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Top 20 Countries With Free WiFi Everywhere You Go

You may be living in an area that has free Wi-Fi networks without knowing. This article compiles the best countries with free WiFi everywhere.
countries with free wifi

You may be a resident of a country full of free Wi-Fi everywhere but you don't know. This article will enlighten you on a list of the best countries with free Wi-Fi.

Many countries all over the world are filled with tourist places — from the Americas to Europe, and the immigration rate in these countries keeps on increasing every year. With tourists moving into these countries, hotels, schools, and even hospitals will strive to better serve these people. A great way to attract them to their facility is by offering free Wi-Fi.

Free Wi-Fi is generally offered by the government in municipal areas where they make it easy for their citizens to get free internet without paying anything. If you moved into a new country and are looking for a way to get connected, this is probably a great option but it isn't the only one.

In basically all countries, many hotels, schools, and hospitals offer free Wi-Fi. It isn't hard to find free Wi-Fi in your area — all you need to do is search for free Wi-Fi around popular hospitals (especially COVID-19 health centers), popular schools, hotels, some shops, airports, etc.

Free Wi-Fi will give you free access to the internet but, however, connecting to a free Wi-Fi isn't always safe. Hackers use public Wi-Fi to hack into their victim's devices — when you connect to a free Wi-Fi launched by a hacker, he might get full access to your device by hacking into it.

There are other ways to get free internet. You can get free internet at home in any country without hassle by using tunneling apps for free internet. These tunneling apps keep your identity private when you browse the internet making it impossible for both your ISP and hackers to track your actual location.

It isn't that bad to take advantage of free Wi-Fi whenever you find one. However, it is always recommended to use a VPN application to keep your data and personal information safe when browsing with a public Wi-Fi network.

In this article, we will see the best countries with free Wi-Fi everywhere you go.

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What is a WiFi Network?

Wi-Fi is a wireless networking technology that connects devices to the Internet, including computers (laptops and desktops), mobile devices (smartphones and wearables), and other equipment (printers and video cameras). It enables these and other devices to communicate with one another, forming a network.

A wireless router is used to connect to the internet. When you connect to Wi-Fi, you're connecting to a wireless router that connects your Wi-Fi-enabled devices to the Internet.

How to Get Free Wi-Fi in Any Country

There are many apps that let you find free Wi-Fi in your area. The best way to get free Wi-Fi is by going to an area where there might be free Wi-Fi networks such as ministries, hotels, airports, health centers, etc.

You can use a free Wi-Fi app to find all free Wi-Fi networks near you.

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Top 20 Countries With Free WiFi Everywhere You Go

We believe all countries around the world have free Wi-Fi but, the countries which can be qualified as best offering free Wi-Fi are those whose speeds are good for navigating the internet and a wide distribution of free Wi-Fi networks.

We will rank these countries in descending order based on the free Wi-Fi download and upload speeds.

That said, here are the best countries with Free Wi-Fi everywhere you go:

20. USA

The United States is one of the best countries with free Wi-Fi everywhere. You will find free Wi-Fi in practically all states which makes the U.S. one of the best in free Wi-Fi distribution.

Every state in the United States offers a great deal when it comes to free public Wi-Fi, from restaurants to cafes, pubs to bars, hotels to airports, and parks to pizzerias.

Though the U.S. has a wide distribution of free Wi-Fi networks, it isn't however, the best in terms of free Wi-Fi upload and download speeds.

Free Wi-Fi Specifications in the USA

  • Average Download Speed: 6.89
  • Average Upload Speed: 4.37

19. Canada

Whether or not one understands how to use a public connection securely, Canada is one of those countries with free public Wi-Fi where a robust Wi-Fi network is the decisive factor in practically everything. In Canada, everywhere from where one wants to stay to where one wants to dine must have free Wi-Fi networks.

