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Where To Sell Walmart Gift Card For Cash Instantly?

There are many places to sell Walmart gift card for cash instantly. Here are the legit places to get started with.
sell walmart gift card for cash instantly

Looking to sell Walmart gift card online instantly? Stick around as I'll show you some legitimate platforms that let you sell your Walmart gift card for cash instantly.

Walmart is one of the best retailer that feature wide, clean, brightly lit aisles and shelves stocked with quality items including: family apparel, automotive products, health and beauty aids, home furnishings, electronics, hardware, toys, sporting goods, lawn and garden items, pet supplies, jewelry, and housewares.

It typically has everything you'll need at affordable prices and offers huge discounts, which are some of the reasons why the popular store has lots of customers.

Walmart strives at offering convenience to their customers when they shop at their stores; the Walmart gift card offers convenience when shopping at Walmart.

The card comes with an amount of money ranging from $10 to $1,000 that customers can use to pay for their purchases.

However, the downside of the Walmart gift card is, it is not accepted everywhere; Walmart gift card holders will need to sell the gift card to use the funds on the card for other purchases out of Walmart.

There are many platforms that let you sell gift card online instantly for cash, but only a few will let you sell your Walmart gift card and pay you legitimately without charging you excessive fees.

Wondering what sites let you sell Walmart gift card online instantly? Read on.

To help you out, I've compiled the best sites that let you sell Walmart gift card online instantly in this article.

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Table of Contents

What is the Walmart Gift Card?

Walmart gift card is the official gift card of Walmart retail chain, the Walmart gift card is incredibly well-liked throughout the global e-commerce industry.

Customers can use the funds on the gift card to make any purchases both in-person and online at Sam's Club, Walmart, and some Murphy USA Fuel Stations.

Features of the Walmart Gift Card

  • They range in value from $10 to $1000.
  • Walmart Gift Cards may be used at any Walmart store or Sam’s Club in the U.S. or Puerto Rico
  • They occur in both digital and physical forms.  
  • Walmart Gift Cards never expire.

Why Sell Walmart Gift Card Online Instantly?

There are many reasons why you might want to sell your Walmart gift card online instantly.

One of them is, the Walmart gift card cannot be used widely for other purchases except at Walmart, Sam's Clune or some, Murphy USA Fuel stations.

Another reason being you received a free gift card for your birthday or a special occasion. Or you received merchandise credit when you returned a product to Walmart.

Your Walmart gift card still got that value in it and selling the gift card can help you save a lot of money.

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Where To Sell Walmart Gift Card For Cash Instantly

If you're looking to sell your Walmart Gift card online for cash instantly, you should consider choosing a legit platform that first considers your interest and let you sell your Walmart gift card conveniently through their platform.

That being said, here are legit platforms that let you sell your Walmart gift card online for cash instantly.

1. Gameflip

Gameflip is one of the best places to sell Walmart gift cards for cash instantly online.

You can sell your unused, prepaid, and non-reloadable gift cards on Gameflip. Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, PSN, Xbox Live, and Steam gift cards are among the most widely used gift cards on Gameflip.

Your Walmart gift card will be displayed in front of the marketplace's thousands of buyers.

Set the price between 2% and 15% below the face value in order to sell Walmart gift cards quickly.

You might need to change the asking price to draw consumers based on how well-liked your Walmart gift cards are.

They offer a free mobile app and website that you can use to list your Walmart gift cards. Consider selecting auto-delivery for the quickest and easiest transaction.

The sale profits are instantly put into your Gameflip wallet after the buyer receives your git card code, redeems it, and completes the deal by rating. You are always free to take a withdrawal from the sale earnings.

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2. GiftCash

GiftCash is another site that let you sell unwanted Walmart gift card for cash instantly.

Selling gift cards to them involves three easy steps: Accept their offer, enter your card details, and receive your cash.

3. QuChange

Quchange is Nigeria based, with a registered and permanent address, and every transaction is guaranteed. So, Quchange is one of the websites you can rely on if you need to sell a Walmart gift card for instant cash. 

Quchange claims to consider customer interest which is one of the reasons why most users prefer selling their Walmart gift cards through the platform.

What I love about Quchange is their easy-to-use mobile app that lets you use you sell your gift cards conveniently and receive your funds in your bank account.

Additionally, most trades are concluded fast through Quchange. You won't have to wait for days to see the money in your bank account, even though some cards can take some time.

Additionally, Quchange has an excellent customer service to answer any queries you may have.

More Sites to Sell Walmart Gift Card for Cash Instantly

  • CardCash
  • Raise
  • Gift Card Granny
  • Cardpool
  • Card Swap
  • ClipKard

How to Get Cash from Walmart Gift Card

Walmart gift cards are non-refundable according to Walmart Terms and Conditions; making it tricky to get cash from Walmart gift card.

You can use platforms such s Gameflip to get cash from your Walmart gift card without much hassle and at competitive rates.

Best Place to Sell Walmart Gift Card

Based on customers reviews and platform's availability through the web, Gameflip is the best place to sell Walmart gift card for cash instantly.

The platform does not only let you sell Walmart gift card, but it also lets you sell other gift cards.

Trade Walmart Gift Card for Amazon

CardCash let you trade gift cards for other gift cards.

You can trade Walmart gift card for Amazon gift card through CardCash.

Sell Walmart Gift Card for Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a digital currency and without doubt more flexible than the Walmart gift card.

QuChange lets you sell Walmart gift card for bitcoin.

Once you've listed your gift card and provided your bitcoin address, you should receive bitcoin instantly following the sale of your gift card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I sell my Walmart gift card for cash instantly?

You can sell your Walmart gift card for cash at Gameflip, Quchange and other platforms outlined in this article.

How can I sell a Walmart gift card online?

Go to Gameflip and list your gift card on the platform which will sell it and pay you.

How do I convert a Walmart gift card to PayPal?

PayPal accepts gift cards and you should be able to link your Walmart gift card to your PayPal account and use the gift card as a funding source for your transactions through PayPal.

Does Walmart have a gift card exchange kiosk?

You may exchange your Walmart gift card at many exchange kiosk accepting the exchange.

Can you transfer a Walmart gift card to a money card?

The Walmart gift cards are not transferable and funds on the card can't be directly transferred to a Walmart money card.

Final Thoughts: Sell Walmart Gift Card for Cash Instantly

The Walmart gift card is a popular gift card that is used for shopping within Walmart stores and locations.

You'll need to sell the gift card in order to use it for other purchases out of Walmart.

Thankfully, some few platforms such as Gameflip and Quchnage let you sell your Walmart gift card for cash instantly.

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