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MTN Free Internet Trick

Free Internet Updated trick 2020. Get the latest free browsing tweak with MTN.

In the past years as technology went forth and beating up the old live style, the Internet was created and served us till date for many important purposes. This brought many advancement to the tech world because everything seemed to be very simple.

mtn free internet trick

What is Internet?

The Internet has been the most leading resource for various searches for its a digital library. The internet is a digital library that comprises many different computers. 

In order to get access to this internet, we need to base on a Network Operator. These network operators offer us the means to access the internet. 
Accessing the internet is quite costly and at times cant be accessed by some people due to lack of income or money to purchase a bundle from the network operator. 
Other reason is people always find it quite annoying to be browsing under restriction. So, they run into the economy of their internet subscriptions. 

All these made people go in and run out for free internet tricks

What is Free Internet?

Free internet as it’s name says is a method or a means for accessing the internet for free without having to pay a dime.
Free internet results from the exploit of loop holes or faults in a system administration that was exploited by a malicious person (a hacker). Once a hacker discovers open ports or loop holes on an operator system, they tend to exploit it in order to collect data packages and information that might be really confidential. The main aim of usually going into system administration or any ISP is to get what we call free internet access.

Advantages of Free internet 

  • With free Internet, you don’t have to pay a dime to access the internet.
  • You can access and download contents without restrictions as compared to paid plans.
  • you can follow any of your lessons online without having to think of your poor megabytes as always.

Disadvantages of free internet 

It’s bizarre to thing free internet can have disadvantages right? But yes there are some disadvantages which are as follows;
  • Some free internet tweaks happen to be slow: At times this can be due to the config used and sometimes due to the VPN injector used to inject the host.
  • Some require delicate manipulation of configs which can not be done by everyone.
  • You don’t know when it shall stop.
The worst thing that can happen to a free intern tweak is when it stops. 
If you are someone that follows courses online, that will be a great problem for you because you won’t know how to plan for a monthly  subscription to your ISP in order to continue your courses.
If you are someone that does heavy download to run your business, then, your business my surely fall if you don’t take actions.

So the advice I can give to all of you reading is not to lay all your hope on what so ever free internet tweak. Whether it might be fast or slow, don’t lay your trust on it if not you will receive a massive shock once it’s will be blocked by your ISP.

Getting the Free Internet Trick

It’s time to dive into our purpose of this post.
This free internet trick is specifically for free internet for South Africa with Vodacom 2020 and MTN Cameroon free internet trick 2020 so both countries can benefit of this trick. Before you go through, lets get in touch with some requirements.


For South Africans, you will need;

  • Vodacom SIM Card with 0 Aitime or Data in it.
  • Your Android Device with SlowDNS installed or Tunnelguru on PC

For Cameroonians, you will need;

  • MTN SIM Card with 0FCFA or 0Mo in it.
  • Your Android Device with SlowDNS, DroidVPN or any VPN Provider that supports DNS Mode.


South Africa Free Internet Tweak with Vodacom

  • Go to Playstore and download any of the Applications of your choice above.
  • Now configure SlowDNS application as below
Username and Password — Leave it Blank 
Server —Select a free Server from the drop down 
DNS Server —
Choose — Null
LPORT — 350 : RPORT 80
Binary Query — Check
Keep Changing Port — Check
  • Now Just click CONNECT and you should be connected in a few seconds.

MTN Cameroon Free Internet Tweak

  • Go to Playstore and download Slow DNS or any DNS Based VPN Injector of your choice.
  • Now configure Slow DNS as below
Username and Password — Leave that blank
Server — Choose and Free Server
DNS Server — or
Choose — Null
LPORT — 250 : RPORT 25
Binary Query — Check
Keep Changing Port — Check
  • Now Just click on CONNECT and you should be connected within some seconds.

Thing to NOTE on these free Internet tweak

  1. All the tweaks are tested and working. 
  2. The Cameroon tweak is faster than the previous one still on the same procedure
This post is for educational purposes only and this blog is not to be held for any misuse of its contents.

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