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How to Get a Paysera Card [Complete Guide]

In this article, you will know how to get a Paysera Visa Debit card that you can use for your payments at physical points of sale, e-shopping and ATMs
get a paysera card

Are you looking for a credit card that you can use for your transactions, purchases and even withdrawals at ATM points, then Paysera Visa Card is the option for you. Paysera is a well known company that has served as a Financial Assistance for sometime now by offering Visa cards that can be used for settlement in physical points of sale and e-shops accepting Visa cards, as well as withdrawing cash from ATMs serving this type of card. 

Paysera charges an issuance fee of €10, a delivery fee of €10 and a card maintenance fee of €0.75 for their Visa Card and this card can be used for PayPal verification, added to mobile wallets and even used at ATM points that accept the card. In addition the card is protected with 3-D Secure 2.0 technology ensuring more secure payment online. Paysera is open to customers of all countries to open an account but unfortunately, their Visa card can be delivered only to some countries.

Unlike our previous article that shows how to get a virtual credit card without bank account for online transactions, this article however focuses on how to get a real/physical debit card that you can use for extended transactions.

As it is the case for every bank that charges an issuing fee before issuing you a physical bank card (credit/debit/prepaid card), Paysera equally charges an amount to be paid before issuing a Visa Card to you. This amount may differ based on your region and currency.

In this article, I will show you how to get a Paysera Visa Debit card that you can use for your payments at physical points of sale, for online transactions and even at ATM points that accept Visa payments.

What is Paysera?

Founded in 2004 as "Elektroniniai verslo projektai", Paysera is a Fintech company that aims at creating a modern world of payments, where payments are international, convenient, fast, and available to everyone, anywhere, anytime, and most importantly, at a fair price. Paysera offers Visa card as financial solutions that can be either a credit or debit card and also, you will get a bank account that can work in the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) without hassle.

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Paysera offers financial solutions for those that find it difficult to apply for a credit card at traditional banks due to some regulations. All Paysera wants as verification from you is a valid phone number, email address and an ID verification.

Paysera Visa Card

Paysera Visa payment card is a contactless Visa card which can be used across the world where Visa cards are accepted. Euro €, is the main currency of the card but you can also make payments or withdraw cash in other currencies. This card may be used for payments at physical points of sale and e-commerce shops accepting Visa cards, as well as withdrawing cash from ATMs that supports Visa card. The card is also protected with 3-D Secure 2.0 technology ensuring more secure payment online.

When issuing a Paysera card, an additional IBAN type account purposely for payments only is opened at the same time, allowing you to easily control your expenses. Your card can be conveniently managed by logging in to the system via both your Internet browser and the Paysera mobile app. The card is valid for 4 years and its validity can be extended directly from your dashboard. No need to do paperwork and visit bank branch to extend your card.

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However, the Paysera Visa Card can be delivered only to countries in the EEA.

Paysera Visa Debit Card and Fees

Paysera offers a Visa Payment card which is a debit card that can be used around the work.

Paysera charges an issuance fee of €10, a delivery fee of €10 and a card maintenance fee of €0.75 for their Visa Card. However, the Paysera Visa debit card can be delivered only to EEA countries.

For more on the Paysera payment card such as card operation, cash operations at ATMs, limits of operations, check this Paysera Debit Card page.

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Paysera Visa Credit Card and Fees

Paysera does not offer a Visa payment credit card as they offers only debit cards. However, this section will be updated if at all they start issuing credit cards.

Which Countries Does Paysera Works?

Paysera payment system connects local and international banks, international payment systems and payment partners. Paysera allows money transfers to more than 180 countries, in over 30 currencies.

  • In Europe, Paysera works and offers payment solutions in 48 countries
  • In Asia and Oceania, Paysera works and offers payment solutions in 52 countries
  • In Africa, Paysera works and offers payment solutions in 41 countries and,
  • In America, Paysera works and offers payment solutions in 33 countries.

If you want to get a detail listing of countries in each continent, then visit the Paysera available countries page.

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Where Can I Use the Paysera Visa Card?

The Paysera Visa card can be used in any where in the world as long as the processor accepts Visa payments.

You can use the Paysera card to pay for goods and services online, at different physical points of sale, by phone, and and even for cash withdrawals at ATM points. The card has as main currency, Euro €, but you can as well use the card to pay in other currencies other than Euro.