Free Wi-Fi Specifications in Canada

  • Average Download Speed: 7.16
  • Average Upload Speed: 3.32

18. Portugal

Portugal is on the rise and has quickly become one of the major countries with the fastest free Wi-Fi networks in public spaces, thanks to a national network called Go Wi-Fi, which is not only free but also safe and secure.

They not only provide mobile browsing, but they also keep track of the speed and quantity of hotspots available during special events and festivals. You only need to register once on their nationwide network and then you can begin browsing for free.

Free Wi-Fi Specifications in Portugal

  • Average Download Speed: 7.43
  • Average Upload Speed: 2.55

17. Sweden

Apart from the usual public areas such as restaurants, cafes, malls, airports, and hotels, free Wi-Fi is also available in Sweden at designated locations such as museums and libraries.

Sweden ensures that travelers have limitless internet access and may identify local hotspots with programs like Wi-Fi Finder for Android-based phones and Free Wi-Fi Map for iOS devices.

Free Wi-Fi Specifications in Sweden

  • Average Download Speed: 7.9
  • Average Upload Speed: 9.29

16. Germany

Though Germany may not have the fastest internet, it is intended to eliminate the issue of liability for service providers due to piracy concerns.

By the fall of this year, Germany is expected to have free Wi-Fi hotspots and significantly better internet connections in public locations, making it one of the finest countries for free Wi-Fi.

Free Wi-Fi Specifications in Germany

  • Average Download Speed: 7.96
  • Average Upload Speed: 2.95
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15. Latvia

Latvia offers high-speed Wi-Fi connections across the capital city of Riga in order to promote the quickest and most stable internet services in Europe. Latvia is one of the greatest countries in Europe for free Wi-Fi, with over 930 hotspot locations across the city.

Free Wi-Fi Specifications in Latvia

  • Average Download Speed: 8.46
  • Average Upload Speed: 8.33

14. Switzerland

It should come as no surprise that a popular tourist destination like Switzerland provides free Wi-Fi in public spaces. On the contrary, it is surprising to learn that Switzerland is one of the few countries providing free Wi-Fi on buses. You may truly feel what it's like to browse on the go here!

Free Wi-Fi Specifications in Switzerland

  • Average Download Speed: 8.67
  • Average Upload Speed: 3.9

13. Finland

Finland's Helsinki is known for providing public internet services that are faster than private internet connections or paid subscriptions in all countries with free wifi. Not only that, but it's also fast, secure, and unrestricted.

Free Wi-Fi Specifications in Finland

  • Average Download Speed: 8.69
  • Average Upload Speed: 6.09

12. Singapore

Singapore's public Wi-Fi services, with an average browsing speed of around 9 Mbps, are really faster than half of the wealthy countries offering free Wi-Fi.

Wireless@SG, a public service provider with plans to raise its number of hotspots to around 20,000 by 2018, delivers free Wi-Fi hotspots across the country for seamless streaming and browsing.

Free Wi-Fi Specifications in Singapore

  • Average Download Speed: 9.49
  • Average Upload Speed: 5.41

11. Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, public Wi-Fi hotspots are not regarded as highly safe, which is true of any public connection that is provided for free. In addition, like other nations with free Wi-Fi, it is not difficult to find a public Wi-Fi connection in this Balkan country using the WiFi Finder app.

Free Wi-Fi Specifications in Bulgaria

  • Average Download Speed: 9.67
  • Average Upload Speed: 6.31
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10. Slovenia

Slovenia is one of the countries with the fastest download speeds because its internet services are not completely free.

Despite the fact that it provides free Wi-Fi at key hotspots, it maintains its position as one of the top countries with free Wi-Fi due to its surfing speed, which is a result of service restrictions based on usage length.

Some locations in Slovenia, for example, may provide free internet access for only one hour each day.

Free Wi-Fi Specifications in Slovenia

  • Average Download Speed: 9.72
  • Average Upload Speed: 6.69

9. Belgium

The official Wi-Fi network of Belgium, Wifi. Brussels provides internet services free of charge as soon as you enter the capital city of Brussels.

