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Top 10 Best Online Banks With Instant Mobile Check Deposit

Online banks come with lots of benefits. Here are the best online banks with instant mobile check deposit.
online banks with instant mobile check deposit

Online banking is gradually growing among banks — it allows banking customers complete most of their financial transactions such as money transfers, bill payments, and even mobile check deposits from their mobile devices.

In fact, banking with online banks is super convenient — you get to manage your account and do the most of your financial transactions in the comfort of your home.

However, online banking experience might differ depending on where you bank — most online banks, though, offer the crucial financial features, not all of them support mobile check deposit.

If you received a paycheck, you'll be looking to deposit the amount in an online bank account given the numerous benefits you'll have with this one.

Thankfully, there are a couple of online banks that let you cash your checks and immediately deposit the balance in your bank account, and if you're wondering which, keep reading.

To help you out, we've compiled the best online banks with instant mobile check deposit.

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10 Best Online Banks With Instant Mobile Check Deposit

Banking online simply means managing your bank account online through the internet on your smartphone, tablet or computer; —it's quick, usually free and allows you to do lot of things without having to visit your bank branch, such as paying bills and transferring money, without having to visit or call your bank.

Cashing a check is straightforward when you visit a bank branch, but if you don't want to go through the hassle of waiting on a bank link, you'd consider depositing the check amount on your online bank account.

Most of the options we have are brick-mortar banks that feature online banking apps and platforms.

If you're looking for online banks with instant mobile check deposits, here are the best options you have.

1. U.S. Bank

With locations in 26 states, U.S. Bank ranks as the fifth-largest commercial bank in the US by assets.

It is a full-service bank with its corporate office in Minneapolis that provides loans, CDs, checking accounts, savings accounts, money market accounts, and other financial services.

Additionally, it provides highly regarded mobile and internet banking solutions.

The U.S. Bank mobile app offers the online banking services customers need to carry out their important financial transactions including mobile check deposit.

All of this qualify U.S. Bank as one of the best online banks with instant mobile check deposit.

To mobile deposit checks through the U.S. Bank mobile app:

  1. Open the U.S. Bank mobile app.
  2. Select Deposit a check from the quick-action menu at the bottom of the Welcome screen.
  3. Select Deposit a check again.
  4. Choose an account and enter the amount of the check.
  5. Take pictures of the check with your phone or tablet.
  6. Verify the information and submit.

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2. Bank of America

Bank of America is one of the world's largest financial institutions, serving individuals, small- and middle-market businesses and large corporations with a full range of banking, investing, asset management and other financial and risk management products and services.

Bank of America is another great online bank with instant mobile check deposit that feature a mobile banking platform and app allowing users to cash checks and deposit the amount in their respective bank accounts.

To mobile deposit a check on the Bank of America mobile app:

  1. Login to the Bank of America mobile app.
  2. Select "Deposit Checks."
  3. Sign the back of the check and write "for deposit only at Bank of America".

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3. Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is one of the oldest financial institutions in the United States.

It was established in 1852 and has since grown to become one of the biggest national banks in the country, with thousands of bank branches and ATMs located all across the country.

Wells Fargo offers a variety of checking and savings products, as well as loans, mortgages, investing, credit cards, and a variety of other banking services to individuals, businesses, and corporations.

Wells Fargo marks itself as one of the best online banks with instant mobile check deposit since it features an online banking app that allow users mobile deposit checks to their bank accounts.

To mobile deposit a check on Wells Fargo Mobile app:

  1. Download the Wells Fargo Mobile app to your smartphone and sign on to your account.
  2. Select Deposit in the bottom bar. Or, use the Deposit Checks shortcut.
  3. Select an account from the To dropdown. If you have set up a default account, it will already be pre-selected. If you want to create or change your default account, go to the Deposit to dropdown and select the account you want to make your default, then select Make this account my default.
  4. Enter the check amount. Your account's remaining daily and 30-day mobile deposit limit will also display on the screen. Make sure the amount entered matches the amount on your check, and select Done.
  5. Sign the back of your check and write "For Mobile Deposit at Wells Fargo Only" below your signature (or if available, check the box that reads: "Check here if mobile deposit").
  6. Take a photo of the front and back of your endorsed check.
  7. Make sure your deposit information is correct, then select Deposit .
  8. You'll get an on-screen confirmation and an email letting you know we've received your deposit.
  9. After your deposit, write 'mobile deposit' and the date on the front of the check. You should keep the check secure for 5 days before tearing it up.

4. Varo

Varo Bank is a mobile-only bank account app that uses cutting-edge technologies to help people get ahead financially.

Varo Bank provides customers with the essential services in addition to a simple design and user experience: — branchless banking with no monthly bank fees for early direct deposit.

Varo bank is one of the best online banks with instant mobile check deposit services.

To deposit checks with the Varo Bank app:

  1. Endorse the check with ink, not pencil:
    Line 1: Sign the back. If you are depositing a government check made out to multiple payees, be sure to have all parties sign.
    Line 2: Write "For mobile deposit."
    Line 3: Write "at Varo Bank only."
  2. Follow the steps in the app to take photos of the front and back of the check.
  3. When you're done, review the confirmation screen. If everything looks good, tap "Submit check."
  4. You will immediately receive an email with the subject line "We got your mobile deposit."
  5. When we're done reviewing the check, Varo will send you another email telling you if your check was approved. If it was, you'll also get a schedule of when your deposit will be available.
  6. Keep the check for 60 days, according to the Varo Bank Account Agreement.
  7. Check the status of your deposit in the app by tapping Move Money > Mobile Check Deposit > Check History. Then tap the deposit you're checking on.

