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How To Get Free Google Play Gift Card & Redeem Codes (Latest Update)

There are many ways to get free gift cards. Find out how to get free Google Play gift cards and redeem codes.
how to get free google play gift card

Looking for free Google Play gift cards credit and redeem codes? If that's the case, then you are certainly an Android user who loves using Google Play Store. We all know what Google Play has to offer, the apps, games, books, movies, and more.

Google Play has premium content and the best way to get them free without paying anything is by redeeming Google Play gift cards and codes.

Google Play credits give you access to premium apps and games, movie rentals, TV shows, music downloads, and more on your Android phone or device.

The best thing is, that these free Google Play gift cards and codes once redeemed, remain attached to your Google Play account and they never expire.

How to get free Google Play gift cards and redeem codes? You can get free Google Play gift cards, credits, and redeem codes by playing games, Selling your internet, Installing new apps, shopping in local and online stores, and many more. You can even get free Google Play gift cards, credits, and codes without completing surveys or offers.

You will get the best of the most popular Android market with Google Play gift cards.

If you are interested in knowing how to get free Google Play gift cards, then you are in the right place as this article compiles the ten best ways to get free Google Play gift cards, credits, and codes without hassle.

Table of Contents

What is a Google Play Gift Card?

Google Play credits give you access to premium apps and games, movie rentals, TV shows, music downloads, and more on your Android phone or device.

What is a Google Play Gift Code

Google Play Rewards or Redeem Codes are discount codes that may be redeemed in the Play Store app for discounted content. You have the option of using promotional codes for reduced items right away or saving them for later. If you don't use your prizes, they will expire.

The gift will be added to your Google Play balance or Play Library when you redeem this code. You can also obtain Google Play promo codes, which can be used to increase your Google Play balance or to grant you access to specific apps and digital content.

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10 Ways to Get Free Google Play Gift Card/Credit

Now we know what a Google Play gift card and code is, we can proceed with the different methods to get free Google Play credits.

Do not get confused!
Google Play gift cards are the same as Google Play credits and in our different methods highlighted below, we will be using these two terms. So do not get confused.

That said, here are 10 easy ways to get free Google Play gift cards and codes:

1. Get Free Google Play Credits for Playing Games

We all love playing games. However, the greatest stuff we have always won in games are trophies. But did you know some free Google Play credits are the trophies you can win in some games?

The easiest way to get a free Google Play gift card is by playing games because at the same time you enjoy the game, you are equally getting paid for enjoying it. That's amazing.

However, you have to be better oriented for the games that really pay users for playing.

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Here are some games that let you earn free Google Play Credits for playing:


You earn free Google Play Credits for playing games with Mistplay!

Explore your mix list for new games, pick a game, and start earning units! You can exchange your units for cash at any time. Redeem your units for gift cards to Visa, Amazon, the Google Play Store, and more! It's possible that watching games will earn you points (units).


If you want to make money while playing games then you go to the games on Gamehag, complete the tasks and get free game keys, Steam Wallet codes, skins, and many other attractive rewards such as Google Play Credits.

Gamehag allows you to earn amazing rewards by playing games; the reward options include game keys, Steam Wallet, Robux, Skins, a prepaid Mastercard, Amazon gift cards, and more.


InBoxDollars pays you to play games and do basic chores in exchange for free money. You get paid in Google Play gift cards for playing games.

InBoxDollars pays a little less than some of its other alternatives. It does, however, pay in cash, and the toolbar is a useful feature for earning some extra income.


If you love playing mobile games on your Android phone or tablet, then this app is a must-have for you.

AppStation is small, weighing just 14MB, and it comes with free incentives for users who play a few games.

In addition to playing games, you can get free coins as a reward. You can get free Google Play codes and Amazon gift cards by exchanging these free coins.

More Sites to Earn Free Google Play Gift Cards and Redeem Codes

  • Microsoft Rewards — Formerly known as Bing Rewards, earning rewards with Microsoft Rewards is as simple as searching, shopping, or playing on the platform.
  • PointsPrizes – Are you looking for a systematic way to increase your winnings? Consider using PointsPrizes. It will teach you how to figure out what will earn you the most money so you can make money as quickly as possible.
  • Banatic — Another site that rewards you for playing and testing games is Banatic. You earn "Bananas" instead of points, which you use as your virtual cash. After that, you may use your Bananas to get a variety of rewards, such as Google Play Gifts (game codes or game keys). It's as simple as downloading, playing, and earning money.

2. Selling Your Internet Data to Market Research Companies

This might sound crazy "Selling your internet data" right? Well, you can let some third-party sites and apps use your internet data which will help them understand people's patterns and behavior on the internet.

Honeygain and MobileXpression are some of the market research companies that collect user data to understand behaviors.

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All you have to do is let them run in the background while you browse your favorite places on the internet. That's just it! You can earn free Google Play credits by just watching videos on YouTube or navigating through websites. This is one of the best ways to make money from home.

