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Walmart Money Card Account Blocked Pending Review (Solved)

The Walmart MoneyCard is a convenient payment card. Find out how to solve the Walmart MoneyCard account blocked pending review issue.
walmart money card account blocked pending review

The world is getting more and more digital every day — people are gradually choosing flexible banking options such as the Walmart MoneyCard over traditional banking methods.

If you're a frequent shopper of the popular American retailer (Walmart), chances are you've used the Walmart MoneyCard for your day-to-day transactions at the store location or supported merchant.

The Walmart MoneyCard is a flexible and convenient prepaid card account that allows users to carry out financial transactions without the need for a bank account.

Coupled with its banking convenience, the Walmart MoneyCard does not require a credit check — making it a go-for option for people with bad credit looking for a good way to carry out financial transactions.

While the Walmart MoneyCard comes with a lot of financial benefits, it does, however, have its own downsides, with one known situation where users complain about Walmart MoneyCard account blocked pending review.

If you're facing this issue and are looking for a way out, you've come to the right place.

To address this issue, we've compiled the steps to take if your Walmart MoneyCard account is blocked and pending review.

Table of Contents

Why My Walmart MoneyCard Account Blocked Pending For Review?

A Walmart MoneyCard can be used for completing a lot of transactions, but if the company notices something out of the ordinary with your account, they typically block the account, and only a review would help unblock your account.

There are many reasons why a Walmart MoneyCard may be blocked, which can result due to the following;

  • Suspicious activity (unallowed transactions).
  • Transaction limit exceeded.
  • Use of an unregistered card.

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How To Resolve Walmart Money Card Account Blocked Pending Review

Walmart MoneyCard reserves the right to block accounts they identify as violating their TOS.

The good news is, they provide a simple way to recover your account which is usually through a verification process, where you submit your government-issued ID together with some little information about you to help them complete the verification.

With that said, when your Walmart MoneyCard account gets blocked, it is always recommended to take the following steps:

  1. Contact the Walmart MoneyCard customer support at (877) 937-4098.
  2. Explain your issue briefly, mentioning the reason why it got blocked.
  3. The support agent will guide you with the required steps to submit your documents for review.

After submitting what's required to their customer service, your card account would go through a review process, after which they'll determine whether your review request is valid or not.

If they review your account and find repeated violations, chances for you to recover your account are really low.

However, if your account is in compliance with their TOS, they'll unblock your account.

Sometimes you might be the one causing the issue without knowing by using an unregistered card or exceeding the transaction limit.

If after submitting your request and your Walmart MoneyCard account is still blocked and pending review, you might want to do the following:

1. Check and Report Suspicious Activities

It's no new thing that most Walmart MoneyCard account users usually carry out unauthorized transactions through their accounts; — for instance, you're looking transfer funds to an already blocked or suspended account flagged for unauthorized transactions.

Whenever you're looking to transfer funds or do any other financial transaction through the Walmart MoneyCard, always check to see if the person you're dealing with is someone you know and trust, and that you're using the legal ways to do the transaction.

Additionally, check your account activity, and if you notice any unauthorized transaction on your card account, report the transaction then, resubmit a request to customer service.

They'll check your request and with greater chances, your Walmart MoneyCard account blocked pending review would be released.

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2. Check Your Transaction Limit

You are only allowed to carry out transactions that when amounts are summed up do not exceed $3,000 per calendar day.

If you violate this limit on your card account, the company reserves the right to limit the amount, number, and type of transactions you can make on your card and any funding or reload of your card — making transaction limit one of the major causes of Walmart MoneyCard account blocked pending review.

To resolve this issue in this case, always make sure your transactions don't exceed this limit — and if it doesn't, then resubmit a request for review.

3. Register Your Card

Most Walmart MoneyCard account holders usually use a temporary or unregistered Walmart MoneyCard.

Unlike the regular card, this unregistered card is limited in functionalities, and Walmart usually blocks these cards when they haven't been registered or verified for a long time.

To resolve this issue, consider visiting a Walmart location and registering your card, which should unleash its full potential.

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4. Visit a Walmart Location

As a last resort, considering visiting a Walmart location is another great way to recover your Walmart MoneyCard.

The benefit of this method is, you'll have the opportunity to discuss with a Walmart cashier or representative in person, which should better orientate you with the steps to take when looking to recover your account.

Walmart Money Card Cannot Verify Identity

If Walmart MoneyCard cannot verify your identity through the normal process they offer, then I'll recommend you contact customer service and explain the issue to them.

They will guide you through the required steps to take in order to verify your identity for your Walmart Money Card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my Walmart MoneyCard Say pending?

Pending transactions occur when a payment has been authorized but hasn't been completed. A pending transaction will affect the amount of credit or funds you have available.

Why does my Walmart MoneyCard keep getting declined?

The two main reasons why your Walmart MoneyCard is getting declined are; your card does not hold sufficient balance, or the card is having issues (possibly under limitation or blocked).

How do I unblock my Walmart MoneyCard account?

You can unblock your Walmart MoneyCard by contacting customer service and briefly explaining the issue to them. For better guidance, consider reading this article to know what steps to take.

How do I reactivate my Walmart MoneyCard?

To reactivate your Walmart MoneyCard, visit WalmartMoneyCard.com/activate or select Activate your card in the Walmart MoneyCard app or call (866) 946-2510.

Final Thoughts

The Walmart MoneyCard is a popular option for people looking to carry out day-to-day transactions without having to use their bank accounts.

While the Walmart MoneyCard is a convenient option, many users usually face difficulties when using the card — in some cases, they get flagged and the Walmart MoneyCard account gets blocked and as they submit a request, the account goes pending for review.

There are a few reasons why Walmart MoneyCard blocks accounts including; suspicious activities, transaction limit reached, or usage of unregistered Walmart MoneyCard.

When looking to resolve the Walmart MoneyCard account blocked pending review issue, always make sure your account compiles with their TOS, then contact customer service once more, and with the best of luck, you'll get your account back.

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