The Paysera Visa card is a contactless card meaning; - when paying small amounts in physical points of sale that have NFC card readers, your PIN code won't be required to complete the payment. All you need to do is to hold the card by its reader to complete the payment. In addition, the card is protected with 3-D Secure 2.0 technology, which enhances the security when purchasing online

You can link your Paysera payment card to mobile wallets such as Google Pay, Apple Pay and even Samsung Pay

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One more great thing with this Paysera payment Visa card is, you can use their Visa card for PayPal verification. Unlick some virtual credit cards that make it difficult to use for PayPal verification, Paysera offers physical cards that can be linked to PayPal for more secure payments. Once your card is linked to a verified PayPal account, your payments can be made even easier as PayPal is accepted by many online stores and merchants worldwide and you can easily send and receive money internationally at very little fees without hassle.

Who Can Order a Paysera Card?

Just as most traditional and online banks, Paysera has its own requirements that you need to meet before you can order your own Paysera card.

Any individual of 16 of age that has been registered and identified in the Paysera system can order a Paysera Visa payment card. Paysera can issue up to 5 payment cards per person.

An additional card holder must be at least 14 years old. An additional card holder disposes of funds on the main Paysera Visa payment card and the same limits apply to them.

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If you want to order a card for your business, then, the login name (email address or phone number) of the private person (company's representative) who will use the card must be specified.

The Paysera payment cards can be issued and delivered only in the EEA countries.

How to Get a Paysera Card | Steps to Order a Paysera Payment Card

To get a Paysera Visa card, you will need to meet some requirements set by the company before you will be eligible to order a payment card from them.

Requirements to Get/Order a Paysera Payment Visa Card

  • Paysera Mobile App - Android or iOS
  • Be at least 16 years of age
  • A valid phone number - Get Real US/Canadian Number or Google Voice Number
  • A valid email address
  • Valid ID documents (ID card, Passport, Residence permit). "The documents required for verification will depend on your country."

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Step by Step Procedure to Get/Order a Paysera Payment Visa Card

1. Verify your Paysera Account

  1. Download and Install the Paysera Mobile App for Android and iOS Devices.
  2. Once installed, launch the app and click on Create Account.
    get a paysera card
  3. On the next page, enter your phone number and password.
    get a paysera card
    Then click create account.
  4. Next, you will need to create a PIN to be used for every login to the app.
    get a paysera card
  5. You can also enable fingerprint to enhance the security of your account and the fingerprint will be used anytime you open the app.
    get a paysera card
  6. You will be asked to verify your identity. Click verify now.
    get a paysera card
  7. To complete your verification and unlock all the features of Paysera, you will need to complete the 3 other identifications which are email address, KYC Questionnaire and your identity verification.
    get a paysera card
  8. Let's start with the email address verification. Enter your email and click the continue button. You will receive a One Time Passcode (OTP) that you will then use to verify your email with them.
    get a paysera card
  9. Now complete your KYC Questionnaire by providing as many accurate answers as possible since this will undergo a series of check within a period of 7 working days. Your source of fund should be accurate and provide all your sources of income because this will help them determine how they can serve you better.
    get a paysera card
  10. Once you done, click on "Save the questionnaire".
    get a paysera card
  11. You will need to verify your Identification. Depending on your country, the identification methods may be different from other regions. For some countries such as Germany and many other EEA countries, you can use your Passport, Identity card or Residence permit for verification. Do not perform any fraudulent activity here because you might end up being rejected.
    get a paysera card
  12. It may take up to a day for your documents to be confirmed. Once your documents confirmed, you are now approved and can use several features in the app.
    get a paysera card
  13. You may see a something like "Account restricted" on your dashboard but do not worry. It happens because your KYC questionnaire is still under review and it can take a period of 7 working days to be confirmed.
    get a paysera card
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2. Order Your Paysera Card

  1. Even if your account is restricted, as long as you are verified, you are eligible to order a Paysera Visa card. To order a Paysera Visa card, click on the cards section and you will see a white board with a plus (+) icon in its center, just click on it.
    get a paysera card
  2. Now Select your Card color. Paysera offers two main colors; - Blue and Orange. Feel free to select the color that suits you best.
    get a paysera card
  3. In this order review page, you will see the Paysera card issuance fee, delivery fee and the monthly maintenance fee. If you are okay with that, then you are free to click the Order Card button to order your card.
    get a paysera card

Your account must have sufficient funds to cover all the fees to get your Paysera Payment Visa card. For that, you will need to "Top Up" your account.