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3. Installing New Apps and Get Free Google Play Gift Cards

Did you know that just by installing some apps on your device, you can earn free Google Play Credits? Many apps let you earn free Google Play gift cards by signing up, testing new apps and earn Google Play Credits for doing so.

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Below are some apps you can install to earn free Google Play Gift Cards:


FeaturePoints is a Google Play-exclusive app that lets you get free Google Play Gift Cards. All you have to do is download and install the app, sign up, and choose how you want to earn points. After you've completed your free download and tried a certain number of apps, you'll be given Google Play credit to use the next time you want to spend money in the app store.


GrabPoints works in the same way as FeaturePoints does. When you visit their website, the description of the product is too tempting to ignore. It's also straightforward and transparent, which is a quality we value.

GrabPoints follows a four-step procedure. First, advertisers pay GrabPoints to create new ways to get people to participate online. Members are then recruited by GrabPoints to construct a user profile.

Users do online activities such as downloading apps to try after they've been recruited. The user receives gift cards once their part of the transaction is completed.

Google Play gift cards are available for free. It's as simple as 1-2-3-4.


The third pick of our app download puzzle is AppNana. It works similarly to GrabPoints and FeaturePoints in that it gives credit in exchange for downloading and using games and apps.

However, what sets AppNana apart from the competition is that you are not limited to earning one credit for every download. You can download the app and earn points every time you play or use it with AppNana. You make more money the more you use it.

This feature is appealing to us since it encourages you to seek out apps that you want to use and pays you for doing so. What could be better than getting a Google Play credit while you're using an app you love?

More Sites and Apps to Earn Free Google Play Credits

  • Free My Apps — Enroll, download applications and games, earn credit, and redeem for Google Play gift cards.
  • Whaff — Get Whaff Rewards by downloading the Whaff Rewards app from Google Play and redeeming them for a Google Play code!
  • PocketFlip — Download the app (for Android or iOS), accomplish basic activities, gather coins, and receive gift cards.
  • JunoWallet — Earn credits with JunoWallet by completing tasks. You can use your credits to get gift cards.
  • Tap Cash — Earn money by trying out free applications and games, watching videos, and more. The daily tap will help you acquire the gift card of your choice.

4. Get Free Gift Cards & Cashbacks When Shopping

Shopping locally and in online stores can earn you free Google Play Gift Cards.  You can visit your day shopping retailers, and enquire for discounts, and in most cases, you will be rewarded free Google Play credits for shopping multiple products on their platform.

However, some apps such as Ibotta let you get free cashbacks and coupons toward free Google Play Gift Cards whenever you shop online. They automatically apply coupons to your shopping items and let you pay a lesser amount of money than what you were to pay for the item.

That said, here are some apps that let you shop while earning free Google Play Gift Cards:


To get started, simply download the Ibotta App to your smartphone. Next time you go grocery shopping, set aside some time before you leave to look for deals at your preferred supermarket.

Make sure you get these precise goods while you're there, and then share a photo of your receipt when you get home. It's that simple! You'll earn credit toward gift cards, with a Google Play card being one of your options.

You may also use Ibotta to save money when shopping online. Use the app to find discounts and purchase the stuff you need. As a bonus, you'll earn points toward a Google Play gift card.

You not only got a good price, but you also got something for free. It's a win-win scenario.


You can earn points by shopping online with InstaGC. While there aren't as many methods to earn as there are with Ibotta, it's still a useful app to use to earn free Google Play Credits.

You can exchange your credit for Google Play gift cards once you've accumulated enough.

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5. Ask for Google Play Gift Cards Instead of Gifts

Another great way to get free Google Play gift cards is by simply asking for one. You can time a special event that matters the most for you such as your birthday and in the place of gifts, you can ask your loved ones to offer you a free Google Play gift card.

Since your loved ones want to offer you something that will make you happy, they will surely offer you a Gift card.

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6. Earn Free Google Play Gift Card for Your Health

It may sound crazy but yes, you can earn free Google Play Gift Cards for your Health. An App such as Evidation makes this possible. Evidation previously known as Achievement is an app that pays you via bank deposit, PayPal, Charity Donation, and Gift Cards for doing healthy things such as walking, eating well, and even sleeping! We also provide you with the opportunity to contribute to cutting-edge health research.

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7. Participate in Twitter Parties and Giveaways

Another simple way to get a free Google Play gift card is to participate in giveaways. The majority of celebrities, brands, and digital influencers hold giveaway events to reward their subscribers and followers while also attracting new ones.

They believe it is one of the most effective ways to keep in touch with their subscribers. The majority of them offer free Google Play gift cards, so you should try your luck and earn one for yourself. As a result, turning on notifications for these accounts is a good idea if you want to be notified anytime they host a giveaway event.

