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Walmart Gift Card Purchase Restrictions (Everything To Know)

Walmart gift cards are great for making purchases. Here are the Walmart gift card purchase restrictions you must know.
walmart gift card purchase restrictions

The world is getting even more digital — and since the launch of gift cards such as the Walmart gift cards, the expression "cash is king" is gradully fading away.

The Walmart gift card, just like most gift cards offer a convenient way for making purchases in an even more secure way.

Walmart offers different types of gift cards including; eGift cards, restaurant, travel, gaming, and even airtime gift cards — and regardless of the type of gift card you buy from Walmart, there are purchase restrictions applied to each of them — some of which you can't circumvent.

With that in mind, it is more than important to understand the different Walmart gift card purchase restrictions before even deciding whether the gift card is the ideal option for you.

Thankfully, we've made some research and gone through the Walmart gift card terms and conditions, and have come out with the most import Walmart gift card purchase restrictions you need to know in this complete guide.

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What Are Walmart Gift Card Purchase Restrictions?

Restrictions, as you might know, is a limiting condition which prohibits people or a group of individuals from doing or carrying out a specific activity.

Well, that goes same for Walmart gift card purchase restrictions, which are the the limitations you have when using the card for your financial transactions.

According to our research, the different types of Walmart gift card purchase restrictions are as follows:

1. Walmart Gift Cards Are Not Returnable Or Refundable

According Walmart's Gift Card Terms and Conditions, the Walmart gift card is not returnable or refundable; — meaning, if you purchase the Walmart gift card for a financial transaction and find out that it is not what you needed, you can't be refunded for that.

This restriction does not only apply to Walmart gift cards, but is equally applicable to Walmart plastic cards.

However, you may get a refund for the gift card if in case you're located in a state that refunds are required by the law.

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2. Walmart Gift Cards Are Not For Resale

While there are different places to sell Walmart gift cards for cash, Walmart, however, prohibits the resale of their gift cards — especially for those posing themselves as Walmart representatives or sellers.

As per the terms, when you buy a gift card, the only way for you to get rid of it is to use it by yourself for your transactions.

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3. Walmart Gift Cards Are Not Widely Accepted

While Walmart gift cards may be accepted at Walmart or Sam's Club (both online and in-stores) in the United States or Puerto Rico, some store locations may not accept your gift card.

In most cases, your gift card may not be accepted due to a restriction already applied to it.

Additionally, Walmart gift cards are not accepted by many retailers in the United States and other countries.

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4. Some Items Can't Be Purchases With The Walmart Gift Cards

While the Walmart gift cards may be used for purchases, the gift cards, however, can't be used for the purchase of some items.

Some of the items that can't be purchases with the Walmart gift cards include;

  • Another gift card.
  • Alcohol.
  • Tobacco.
  • Firearms.
  • Lottery items.

5. Lost Walmart Gift Cards Can't Be Replaced

If you recently purchase a gift card from Walmart and lost the gift card some days later, Walmart won't be liable for your lost in this case — you'll be the only one responsible for the lost.

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6. You Can Save Only 5 Walmart Gift Cards

Regardless of the number of Walmart gift cards you purchase, you are only allowed to save 5 gift cards to your account.

However, you can use unsaved Walmart gift cards for your purchase, you'll be required to provide the gift card number and PIN when looking to purchase something though.

7. Saving Walmart Gift Card Information Does Not Redeem Card

Most Walmart gift card holders might think their gift cards can be redeemed as soon as they save them to their account, but that's not the case.

This is one of the main Walmart gift card purchase restrictions since most users save gift cards to their Walmart account in order to make its balance even more flexible.

To clarify things out, when you save a Walmart gift card to your account, you'll only be relief from the hassle of having to enter your Walmart gift card number and PIN anytime you're looking to make a purchase.

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8. You Can't Combine Walmart Gift Cards To Buy A New One

According to the terms, you can't combile two or more Walmart gift cards to purchase a new Walmart gift card.

9. Walmart Gift Card Balance Is Just An Estimate

Another Walmart gift card purchase restriction is that the amount you see when you check your gift card balance online or through a call is just an estimate of what you actually have on the gift card.

This might be confusing especially when you're looking to make a purchase, but don't really know what amount you have on the Walmart gift card.

How Can I Avoid Walmart Gift Card Purchase Restrictions?

Staying in accordance with Walmart's Terms and Conditions is usually the best way to avoid Walmart gift card purchase restrictions.

However, if there are a couple of things to keep in mind when looking to avoid Walmart gift card purchase restrictions, which include:

1. Make Sure The Walmart Gift Card Is What You Want

Before even considering to go in for the Walmart gift card, you'll need to make sure that the gift card is actually what you want.

You can do so by going through the Terms and Conditions, reading other people reviews on the Walmart gift card and make a final decision on whether you'll purchase card or not.

2. Stay In Accordance With The Terms And Condition

After you've decided to purchase the Walmart gift cards, it is more than crucial to stay in accordance with the terms and conditions for using these gift cards.

Keep in mind that any violation might lead to the application of a restriction to your Walmart gift card when making purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use Walmart gift card on anything?

You cann use your Walmart gift card for purchases anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted in the U.S. and the District of Columbia, excluding Puerto Rico and the other United States territories. However, you are not allowed to use the Walmart gift card to purchase prohibited items like tobacco, cigarettes, and firearms.

Can you buy cigarettes with a Walmart gift card?

No, you are not allowed to buy cigarettes with the Walmart gift cards.

What can I not buy with a Walmart gift card?

You are not allowed to buy things such as another Walmart gift card, alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes, or firearms with the Walmart gift card.

Final Thoughts

The Walmart gift card is a great option for those looking to make purchases at Walmart and supported retailers in a more convenient and secure way.

While Walmart offers different types of gift cards, each gift card, however, have a set of restrictions applied to it when making purchases.

This guide compiles the different Walmart gift card purchase restrictions and how you can avoid most of these restrictions.

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