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What Credit Unions Use Zelle? (Latest Update)

Zelle works with a couple of credit unions. Find out what credit unions use Zelle to facilitate money transfers.
what credit unions use zelle

Zelle integrates many credit unions to facilitate the online transfer of funds through P2P (person-to-person) technology. Many users are wondering what credit unions use Zelle which is a brainer since the Zelle app doesn't work with all credit unions.

Zelle® is a fast, safe, and easy way to send and receive money with friends, family, and others you trust.

Sending and receiving money with Zelle is easy once your account is set up. All you'll need is the recipient's email address or phone number where they'll receive a message with instructions to get started with Zelle.

You'll, however, need to link a bank account or debit card to use Zelle.

Zelle has a network of financial institutions, also known as the Zelle Network, which comprises of banks and credit unions that use Zelle.

If your credit union is found in the Zelle network, then chances are your credit union uses Zelle to facilitate the transfer of funds between customers.

Knowing what credit unions use Zelle can come in handy to know if you should directly or indirectly link Zelle to your credit union.

That said, in this Zelle guide, I'll show you what credit unions use Zelle.

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Table of Contents

What Credit Unions Use Zelle?

Many U.S. banks and credit unions of all sizes currently offer Zelle® through their online banking or banking apps.

Financial institutions are able to offer Zelle® directly to their customers by participating in the Zelle Network®.

This gives them a quick, secure, and simple way to send and receive money with friends, family, and trusted businesses in minutes - even if they use different banks.

Zelle reports over 1,000 banks and credit unions offering Zelle as a service to their customers.

If your credit union is one of those that use Zelle, then you should be able to use Zelle directly from your bank's mobile app.

Though we can't list all credit unions that use Zelle, here are some of the popular credit unions that use the Zelle app;

  • Bethpage Federal Credit Union
  • Quorum Federal Credit Union
  • SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union
  • Star One Credit Union
  • VyStar Credit Union

Zelle features a page where it lists all banks and credit unions that have partnered with Zelle or that are in the Zelle Network.

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Is Zelle Safe?

Zelle offers a secure way for transferring money online.

By sending money via mail instead of in person or with cash or checks, you won't have to worry about it getting lost or stolen.

Like other P2P payment services, Zelle transfers are secured by data encryption.

When using a bank app to access the service, additional security features like multi-factor authentication and alerts for suspicious activity may be available.

When you give your personal information to fintech apps, there is always a slight risk.

The collection and sharing of personal data by Zelle with outside parties for research and analytical purposes are acknowledged.

The following extra precautions are suggested by Consumer Action, a non-profit group that promotes consumer rights, to lessen the possibility of this information falling into the wrong hands:

  • Opt-in for security notifications from the bank or from Zelle.
  • Monitor your accounts for any suspicious activity.
  • Send money only to people you know and trust.

Scammers may occasionally call customers pretending to be their bank, then use the customer's bank information to withdraw money from the account using Zelle.

Real financial institutions are unlikely to call you and request your personal information.

By calling the number listed on the financial institution's website or on the back of your debit card, you can confirm the institution is legitimate before disclosing any personal information.

How to use Zelle

Since Zelle is primarily an app, a smartphone is required to use it. If Zelle is offered by your bank, you might be able to use it on the bank's website.

For instructions on using Zelle to send money, read on.

1. Check whether your bank or credit union offers Zelle

There are a few ways to determine whether Zelle is offered by your financial institution.

If you have the bank or credit union's mobile app downloaded, you should find a special Zelle tab for users of the payment service. The "Transfers" section of the banking app may also contain Zelle.

You can also look up your financial institution in the online database of partners maintained by Zelle to see if it offers the service. You can also get in touch with the financial institution directly to inquire if it offers Zelle.

How do I get Zelle?

Although Zelle has a standalone app, users who have access to Zelle through their financial institution might not be able to use the standalone app.

If the financial institution's app does not already include Zelle, you can use the standalone Zelle app by getting it from the Apple or Google Play store.

2. Enroll your email or phone number

You must register either an email address or a phone number when using Zelle for the first time, whether through a banking app or the standalone Zelle app (or both). In this manner, other users can confirm to whom they are sending money.

Before using your email or phone number to re-enroll with a different bank or credit union, you must remove it from the account where you previously signed up for Zelle.

Users of the standalone app who do not already have access to Zelle through their financial institution must also enter the details of the debit card they wish to use for payment processing.

It must be a debit card issued in the US and cannot be a business card.

3. Choose whom to send money to and how much

You can send money to or request money from another Zelle user once you've signed up.

Add the recipient's contact information, including first and last names, an email address, or a phone number, after choosing to send or request something.

In order to verify the recipient's identity, each Zelle user must sign up with either their phone number or email address. This makes it easier to make sure your money gets to the right person.

Double-check the recipient's information before sending the money because you probably won't be able to change the recipient if you do.

Payment cancellation is only possible if the recipient has not yet enrolled, in which case the payment was not deducted from your account.

Enter the payment or request's dollar amount after you've verified and chosen a contact.

4. Send the money

Before sending the money or making the request, the app will ask you to review the transaction details.

Verify the transaction amount, the recipient's contact information, and the account from which the money will be withdrawn once more.

Prior to sending the payment, users can enter a memo in the "Reason" text box, which is optional.

Click "send" if all the information is accurate. Although it might take a few days if the recipient hasn't signed up for Zelle, money sent through the service is typically available in the recipient's account within minutes. To receive the payment, the recipient must first enroll.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Zelle work with credit unions?

Yes, Zelle does work with a good number of credit unions in the Zelle network within the United States.

How many banks and credit unions use Zelle?

As of this writing, over 510 credit unions in the United States are in the Zelle network. As for banks, there are just too many of them.

Final Thoughts: What Credit Unions Use Zelle

Zelle® is a fast, safe, and easy way to send and receive money with friends, family, and others you trust.

Many credit unions use Zelle to offer their customer the best experience when transferring money through their banking apps.

To know if your credit union uses Zelle, you can navigate through the Zelle getting started page.

If your credit union does not use Zelle, you can still use your bank card with the app and transfer funds with the convenience and security offered by the Zelle app.


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