Travelers will be able to surf with ease whenever they are in an area near the hotspots by completing a simple one-time registration and logging in on the network.

Free Wi-Fi Specifications in Belgium

  • Average Download Speed: 10.07
  • Average Upload Speed: 3.22

8. Hungary

Have you ever thought about how it feels to be linked to the rest of the world without using public wifi? That is the essence of sharing, and Hungary is the best at it.

The Wiman App is a free Wi-Fi app that connects you to the best Wi-Fi services accessible in your area. It could be a public network or someone willing to share their network on Wiman.

Free Wi-Fi Specifications in Hungary

  • Average Download Speed: 10.37
  • Average Upload Speed: 4.03

7. Denmark

Denmark is one of the smartest countries with free wifi, having been named the world's most "connected country" in terms of internet and mobile phone usage.

Denmark, like Switzerland, provides robust internet access in a variety of public locations as well as numerous modes of transportation such as buses and trams.

Free Wi-Fi Specifications in Denmark

  • Average Download Speed: 10.52
  • Average Upload Speed: 6.06

6. United Kingdom

When visiting the royal kingdom, visitors must surf like the royals. Those who prefer not to carry cash because MasterCard is always available for everything else can download the MasterCard Wifi App whenever they are in London.

This will not only link them to one of the best Wi-Fi networks, but it will also smooth up their travel experience and prepare them well before they get to their destination.

Free Wi-Fi Specifications in the UK

  • Average Download Speed: 10.97
  • Average Upload Speed: 5.26
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5. Romania

Romania is one of those countries with free Wi-Fi that is extremely proud of its ability to provide travelers with high-speed Internet access.

Romania, like any other industrialized European country, provides Wi-Fi on the go at a variety of hotspots including cafes, restaurants, parks, hotels, and shopping malls, not only for free but also at a fast speed.

Free Wi-Fi Specifications in Romania

  • Average Download Speed: 11.32
  • Average Upload Speed: 7.31

4. Ireland

Ireland offers quality free Wi-Fi connections at a speed nearly double that of the United States, with an average download speed of more than 11 Mbps.

While traveling in Ireland, one can also use the popular app WiFi Finder to gain access to several networks within their range.

Free Wi-Fi Specifications in Ireland

  • Average Download Speed: 11.43
  • Average Upload Speed: 5.2

3. Estonia

Estonia was previously regarded as the second-best country for free internet access until Croatia surpassed it.

With an average internet speed of 12.5 Mbps, Estonia remains among the top three countries that provide free public Wi-Fi to both citizens and visitors.

Free Wi-Fi Specifications in Estonia

  • Average Download Speed: 13.75
  • Average Upload Speed: 12.04

2. Croatia

Croatia has improved a lot in terms of delivering free Wi-Fi services to residents and tourists alike, beating Estonia to the second on the list.

Croatia came in second with a download speed of 14Mbps, according to a poll conducted by Rotten Wifi, a well-known watchdog for 3G/4G customers.

Free Wi-Fi Specifications in Croatia

  • Average Download Speed: 14.05
  • Average Upload Speed: 11.21

1. Lithuania

Lithuania is one of the countries with the best free Wi-Fi services and the fastest internet connectivity. Users' happiness with Lithuania's free Wi-Fi services was excellent and extremely satisfactory, according to Rotten Wifi data.

Lithuania, in response to the growing demand for free Wi-Fi services among travelers, leaves no stone unturned in exceeding their expectations year after year.

Free Wi-Fi Specifications in Lithuania

  • Average Download Speed: 15.4
  • Average Upload Speed: 14.17
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Final Thoughts

The internet connects you to the world through your devices. One of the best ways to access the internet is by using free Wi-Fi networks.

Knowing if your country or the country you plan to travel to has free Wi-Fi networks around can help you reduce expenses over internet bills. This article compiles the best countries with free Wi-Fi everywhere you go.


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