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Top 6 Best Check Cashing Apps That Don't Use Ingo

Check cashing is very easy and convenient nowadays. Find out the best check cashing apps that don't use Ingo.
check cashing apps that don't use ingo

Looking to cash a check online but don't want to use Ingo? Then these check cashing apps that don't use Ingo should help you cash your check in the most convenient way possible.

A check is simply a written document that contains information required to draw funds from the writer's account.

Checks have been one of the best ways for both individuals and businesses to issue payments to their employees.

Here's how check cashing works; generally, the check writer writes a check and hands it over to the person looking to get paid. The receiver then takes the check to a bank or credit union which will then process the check deposit the check balance into the person's bank account or hands them physical cash.

Cashing a check has always been a hassle for many since they'll have to move all the way to a financial institution that will process the check.

Thankfully, since the evolution of technology over the years, you can now cash checks online instantly with check cashing apps.

Using these check cashing apps is easy and all you'll need is to download the apps and snap both the front and back sides of your check and write a VOID on the check once the check has been processed by the app.

Ingo Money app is one of the most popular instant check cashing apps online and probably the giant among all since many other check cashing apps such as PayPal, Venmo, and Green Dot all use Ingo to cash checks.

What you should be asking yourself is; are there check cashing apps that don't use Ingo? The straightforward answer is, though it is tough to find one, yes, there are check cashing apps that don't use Ingo.

However, your choice of a check cashing app that don't use Ingo should be specific on how you want to cash out your check and where exactly will the check be deposited.

To help you out on making the right choice, we've compiled the best check cashing apps that don't use Ingo to cash your check instantly without much hassle.

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What is a Check Cashing App?

A check cashing app is simply an app that lets you cash your checks online instantly without having to go to a bank or credit union.

The way the check cashing apps work is simple; — you download the check cashing app, snap the front and back sides of your check, and follow the little prompts to cash out your check.

How Many People Use Check Cashing Apps?

These apps are used by lots of people to cash in their checks for cash. According to a ReachOut study, for instance, about 500,000 Americans use the app QuickPay.

What Are Some Advantages of Using Check Cashing Apps?

They're incredibly simple and simple to use, especially for adults who might not be tech-savvy.

You don't need to go inside a bank and wait in line to be served just to withdraw money from your account or deposit a check, as doing so can occasionally take an eternity.

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What Are Some Disadvantages of Check Cashing Apps?

When it comes to fees, all of these apps have the same issues that traditional banking does, especially if you use them as frequently as some people do.

Additionally, since these apps depend on internet access, there may be times when you need money but don't have access.

How Can You Avoid Fees With Check Cashing Apps?

One way is to pay attention to the transaction fees they impose while still getting what you want

 For instance, if the app charges $0.99 for you to withdraw money from your account, it is not worthwhile to use it when there are other apps available that don't charge anything at all.

What Deals Are Available With Check Cashing Apps?

Some apps let you make deposits without incurring any fees, while others offer cash back on purchases, which may be useful for people who prefer to spend their money right away rather than waiting until the end of the month or the next week to access their bank balance once more.

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Why Use Check Cashing Apps That Don't Use Ingo?

Ingo is probably the most popular check cashing app online.

Some other check cashing apps like PayPal, Venmo, and Green Dot use Ingo's check cashing technology to cash out checks.

When cashing checks with a check cashing app that uses Ingo, you'll have to wait for 10 days for the money to arrive in your account 10 days after you cashed the check fee-free.

Using a check cashing app that don't use Ingo helps you skip the 10 days waiting period for your funds to reflect on your account.

Are There Any Check Cashing Apps That Don't Use Ingo Money?

Yes, though finding a check cashing app that don't use Ingo isn't an easy thing since basically most of the check cashing apps out there use Ingo's technology to cash checks.

However, there are some check cashing apps that don't use Ingo.

Which are the apps that don't use Ingo? Read on to find out.

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6 Best Check Cashing Apps That Don't Use Ingo

Here are the best check cashing apps that don't use Ingo.

  1. Your Bank's Mobile App.
  2. The Check Cashing Store App.
  3. AnytimeCheck.
  4. Stash
  5. GTE Financial.
  6. ACE Flare.

1. Your Bank's Mobile App

When looking to cash checks, the first place that should come to your mind is to cash the check at your bank or credit union.

The majority of banks offer mobile apps that let customers virtually deposit checks.

Your bank will use different technology, have different compatible platforms, and charge different fees, but you'll probably find the best rates using your own bank's app.

The best is, the majority of popular bank apps don't use Ingo to cash checks.

However, you should consider checking the app's specifics to see if Ingo Money technology is used.

Here are some check cashing bank apps that don't use Ingo:

  • Alliant Mobile Deposit
  • Ally Bank
  • Bank of America
  • Capital One
  • Charles Schwab
  • Chase
  • Chime
  • Citibank
  • Citizens Bank
  • Discover
  • Fifth Third Bank
  • Guaranty Bank
  • Huntington Bank
  • Navy Federal Credit Bank
  • PNC
  • Truist (formerly SunTrust)
  • TD Bank
  • U.S. Bank
  • Union Bank & Trust
  • USAA
  • Wells Fargo
  • Wintrust

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2. The Check Cashing Store App

The check cashing store app is one of the popular check cashing apps that don't use Ingo offering the fastest ways to make a cash deposit into your checking account at no fees.

You can deposit checks using the Check Cashing Store Mobile app directly into your bank account, Momentum Prepaid MasterCard, or any other personal Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or prepaid debit card.

To submit your check, you simply need to take a picture of it in the app and follow the on-screen instructions.