Twitter parties are similar to giveaways, however, the only difference is that giveaways can take place on any social media platform, whereas Twitter parties can only take place on Twitter. The best thing is that it is really simple to join a Twitter party; — all you have to do is search Google for "twitter parties free gift cards" and you will be presented with many results and hashtags to follow to get free Google Play gift cards.

More Ways to Earn Free Google Play Credits and Redeem Codes

There are some other ways to get free Google Play credits and redeem codes which are as follows:

8. Use Google Opinion Rewards

The Google Play store has an app called Google Opinion Rewards. It provides simple surveys for you to complete to earn Google Play credit. It's as simple as downloading the app and answering a few questions about yourself.

You'll start receiving surveys on a semi-regular basis once you've done this step. You earn credit by completing the surveys.

The surveys are opinion-based, as the names suggest. You can say which of three design alternatives you like or what you would choose if you were given multiple choices. There is no right or incorrect response; it all depends on your personal preferences.

It's a good way to earn free Google Play credit by expressing your thoughts; if you like Google Opinion Rewards, Toluna or Quick Thought are two more alternatives you could try.

9. Register Your Google Devices and Samsung Product

This is another option to earn Google Play credit if you're an active Android user who is likely to upgrade your devices.

You may earn Google Play credit every time you buy a Samsung gadget and register it.

The most recent promotion gives users $50 in Google Play Movies & TV when they register a specific Samsung phone. Make sure to check which products you'll need to buy to qualify for these discounts.

Keep in mind that the Samsung family includes a slew of goods that aren't Android-based. This includes products like the Samsung Chromebook, for which you may get free Google Play Credit by registering.

Also, see whether any of your Chromecast devices are qualified for Google Play redemption. In addition, considering upgrading to the device that offers the best perks will benefit you.

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10. Buy Gift Cards to Earn Free Gift Cards

Granny Cash Back Rewards on Gift Card Granny allows you to buy discounted gift cards and earn cashback that you can redeem for cash or put toward more gift cards in an ultimate "spend money to make money" situation.

If you're buying a Target gift card for a baby shower and want to save money, you may do so via the Gift Card Granny website and earn up to $2.00 in gift card credit.

Going this far to earn and redeem Google Play points is a touch excessive, but hey, we're not judging your ways! The best part is that your site credits will never expire, allowing you to save your hard-earned rewards and save some up for a gift card or cash out as high of a value as you want.

How to Redeem Google Play Credits

Redeeming Google Play Credits is the same process for redeeming your free credits as it is for purchasing credits. Your credits can be redeemed in Google Play apps. You can go to the Google Play store on your PC.

  • Visit the Google Play website or app
  • Click the "Redeem" Button
  • Enter your Gift Code

The credits will be credited to your Google Play account balance instantly. Google uses your credit balance before charging your credit card when you make a purchase.

How to Get Free Google Play Redeem Codes

Google Play redeem codes are coupons or promotional codes that can be used to fund Google Play accounts. If you use these free Google Play redeem codes, your Google Play account will be credited with wallet money.

These codes can be used to purchase paid apps, unlock levels/modes in various games, get rewards, purchase game assets like PUBG or Free Fire, get free coin master spins, and purchase Google Playbooks or movies, among other things.

In addition, certain well-known websites such as Paytm, Flipkart, Amazon, and other comparable businesses are linked to Play Store redeem codes in some way.

You can do the following in order to get a free Google Play Redeem Code:

  1. Participate in Twitter Parties and Giveaways
  2. Play Games
  3. Install New Apps
  4. Ask for a Gift Code rather than a Gift
  5. Take Surveys

Free Google Play Gift Card Generator

I've come across many free Google Play gift card generators but haven't yet found one that works. You won't get a working Google Play gift card from a generator unless it's a paid one.

Most Google Play gift card generators, whether paid or free, are known to be scams in most cases. However, using any of the above-mentioned methods to earn free Google Play gift cards and redeem codes is the right approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the free $10 on Google Play?

You can sell your internet, play games and install new apps to get as much as $10 on Google Play. Alternatively, you can get cash backs when shopping and redeem them on Google Play.

How can I get 100 Google Play credits?

Get get cash backs when shopping at stores that offer them. You can even get as much as $100 then, redeem the cash backs on Google Play.

How to get free gift cards codes?

There are many ways to get free gift card codes including; playing games, taking surveys, participating in Sweepstakes, etc.

Final Thoughts on How to Get Free Google Play Gift Card & Redeem Codes

It's never a bad thing to learn that you can save money or earn something for nothing. This is especially true when the tasks you must accomplish to receive the free things are simple.

There are ways to earn Google Play that can fit into your schedule, whether you have several free hours or only a few minutes. Any of these popular apps or websites can assist you in achieving your goal of 100 points or ten bonus points.

If you like to listen to music, view videos, or play mobile games, you have a lot of options, and all you have to do is invest a little time. Earn free Google Play credit with the above 10 methods and never have to worry about paying extra for the games, applications, or Google Play music you want or need.

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