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How To Withdraw Money From Varo Without Card [Complete Process]

Varo supports cardless ATMs which means you can withdraw money from Varo without card. This article compiles steps to get money off Varo without card.
withdraw money from varo without card

Varo account holders usually wonder how to withdraw money from Varo without card.

Though many sources say Varo does not support cardless withdrawals, the well-known online bank does offer support for such ATMs.

Varo is a well-known online bank that offers lots of banking services offering a checking account and a virtual debit card to its customers.

Among its numerous banking services, eligible users are allowed to borrow money from Varo.

Varo is an online bank that does not require a physical branch to access your funds.

You can withdraw money from your Varo Bank Account at more than 55,000 Allpoint ATMs surcharge-free and you can deposit cash via more than 90,000 Green Dot retail locations.

Nowadays, modern ATMs support cardless withdrawals and all you need is your smartphone with your banking app installed.

The great news is, Varo is one of the online banks that support cardless withdrawals which means, you can withdraw money from Varo without card by visiting any ATM that supports cardless withdrawal and using your smartphone for the cardless withdrawal.

The process of withdrawing money from Varo without card isn't complicated and can be done in simple steps.

However, there are other ways to withdraw money from Varo without card in case if you don't want to use the direct process.

That said, this article focuses on showing you all possible ways to withdraw money from Varo without card.

Table of Contents

What is Varo?

Varo is a safe and secure online mobile banking solution designed for consumers who like to do all of their financial transactions online.

This bank caters primarily to younger customers who prefer to do all of their banking online and do not have access to physical branches.

In other words, despite the lack of a physical presence, Varo users can access their accounts through a worldwide network of more than 55,000 fee-free Allpoint ATMs.

There are no hidden fees, monthly fees, or minimum balance requirements with Varo online banking.

There are no branches, however, so you'll have to interact with third-party merchants who charge fees for cash deposits.

With Varo, making a withdrawal is simple, and there are no fees for cash withdrawals from its network of ATMs.

When you use a third-party ATM, though, you may be charged.

What is a Cardless ATM?

Cardless ATMs let you get cash and do other transactions without having to swipe or enter your debit card into a reader.

Instead of requiring a card, these ATMs connect a mobile app on your phone to the ATM using various forms of technology (see below).

You'll be able to conduct business at the ATM as if you'd inserted a card once you've completed extra security processes.

Access to ATMs without a card isn't a new concept.

In 2016, Bank of America introduced a cardless ATM, and since then, numerous other banks have followed suit, including Chase, Wells Fargo, and BMO Harris.

How Do Cardless ATMs Work?

Cardless ATMs connect your digital debit card information to the ATM using a few different kinds of technology.

Near-Field Communication (NFC)

Near-field communication (NFC) is a short-range wireless communication technology that allows you to hold your mobile device up to a receiver and send data over a radio frequency.

You're already a seasoned NFC user if you utilize tap-to-pay technology like Android Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or even a credit card with an NFC chip.

You simply hold up your mobile device with the mobile wallet or banking app open to the ATM's NFC receiver for cardless ATMs equipped with NFC technology.

You use the ATM as if you'd inserted your debit card after the machine confirms it's received your information.

App-Generated Codes

QR Code: QR (Quick Response) codes are barcode-like codes that you scan using the camera on your mobile device.

QR codes, on the other hand, can communicate more information than barcodes due to their more complicated architecture.

The ATM will produce a QR code and display it on the screen for cardless ATMs that support QR code technology.

Then you'll scan the code with your mobile banking app to confirm your identification.

You'll be able to execute your transaction once your identification is validated using the mobile banking app after the scan.

With its cardless ATMs, BMO Harris Bank is an example of a bank that uses QR code technology.

Verification Code: Verification codes give an extra degree of security to online logins, similar to two-factor authentication. You'll utilize your mobile banking app for the bulk of your transactions at cardless ATMs thanks to verification code technology.

You'll log in to your bank's app and select the type of transaction you want to make (including deposits, withdrawals and other banking functions).

The app will generate a one-time verification code that you'll enter alongside your PIN at the ATM. After you complete your transaction, the verification code will no longer work and will usually expire after 30 minutes.

Biometric Verification

Any device that utilizes biometric data verifies your identity by using your physical characteristics (face, fingerprints, eyes, or palm print).

You're already utilizing biometric verification if your phone or laptop opens using a fingerprint or facial recognition.

If your bank employs biometrics, you submit the needed biometric data via a scan at the bank, which then securely records it.

The machine then scans your fingerprint, iris, face, or palm print and compares it to the data you have on file at the bank when you use a cardless ATM with biometric verification.

Before allowing access to your cash or other account functions, it verifies your identification.

What Are the Benefits to Cardless ATMs?

For those who are enthusiastic about ATMs Cardless ATMs, which are catching up with the mobile app culture, have a number of advantages.

You benefit from the ease of having your debit card on you at all times when you have your phone.

You may also have the same seamless, digital experience while paying with your phone at your favorite stores.

In addition to ease, there are a few more advantages of using a cardless ATM:

  • Broad account access:  You'll benefit from being able to access several bank accounts online as more banks enable cardless ATM access. If you're fed up with out-of-network ATM fees, cardless access allows you to swap debit cards from your phone. You can avoid paying extra fees by using a debit card connected to an in-network account at a specific ATM.
  • There is less contact: You'll appreciate how cardless ATMs reduce contact if the pandemic has made you more aware of how many objects you touch each day. While they don't completely eliminate the need to use an ATM, you'll be able to complete more transactions on your mobile device rather than at the machine.
  • Security: Cardless ATMs eliminate past debit card security issues such as skimmers while adding identity verification layers such as biometrics, verification codes, and QR codes to protect your account access.

