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Top 5 Best Walmart Gift Card Exchanges

Walmart gift cards can be exchanged for cash. Find out the best Walmart gift card exchange platforms.
walmart gift card exchange

Walmart gift cards are trending among everyday shoppers — they typically let them shop Walmart catalogs conveniently.

The Walmart gift card is a Visa card that lets you complete checkout at Walmart stores, websites, and participating partners.

While the Walmart gift card offers a convenient way to pay at Walmart, it isn't, however, accepted by a good number of retailers and isn't available in all locations — making Walmart gift cards account for a good percentage in the 47% of unwanted gift cards in the market.

With that said, if you're looking to shop at a retailer that does not accept the Walmart gift card, or just got an unwanted Walmart gift card, then you'll be happy to know that there are some Walmart gift card exchange platforms or kiosks that let you convert your gift cards into cash.

To help you out, we've compiled the best Walmart gift card exchange platform that would let you sell or convert your gift card into cash.

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Does Walmart Have A Gift Card Exchange Kiosk?

No, Walmart neither has a gift card exchange kiosk nor offers gift card exchange services.

In fact, according to the Walmart Gift Card Terms and Conditions, the Walmart gift card is neither returnable nor refundable, and you are not allowed to resell a Walmart gift card — however, you can get a refund for a Walmart gift card if you reside in a state where refunds are required by the law.

These terms have made Walmart gift cards one of the unwanted gift cards in the market.

While the terms still hold, people have been able to get cash from their unwanted Walmart gift cards through Walmart gift card exchanges.

What Are The Best Walmart Gift Card Exchanges?

As earlier mentioned, Walmart gift cards are not refundable and Walmart does not partner with any gift card exchange to offer the service.

However, there are platforms or exchanges out there that allow people to convert or sell their unwanted Walmart gift cards for cash.

While there are many options on the internet, only a few are reputable and offer the best rates you'd certainly love.

With that, here are the best Walmart gift card exchanges you'd love to use.

1. CardCash

CardCash is a popular American gift card exchange that allows both individuals and businesses to take advantage of their unwanted gift cards.

CardCash typically lets you buy and sell discounted gift cards at competitive rates as per their market value.

CardCash once partnered with Walmart to offer customers an easier way to exchange their unwanted Walmart gift cards and offered up to 97% of the value of the original gift card from over 200 different retailers.

While this partnership no longer holds, CardCash still allows people to exchange or sell Walmart gift cards for cash, through the following steps:

  1. Go to the CardCash website.
  2. Select Walmart as the card type.
  3. Enter your Walmart gift card details.
  4. Enter the Walmart gift card balance.
  5. You'll be shown an offer you'll get from the sale of the gift card.
  6. You'll have the option to get cash from the Walmart gift card or exchange it for an eGift card.
  7. Select the cash option and list your card.

After CardCash sells your gift card, you'll receive the percentage of the Walmart gift card agreed upon earlier.

2. Gameflip

Gameflip is a marketplace purposely designed for gamers, which facilitates the buying and selling of gift cards from popular brands including; Amazon, Starbucks Xbox Live, Steam, iTunes, Google Play, and Play Station Network (PSN).

Gameflip is another Walmart gift card exchange that allows people to list their Walmart gift cards.

For every sale of your Walmart gift card, Gameflip charges you (the seller) an 8% commission and 2% digital fee, and the amount at which the gift card was sold would be deposited into your Gameflip wallet — which you can withdraw to your preferred payment method.

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3. Raise.com

Raise.com is another great Walmart gift card exchange that allows people to list their Plastic and eGift Cards for free.

If you're listing a Plastic Walmart gift card at Raise.com, you'll need to make that the card's balance is not less than $10, and if you're listing a Walmart eGift Card, its balance should be not less than $5.

Jeep in mind, however, that while Raise.com does not charge any fee for listing your gift cards, you'll be charged a 10% commission for every sale of a gift card on the platform.

4. GiftCash

GiftCash is yet another great gift card exchange platform that allows people to exchange their Walmart gift cards for cash.

What I love about GiftCash is it offers some of the most competitive rates for your gift card in the market and you'll basically get between 85% to 90% from the original value of your gift card.

All you need to do to exchange your Walmart gift card at GiftCash is to make sure that your gift card's value ranges between $25 to $2,000, then list the gift card on the platform.

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5. Buysellvouchers.com

Buysellvouchers.com is another great Walmart gift card exchange platform that allows you to list your Walmart gift card for sale.

Listing your Walmart gift card at Buysellvouchers is as easy as follows:

  1. Go to buysellvouchers.com and register as a seller.
  2. After registration, click on "Account preferences."
  3. Select "My Products."
  4. Press "Add New Product."
  5. Select "Gift cards" as the product category.
  6. Select Walmart as the product.
  7. Enter the gift card's "Value" and "Price."
  8. Select the gift card's currency.
  9. Next, enter the gift card "Name" and "Description" and then, upload an image of it.
  10. Select what payment you will accept for your gift card.
  11. Click on "Next."
  12. Select the way to share the Walmart key.
  13. After you have added the codes, click on "Save."
  14. Your Walmart gift card has now been placed for sale.

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Are There Walmart Gift Card Exchange Kiosks Near Me?

Walmart does not partner with any kiosk to allow people to exchange their Walmart gift cards.

However, you can use any Walmart store near you as a Walmart gift card exchange kiosk by going to the store, picking an item you like, and using the gift card for the payment instead of your cash.

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How To Turn Walmart Gift Card Into Visa

The Walmart gift card is a Visa card that can be used anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.

So if you're looking to turn your Walmart gift card into Visa, there's no need to do that since your gift card is already a Visa card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Walmart do gift card exchanges?

No, Walmart gift cards are not refundable or returnable, and Walmart terms clearly state that the Walmart gift cards shouldn't be resold. This therefore, means that Walmart does not do gift card exchanges?

How do I convert my Walmart gift card to cash?

The best way to convert a Walmart gift card to cash is to list the gift card on a gift card exchange platform. Once your gift card is sold, you'll receive the agreed amount on the gift card.

Can I sell a Walmart gift card for cash?

Yes, while the Walmart gift card terms and conditions state that these cards can't be resold, it is possible to sell a Walmart gift card for cash at a gift card exchange that supports the Walmart gift card.

Final Thoughts

The Walmart gift card is a popular gift card in the market.

While most people might find the card appealing at first glance, most of these gift card users are always looking for Walmart gift card exchanges to trade their unwanted gift cards for cash.

Thankfully, this complete guide compiles the best places to list a Walmart gift card for sale, coupled with the rates you'd receive for every sale of your gift card from the platforms.

Before considering any of these Walmart gift card exchanges, consider going through their TOS for any updates they might have applied to their rates.

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