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5. Chime

Chime is a financial technology company, whose banking services are provided by The Bancorp Bank or Stride Bank, N.A., Members FDIC.

Some of its banking services include; checking and savings account, bank cards, and a SpotMe feature that allows eligible customers borrow money on Chime.

Chime is equally regarded as one of the best online banks with instant mobile check deposit since it allow users mobile deposit checks through the Chime mobile banking apps.

To mobile deposit checks with Chime app:

  1. Log into your Chime mobile banking app.
  2. Find the mobile check deposit option in the menu.
  3. Select the account you want to deposit the check into (i.e., checking or savings).
  4. Enter the check amount.
  5. Snap a photo of the check — front and back.

6. Capital One

Capital One is an American bank holding company specializing in credit cards, auto loans, checking and savings accounts.

Capital One stands as one of the online banks with instant mobile check deposit as it features a mobile app that allow users do mobile deposits to their accounts.

To mobile deposit checks on Capital One app:

  1. Go to the Capital One Mobile app and select your account.
  2. Tap "Deposit" next to the camera icon.
  3. Take photos of the front and back of your check (write "for Capital One mobile deposit" and sign your name on the back of the check prior to taking your picture).

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7. Regions Bank

Regions Financial Corporation is a full-service supplier of consumer and business banking, wealth management, and mortgage products and services in the United States.

Regions Bank marks it's spot as one of the best online banks with instant mobile deposit as it features an online banking app that allow users deposit check directly from their phones.

To mobile deposit checks on Regions Bank app:

  1. Log in to the app using your online ID and password.
  2. From the home menu, select Deposits and choose a deposit account or Now card.
  3. Enter check deposit amount and select how soon you want to access your funds.

8. Chase

JPMorgan Chase & Co.'s consumer banking arm, Chase Bank, is one of the America's largest full-service banks with more than 4,700 branches and 16,000 ATMs.

It serves individuals and businesses with a wide range of financial products and services.

Chase is well renowned for its extensive credit card products, which include popular travel rewards and cash back credit cards, in addition to checking, savings, and CD accounts.

Chase has accounts to meet the needs of adults, students, and children.

Chase mobile app allows customers mobile deposit check to their checking accounts qualifying Chase bank as one of the best online banks with instant mobile deposit.

To mobile deposit checks on Chase mobile app:

  1. Sign in to the Chase Mobile® app and tap "Pay & Transfer."
  2. Tap "Deposit checks" and choose the account where you want your deposit to go.
  3. Enter the deposit amount.
  4. Tap "Front" and take a photo of the front of the check.
  5. Endorse your check, then tap "Next."
  6. Take a photo of the back of the check.

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9. Citibank

Citibank, N. A. is the major banking arm of the financial services giant Citigroup.

Citibank was established in 1812 as the City Bank of New York and later changed its name to the First National City Bank of New York.

The bank operates 2,649 branches in 19 countries, including 723 in the United States and 1,494 in Mexico through its subsidiary Banamex.

The branches in the United States are located in six major cities: New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and Miami.

Citibank lets you deposit your check directly from your phone through the Citi mobile app.

To mobile deposit checks with the Citi Mobile app:

  1. Sign on to your account in the Citi Mobile app.
  2. To enroll in the service, review and accept the terms & conditions.
  3. Select the account you want to deposit your check to and enter the check amount.
  4. Sign the back of your check.

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10. Citizens Bank

Citizens Bank is an American bank headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island, that offers a broad range of retail and commercial banking products and services to individuals, small businesses, middle-market companies, large corporations and institutions.

Citizens Bank offers a mobile banking app that allows users deposit checks without hassle.

To mobile deposit checks with Citizens Bank app:

  1. Launch the Citizens Mobile Banking App from your mobile device and login.
  2. Tap mobile deposit.
  3. Indicate the account into which you'd like to make your deposit.
  4. Enter the check amount.
  5. Sign the back of your check and write "For Mobile Deposit to Citizens Only" below your signature.

Can I Mobile Deposit a Check from Another Bank?

Yes, you can mobile deposit a check from another bank on your bank account, but you'll need to visit a local bank branch to get this done in case your bank does not let you do so.

Where Can I Mobile Deposit a Check Instantly?

You can mobile deposit a check directly from your online banking app if your bank lets you do so.

While a few banks will let you mobile deposit your checks freely, most of them might charge a fee for the service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What online banks have mobile check deposit?

Capital One 360, Varo, Ally are some of the banks that have mobile check deposits.

Is chime mobile check deposit instant?

With Chime, your mobile check deposits can be placed in your account as an instant online cash checking. The maximum time for a mobile check deposit to go through is 5 business days (excluding federal holidays).

Final Thoughts: Online Banks With Instant Mobile Check Deposit

Depositing checks online is one of the most convenient way to cash a check directly from our phones and at the comfort of our homes.

Modern banks that feature an online banking platform offer a mobile deposit feature which lets customers cash their checks online and deposit the amount in a preferred account.

While using these online banks with instant mobile check deposit, keep a close eye on the fees they might charge for cashing and depositing your check.

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