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If you find it difficult to get a Paysera Payment Visa car, you can always checkout our video guide on that below.

How to Top Up your Paysera Account?

To Top Up your Paysera account, you will need to do as follows:

  • Click the Top Up button
  • Select the Top Up method that suites you best (Generally bank deposits through IBAN transfers)
  • Complete the steps to top up your account by funding the payment details provided
  • Congratulations, you just top up your account.

How to Top Up the Paysera Visa Card?

The Paysera Visa card can be topped up from your Paysera account by simply transferring money from your main (or other) account to the account of the Visa card which can be done as follows:

  • Log in to your Paysera account
  • Select in the menu on the left Transfers > Between own accounts
  • Choose the account you would like to make a transfer from, then choose the account of your Paysera Visa card
  • Indicate the amount of the Paysera Visa card top-up. The money will reach the card within several seconds.

You can also perform a standard transfer (in EUR currency) from your bank to the account of your Paysera Visa card by indicating the IBAN number of the card account.

You may also top up the card with cash by scanning the bar code on the back of the card in Maxima, Lietuvos Spauda, Narvessen, and Perlas terminals and by specifying the amount to be transferred. Cash top-up service is only available in Lithuania.

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Where may the Paysera Visa card Not work?

In very rare cases, the operation of the card may be interrupted due to situations that may occur beyond the Paysera system's control, or due to temporary disruption in services of the third parties which we engage when performing our obligations.

In this case, you will not be able to pay with the Paysera Visa card in places where old card readers, card operations are confirmed not with a PIN code, but with a signature.

Also due to restrictions of the card issuer, it is not possible to pay with a Paysera Visa card in self-service petrol stations (when the payment is made before filling up the tank). However, residents of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia ca perform such transactions. But that's not a full limitation since in all other petrol stations where the payment is made only after filling up the tank, the payment with a Paysera Visa card can be made successfully.

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Where Can I Withdraw Cash with the Paysera Visa Card?

With the Paysera Visa payment card, you can withdraw cash at any ATM across the world as long as the processor accepts Visa payments.

However, you can withdraw a maximum of EUR 600 a day. This amount is applicable for all your card regardless if you have already withdraw with any other card on your account.

You may pay some fees when withdrawing at ATM points. However, this amount will depend both on the country and currency.

ATMs of some banks may offer EUR conversion from GBP currency (according to the card issuer's country). That's why it is important to choose "Continue without conversion" and stay away from rude commission fees charged for currency exchange.

However, you can't use bank branches to withdraw cash from your Paysera Visa payment card.

How to Cancel a Paysera Visa Card

You can cancel your Paysera visa card anytime from your mobile application or web browser by doing as follows;

  • In the web browser, log in to your Paysera account - select from the menu on the left Accounts and Cards > Payment Cards > click on the active card number >Temporarily block/ Cancel > Block permanently.
  • In the mobile app select Cards > Freeze. Block your card temporarily > Block card (permanently block your card).

You won't be charged anything for canceling your Paysera visa card and its effect is immediate. The account associated to the canceled visa debit card becomes a standard current account without a Paysera Visa Card.

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ATM did not dispense any cash, but my account was debited. What should I do?

In such cases, first of all, log in to your Paysera account and check the Visa card account balance:

  • If the amount is reserved but has not been debited yet, we recommend waiting a bit. It is often the case that the bank from whose ATM the cash withdrawal took place, having checked the balance at the ATM and found discrepancies, simply cancels the reservation. Once the reservation is cancelled, the money is no longer debited.
  • If the money was debited from the Visa card account, please immediately contact the Client Support.

Final Thoughts on How to Get/Order a Paysera Payment Visa Card

If you were once asking yourself which card does Paysera offers, then you should know by now that Paysera offers a visa debit card that can be used anywhere in the world as long as the payment processor accepts visa payments.

It is very easy to order and get your Paysera Payment Visa debit card. All you will need is to complete the verification steps and click the card button, select your card and then order your card which will be delivered within some days.

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