Anyone can download and use the Check Cashing Store mobile app for free. However, there is a deposit fee you must pay, which can be anywhere from $5 to 10% of the check's value.

You can download the Check Cashing Store App for;

3. AnytimeCheck

AnytimeCheck is another good check cashing app that don't use Ingo.  If you want to send and receive multiple checks, this is the best option.

AnytimeCheck is a subscription-based check sending and receiving service that combines check writing and check depositing functionality. Subscribers can use it to cash or write checks via phone, web, or mobile device.

Checks may be deposited into any associated U.S. bank account. Instead of charging per check, AnytimeCheck charges fees based on packages. Thus, the cost to receive or send 10 checks ranges from about $20 to about $100 for 75 checks. Combination send-and-receive packages are also offered, but they cost less per check.

You'll be billed monthly unless you cancel your subscription.

AnytimeCheck is only available for Android.

4. Stash

If you'd like to cash your check and deposit it in a bank account other than your regular bank account, then Stash should be the best bet for you.

Stash is an American fintech company that aims at making investments in stocks, ETFs, and more simple for beginners out there. As per its official site, it claims to help over 5 million Americans invest and save for the future.

Besides being an investment app, Stash offers online banking services which allow customers to carry out all of their banking needs directly from the Stash app or website.

Mobile deposits are one of the services offered by Stash and you can cash your check and deposit it in your Stash bank account or external bank account without using Ingo in the process — making Stash one of the best check cashing apps that don't use Ingo.

However, to qualify for mobile deposits, you'll need;

  • To have an active checking account that has received a minimum of three payroll direct deposits.
  • To activate the Stock-Back Card that will be sent to you through the mail.
  • To verify your identity and phone number, and accept Stash's terms and conditions.

After qualifying for mobile check deposits, you'll be able to deposit a minimum of $10,000 per day and a maximum amount of $20,000 in a 30-day period.

5. GTE Financial

GTE Financial is another check cashing app that don't use Ingo.

Members of GTE Financial have the choice to deposit checks using a mobile device or scanner practically anywhere.

You can deposit checks in the GTE Mobile App or GTE Online Banking with just a quick photo or scan of the front and back.

GTE Financial Mobile Deposit Benefits:

  • FREE for GTE members
  • Save trips to a GTE location
  • Convenient 24/7 availability
  • Safe, secure access
  • Deposit up to $10,000 per day

GTE Financial is available both for;

6. ACE Flare

ACE Flare is a demand deposit account that allows you easily manage your money, set up direct deposit, enroll in Anytime Alerts, and more.

ACE Flare is another great option for those looking for check cashing apps that don't use Ingo, as the company's primary focus is to offer customers an easier way to cash their checks directly into their accounts without fees and without having to wait for long lines.

ACE Flare also offers a debit card that allows you better manage your finances and can be used to freely withdraw up to $400 from your Flare Account at participating ACE Cash Express locations.

How To Cash A Check Online Instantly Without Ingo

Cashing a check online instantly without Ingo is very easy and straightforward — all you'll need to do is to pick any of the aforementioned methods above (preferably your bank's mobile app) and follow the steps provided by the institution to cash your check.

To cash a check online instantly without Ingo (using your bank's mobile app):

  1. Log in to your bank's mobile banking platform or app.
  2. Go to the section that allows you to cash a check.
  3. Take pictures of the check and submit them.
  4. Follow the prompts required to cash the check.

Why Did Ingo Decline My Check?

If the check contains errors, such as an omitted endorsement, is worth more than $5,000 but less than $5, or if you have exceeded your deposit limit for the day, Ingo will reject the check deposit.

If you are attempting to deposit a starter check or another type of check, such as a credit card check, which is not supported, are additional reasons why your check deposit may be rejected.

When Do Checks Clear Using Check Cashing Apps?

The time it takes for checks to clear varies depending on the check cashing app, but in general, it takes two to three days if you use one that is connected to your own banking.

If you're willing to pay a fee, some providers will let you get your money right away.

The fee may be waived by some check cashing apps, but you may need to wait up to ten days for the ACH to process to your own bank account or another account of your choosing.

Does Walmart Offer Mobile Check Cashing?

Mobile check cashing is a service that Walmart does provide.

Through their Walmart app, which is accessible on both Android and iOS devices, they cash checks and accept deposits.

Fees vary by location, and you can get the cash at participating Walmart locations.

Can Check Cashing Apps Save Money?

If you can pay the fee upfront and avoid later checking account fees, using check casing apps can save you money.

If you have a small balance in your bank account, you can also save money by using check cashing apps because some providers don't charge overdraft or other service fees if your savings are low enough.

By using these apps as a substitute for cash withdrawals, borrowers could avoid any potential late payment fees on loans, credit cards, and mortgages.

People may also use them because they might not have access to conventional banking options because of a poor internet connection or being too far from their own bank. You should consider using a good internet connection in this case.

Can You Use a Check Cashing App Without a Bank Account?

Though you'll typically need a bank account for depositing checks, there's however a way to cash a check instantly without a bank account, but that can only be done online.

This can be done through some financial apps like PayPal, Cash App, and Venmo, which offer check cashing services, but they all use Venmo for cashing checks.

Final Thoughts: Check Cashing Apps That Don't Use Ingo

Check cashing apps offer a convenient and easy way to cash in checks online without going through the hassle of visiting a bank or credit unions.

The most known checking app online is the Ingo Money app and other popular check cashing apps such as PayPal, Venmo, and many more use Ingo's technology to cash checks.

There are, however, some check cashing apps that don't use Ingo which have been outlined in this article.

Before using any check cashing app that don't use Ingo, consider checking the fees they impose for cashing checks and if they are ok by you, you can cash your check in complete convenience.

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