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Zelle Recurring Payments: An Ultimate Guide

Are you looking to set up recurring payments through Zelle? Here's an ultimate guide to help you out.
zelle recurring payments

Managing monthly subscriptions and bills can feel like a constant to-do list. We juggle rent, gym memberships, streaming services, and who knows what else! While Zelle reigns supreme for quick and easy money transfers to friends and family, can it help with these recurring payments?

In this article, we'll see what recurring payments are, and whether you can use Zelle for your recurring payment needs.

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What are Recurring Payments?

A recurring payment is an automatic transaction that repeats at regular intervals, typically used for ongoing subscriptions, bills, or other financial commitments. This means the money gets deducted from your account automatically, based on a pre-defined schedule (e.g., monthly, annually), without the need for manual intervention each time.

Can You Use Zelle For Recurring Payments?

Unfortunately, Zelle does not offer a recurring payment feature that allows you to directly set up recurring payments through the app.

However, that doesn't mean you cannot use Zelle for recurring payments.

While Zelle does not offer a recurring payment feature, a couple of banks within the Zelle network allow you to use Zelle for your recurring payments.

For instance, Ally Bank and U.S. Bank allow customers to schedule recurring payments through the Zelle functionality within their mobile banking platforms. This has been a great advancement for these banks as they offer more convenience for their banking customers to easily schedule automatic payments through one of the leading digital payment platforms.

How To Set Up Recurring Payments On Zelle

Since Zelle itself does not offer a recurring payment feature, we'll need to go through the banks that offer this feature through Zelle.

So to set up recurring payments on Zelle, you'll need to hold an account with either Ally Bank, U.S. Bank, or any bank that offers automatic payments through Zelle.

To best demonstrate the process, I'll show you how to set up recurring payments on Zelle through Ally Bank and U.S. Bank.

To set up recurring payments on Zelle through Ally Bank:

  1. Log in to the online banking platform.
  2. Select "Payments" and then select "Send Money with Zelle®." 
  3. On the Enter Amount screen, enter the desired amount you want to set for recurring payments.
  4. Still, on that screen, select "Change", and then choose "Frequency" to set up your recurring payment.

Recurring payments are sent with Standard delivery (1-3 business days). If any money is scheduled to be sent on a holiday or a weekend, it will be sent the prior business day.

To set up recurring payments on Zelle through U.S. Bank:

  1. Open your U.S. Bank mobile app.
  2. Select "Zelle Send Money" at the bottom of the page, then select "Activity."
  3. Choose the name of the recipient within the "Scheduled" tab.
  4. Follow the prompts to set up recurring payments with Zelle.

Alternatives To Zelle Recurring Payments

While Zelle itself does not offer a recurring payments feature, there are a couple of alternative ways to consider if you're really looking for a seamless way to make recurring payments.

1. Zelle Manual Reminders

This might seem low-tech, but if you're comfortable with setting calendar reminders or alerts, it can be surprisingly effective. Simply schedule recurring notifications to make your Zelle payment at the desired intervals.

2. Bill Pay Through Your Bank

Many banks offer online bill pay services that allow you to schedule recurring payments. Wells Fargo, for example, offers a bill pay service, that allows customers to schedule a one-time payment, or set up recurring payments and have their bills paid automatically. While these typically won't work for personal transfers, they're a great option for rent, utilities, and other regular bills.

3. Other Digital Payment Apps

While Zelle is convenient for payments, its competition is even better in some aspects. For instance, apps like Venmo and Cash App, do offer recurring payments. However, be sure to compare fees and terms of service before making a decision.

4. Negotiate with the Recipient

If you're making recurring payments to a business or individual, see if they have another method for setting up automatic payments. Some might have their own online payment system or accept automatic bank transfers.

5. Wait for the Future

Zelle is constantly evolving, and there's a chance they may introduce recurring payments in the future. Keep an eye on their website and social media for updates.

Final Thoughts

Recurring payments are crucial, especially in today's fast-paced world where convenience is king.

While Zelle does not offer a recurring payment feature, you can, however, set up recurring payments with Zelle through a couple of banks like Ally Bank and U.S. Bank, that offer the service through Zelle.

Moreover, you can use alternative methods such as manual reminders, bill pay through your bank, and other digital payment apps.

Surely, you'll find a helpful method that will let you conveniently set up and use recurring payments for your financial needs.

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