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Psiphon Pro Latest Unlimited Version No PsiCash Needed

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Get Psiphon Pro Unlimited and Fast Version No PsiCash Needed.

PSiphon is one of the ageing VPN providers in the years ago. Psiphon has always been free in the past and that made them grow thier customer size very faaster and easily

What’s Psiphon VPN?

Psiphon VPN is one of the oldest that have served many of us in the past years. We usually use Psiphon to connect to servers which give us free access to the internet and as other VPN providers bypass internet restrictions and limitations set by our respective ISPs. 

Freesurf yoomee cameroun

Psiphon comes with more great features than other VPN providers. They give us access to the internet with or without a host to inject for internet access as other VPN tunnelers do.

Does Psiphon Provides Free Internet?

Yes, Psiphon VPN does provides free internet. This is the situation for Cameroon where one of the free Internet Cameroonians use is free internet for yoomee using Psiphon. As said earlier, all you need for this free internet in cameroon is this VPN plus your yoomee SIM card. This free internet trick has last for quite a long time now and still works till date. 

Cameroonians have been in such a hard period now since the free internet with Orange Cam died. So, they switched into some alternatives in which free internet yoomee is involved.

How to get free internet Yoomee Cameroon?

If you haven’t yet gotten the free internet trick with yoomee cameroon using Psiphon, then no worries anymore. Just follow the below steps to get it.


  1. An android device of android version  4.0 and above
  2. Psiphon VPN (You will get the latest and unlimited Version below this post)
  3. A YooMee SIM card.


The procedure is simple and direct;

  • After you must have downloaded the Unlimited version of Psiphon below, Open it.
  • Then you click connect. No addition settings required.

Psiphon Pro free internet

Psiphon Pro Unlimited Version

Now the problem most Cameroonians are facing now is the speed limitation Psiphon erecently set to their servers and they made in such a way that we will need to purchase what they call PsiCash in order to speed up the server for some time depending on the amount of psicash we have.

Not everyone can purchase this psicash and profit of the full speed of Psiphon server. That’s why i made this post for them. At the end of this post, you will get the Unlimited version of Psiphon that won’t demande you psicash to speed up your internet connection. 

Download Psiphon Pro Unlimited

Download Psiphon Pro unlimited Version below for free. Share to make others be aware of this application and profit of it freely just as you.

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