What Are the Drawbacks to Cardless ATMs?

Cardless ATM access does have some disadvantages, despite its security and convenience qualities.

  • Device compatibility: To use a cardless ATM, your phone must be compatible with your bank's mobile app. Make careful to inquire about the types of devices that will work with your bank's app.
  • Mobile device loss: If you don't have additional security protections enabled on your phone, thieves may be able to access your bank account if your phone is lost or stolen. Use your phone's security features, such as screen lock and remote data wipe capabilities, to secure your smartphone from unauthorized access if you get separated from it.
  • Proliferation: While cardless ATMs are becoming more popular, they are still not the standard. While you may be allowed to use cardless access at your bank's ATMs, you may still be required to carry a card when visiting locations where your bank does not have physical branches.

Do Cardless ATMs Work With Varo?

There have been plenty of misconception about Varo's support for cardless ATMs.

However, to clarify things, Cardless ATMs work with Varo.

You can only withdraw money from your Varo account without a card if you use a cardless ATM.

Connecting your Varo Visa Debit Card to your iPhone or Android mobile device makes it simple to pay quickly and securely without having to carry a wallet.

Varo's mobile app now has an ATM locator to help you find the nearest Allpoint cardless ATMs.

Now all you have to do is:

  • Open the app on your smartphone.
  •  Hit the move money button.
  • Choose to Find an ATM.
  • Now it's up to you to decide which ATM to use.

You might also want to check these cash advance apps that work with Varo which will let you get a cash advance before your next payday.

How To Withdraw Money From Varo Without Card

Withdrawing money from your bank account has been easier with the help of ATMs located everywhere and your debit card.

What do you do if you don't move along with your debit card? A cardless withdrawal should be one of the only solutions to get money out of your Varo account.

Thanks to cardless ATMs, withdrawing money from Varo without card is very simple since all you need is your smartphone.

Below are the steps to withdraw money from Varo without card:

  1. Open your Varo Mobile Application.
  2. Navigate to "MOVE MONEY" and click on it.
  3. Tap the "FIND ATM" button.
  4. Search for the nearest cardless ATM in the locator.
  5. Visit the cardless ATM once you've chosen an ATM close to your location with your smartphone.
  6. Confirm if the ATM supports mobile cash access. Select the mobile cash access if the ATM supports it.
  7. Open your Varo bank application on your mobile phone and select the cardless ATM withdrawal option. 
  8. Enter the amount you'd like to withdraw.
  9. You can choose to scan the QR code or wait for the app to generate a verification code.
  10. In the ATM, enter the generated code.
  11. Wait for the ATM to count and release your cash. 
  12. Finish your transaction or perform another transaction.

That's the straightforward way to withdraw money from Varo without card.

However, if you'd like to use other methods to get money out of Varo without card, then you can loop into the options below.

Other Ways to Withdraw Money From Varo Without Card

Withdrawing money from Varo without card is a straightforward process if you find an ATM with cardless support and you move along with your smartphone.

In the case if you can't find such ATMs, you shouldn't feel frustrated because there are other ways to get money out of Varo without card.

Below are some of them.

Method 1: Send Money to a Friend's Varo Bank Account

If you got a friend or relative that has a Varo bank account, you can ask to send money to his/her account in exchange of physical cash.

This is the best alternative to go in for since Varo to Varo transfers are instant.

Here's how to send money to a someone else's Varo account.

  1. Launch the Varo mobile banking app.
  2. Find the "Move Money" option at the bottom of your screen.
  3. Click the "Varo to Varo Transfer" option.
  4. Enter the amount you want to send or withdraw from your online banking account.
  5. Go over the transfer details one more time to ensure you've got everything right.
  6. Hit the "Send Money" option if everything is in order.

Method 2: Transfer Money From Varo to a Different Bank Account

Another way to get money out of Varo without card is by transferring the money to an external bank account.

The process can take longer (up to 48 hours) and is recommended if the above listed methods didn't work out for you.

How to Setup Varo Bank Transfers to a Different Bank

  • Open your mobile app, go to the bottom of the Accounts screen, and select Link an Account.
  • Look for the External Bank icon and choose it.
  • Log into your bank account after finding your bank on the list.
  • Hit Submit after entering your User ID and Password.
  • Any prompts, such as entering your email address or mobile phone number, should be followed. You might be asked to verify your identity. As a result, you may receive an email notification or a phone call with an OTP to confirm your identity and continue.
  • On the Accounts tab, follow any more prompts until you see your external bank account details.

How to Transfer Money to the External Bank with Varo App

  1. Open your Varo mobile app.
  2. Locate and select the Move Money and Transfer Money options.
  3. Choose Varo Bank Account in the "From" column. Then, in the "To" area, type in the external bank account to which you wish to send money.
  4. Before entering the amount you want to send, double-check the money transfer limit.

Varo has a $5,000 daily limit on money transfers to savings or bank accounts. Varo also has a $10,000 per calendar month money transfer limit.

Method 3: Use Mobile Payment Apps

Using mobile payment apps is another way to get money out of Varo without card.

However, we recommended this method only if you will like to use the funds found in your Varo account for paying for doing online shopping.

Some mobile payment apps you can use to get money out of Varo without card include;

Final Thoughts

Varo is a safe and secure online mobile banking solution designed for consumers who like to do all of their financial transactions online.

Varo is one of the online banks offering support for cardless ATMs which means you can withdraw money from Varo without debit card.

However, if you can't find a cardless ATM, you have other options at hand such as seeking for help from a friend or relative to send them money in exchange for physical cash.


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