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Free Internet Orange Cameroon

Get the Orange Cameroon latest configuration tweaks to browse the internet for free using the Orange Cameroon networks. Working on all devices.

Freesurf Orange Cameroun

Freesurf is one of the good things that appeared in our tech world now our days. Most networks in several countries are on time to time hacked by hackers in order to get Freesurf. Freesurf is a means of accessing the internet for free. Some networks are usually difficult to get into due to their time to time port filtering. Hence, obstructing the way for various attacks to go through them. In today’s post, I will be sharing with you the Freesurf Orange Cameroon 2020 tweak. So, keep reading to get the full trick.

Freesurf orange cameroon 2020

What is Free Internet?

Free internet or Freesurf is a name given to data leakages from various ISPs and networks that if not filter net, it will get directly utilized by any person in possession of that particular ISP SIM Card. All ISP do update from time to time on their databases and as a result, they open various port in order to create new bundle. This was the case with a typical  network known as Orange Cameroon who opened their ports in the few months in order to create a new bundle known as OM deals which was later on exploited and called Freesurf Orange Cameroun avec OM Deals. I won’t go into further details describing the look of this particular Freesurf because most Cameroonians suffered as it got ripped...

How can I get a Working Free Internet?

Comment obtenir un Freesurf

Freesurf or Free Internet can be obtained in many ways of which the two most known methods of getting free internet or Freesurf are as follows;

1. Using Exploited hosts

This is the most common method by which every Freesurf user must have experimented. This method implies the use of hosts or targets to which your Freesurf flows. This hosts can  be accessed directly for Freesurf or free internet if not your IP will be traced by your ISP and therefore, you will get caught. Hopefully, there are VPN Services Providers or Injectors. These Applications Injects every host in it bypassing the firewall and getting you connected to a server. They also help you in masking your IP address so you are safe when browsing.

As it is commonly known, this trick does not require you to buy anything. The only common faced issue with this is, its quite difficult to find a host and also very difficult to exploit then for injection. Another issue is not every user know how to create a working configuration file even if the got the host. But this is by far the best method of enjoying free Surf because it is completely free. Except in the case where you will get to buy a configuration file.

The VPN Injectors here or providers here can be HTTP Injector, Anonytun VPN, Combo VPN and more. So most of the time you will get to here people talking of free internet with HTTP Injector or Free Internet with Anonytun VPN or Free Internet with Combo VPN and more proposals.

2. Using USSD Codes

This is another method of getting a Freesurf or free internet. This usually targets or make use of USSD Codes that will give you an Internet bundle linked to an open port from which you will benefit from. This is subdivided into Using USSD Codes without VPN Injectors or Using USSD Codes with VPN Injectors.

I. Free Internet with USSD Codes without VPN Injectors

This method makes use of USSD Codes that offers free internet to browse directly. This is possible with USSD Codes offered by our ISP or Network or Internet Provider to run and when done, will be given a certain amount of Internet Volume in form of Mega octets (Mo) or Giga octets (Go).

This is the case of the Offers by MTN Cameroon to dial and obtain a dedicated amount of Internet Volume for every new phones we insert their SIM card into.

Also from time to time, the MTN Cameroon network gives free Internet Volume just to keep their users connected. So this permits us to stay connected to the internet even though it’s not enough. 

II. Free Internet with USSD Codes using VPN Injectors

As its title mentions all, this trick is by using VPN Injectors. The thing with this method is, you can bypass the limit offered by you network or internet provider in order to render the data flow continue and at times without limits. This makes use of USSD Codes that offers a certain Internet Volume when subscribed to the bundle and keeps us connected to the internet.

This was the case with a certain ISP known as Orange Cameroon with the USSD Code or bundle known as OM Deals. The OM Deals offered a particular amount of credit and Mega octets with Unlimited connection to WhatsApp. 

This was used by most users and it was quite a good moment enjoying this Freesurf Orange Cameroun. But as always, no free internet trick lasts for ever. 

That’s why I bring to you another method for obtaining Freesurf Orange Cameroun 2020. This method isn’t quite the best but it works quite alright and can keep you connected. Get it below

Freesurf Orange Cameroun 2020

To get stated with this, you will need the following requirements and procedure to benefit from the tweak.


Make sure you have the below requirements to get the trick working for you.

  • An Orange Cameroon SIM Card
  • An Android device running 4.0 or higher
  • SlowDNS which can be found on PlayStore


  • Download SlowDNS from PlayStore and Open the application.
  • Get to configure it as shown below

Username —> Don’t Change anything there
Password —> Don’t change anything there
Server —> Choose any free server of your choice
DNS server —> or any fast server you got for the network
LPORT —> 250 and RPORT —> 20

  • Now just click on Connect. 
  • Or just check the below image for more better indications...

Freesurf orange cameroun

You might face some issues with this such as 

Not connecting Waiting for Server reply

Make sure you are connected to the dedicated network and that your phone’s data connection is switched on.  

Some other possibility is to change your DNS setup and put a better DNS server for the network. Try changing the RPORT in the internal 20 - 80. 

DNS not Applicable

Make sure you’ve entered the DNS in its rightful format which has a format of  “a.b.c.d”. DNS is given in four ranges occupied by figures and not letters. So make sure that is setup correctly.

After all this is done, you will be connected to the Internet shortly and it can take a minute to connect at times. So just be patient and make sure you apply all the steps.

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All tricks provided here are tested and confirmed before its released publicly. Make sure you configure all as shown here before complaints.

If you face any difficulty, please refer to the comment box and I will reply to your worries as soon as I get them.

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