Credit Card

Zelle is a popular P2P payment service that allows users to transfer money between banks.

Users are required to provide a U.S. bank account or debit card in order to use the app.

You cannot, however, use Zelle with a credit card since it does not have a direct link to a bank account.

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