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Top 10 Best Freight Forwarders In Australia

Checkout this compilation of the best freight forwards in Australia that will tailor your business to the next level.
freight forwarders in australia

International shopping is becoming more popular since most retailers in different country offer what residents of other countries are looking for.

When you shop at a retailer located in another country (in which case is other than Australia), you'll need a service that will send your package to your desired location or region. This service is known as a parcel or freight forwarding service.

Freight forwarders are those services that let you move freight from one area to another. The best freight forwarders in Australia will transport your freight from any country to Australia.

They render online shopping for international shoppers even easier and at the same time, providing an ideal way for small or large companies to better focus on the more significant areas of their businesses.

Experts generally recommend international shoppers however, to use prepaid card for international shopping since this will give them convenience and security when shopping online.

Australia is one of the greatest countries with an extensive online presence. In fact, Australia regroups some of the best virtual phone number providers.

Online shopping is also becoming popular in Australia.

However, most residents will want to shop at other retailers not found in the country. To get their products or freight, they will need freight forwarders in Australia which will help bring their freight to their desired location. 

Freight forwarders in Australia are not only ideal for individuals but also, a great asset for international businesses to focus on areas where their business operates the most.

That said, this article focuses on the best freight forwarders in Australia that will take your international business to the next level.

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What is a Freight Forwarder?

A freight forwarder, also known as a forwarding agent, is a person or business that arranges shipments for people or businesses to transport goods from a manufacturer or producer to a market, client, or point of distribution at the end of the supply chain.

To convey the products from one country to another, forwarders enter into a contract with a carrier, or frequently with several carriers.

A forwarder serves as a logistics network specialist rather than moving the items.

The carriers have access to a range of transportation options, such as ships, planes, trucks, and railroads, and frequently combine several of them for a single shipment.

For instance, the freight forwarder might arrange for truck transportation from a facility to an airport, followed by a flight to the destination city, and finally, transports from the airport to a customer's building by another truck.

In addition to handling international shipments, international freight forwarders frequently prepare and execute customs papers and carry out tasks related to international shipments.

The commercial invoice, shipper's export declaration, bill of lading, and other documentation required by the carrier or country of export, import, and/or transshipment are examples of the information that a freight forwarder routinely reviews.

The "Architect of Transport" moniker given to the freight forwarder by FIATA encapsulates its role as the client's commercial intermediary. Some forwarders in Europe focus on "niche" services like rail freight and collecting and delivery services near a sizable port.

A complete procedure, or shipping the goods from the point of origin to the final destination, is what modern freight forwarders offer. Freight forwarding agents can monitor real-time freight information with the help of freight tracking technology.

List Of The Best Freight Forwarders In Australia

Australia has an economy that makes it easy to import freights to the country without much hassle which is why, the country counts a lot of freight forwarders.

However, the best freight forwarders are those that offer international freight services, the best customer experience, different freight transportation, suitable for small, medium and large businesses and the most affordable pricing.

That said, below are the best freight forwarders in Australia bases on the aforementioned criteria.

1. DHL

DHL is a popular freight forwarder in Australia with an international scale. DHL helps companies expand by providing access to new markets through its extensive operation network in over 220 countries and territories.

DHL Global Forwarding provides services for same-day delivery, air freight, ocean freight, road freight, and rail freight. A substantial customer support team is available from the international freight forwarding company, DHL to help you with your logistical needs.

DHL lets businesses wishing to move their items on a global scale by offering specialized knowledge in environmentally friendly solutions, wine and spirits, perishables, and marine logistics.

DHL is ideal for: Medium to large scale businesses with multiple delivery locations.

2. Henning Harders

Based in Sydney, Australia, Henning Harders is a company that offers customs advisory services as well as international freight forwarding.

Henning Harders is a supporter of all businesses in all sectors. Henning Harders aims at increasing revenue and simplifying operations in different sectors by offering clients professional guidance.

Henning Harders offers their clients a personalized experience through professionalism, creative thinking, and sincere employee interest in their business, with a focus on great employees and top-notch training.

Henning Harders provides worldwide services through air freight, land transport, contract logistics, project management, contract logistics, warehouse solutions, and customs brokerage.

Henning Harder is ideal for: Small, medium and large scale businesses looking to upscale and improve their logistics processes.

3. MTF Logistics

MTF Logistics is an Australian and global supply chain advisory company that focuses on providing clients with flexible, affordable freight transport options as well as supply chain solutions for the air, sea, road, and rail modes of transportation.

They ensure that all cargo arrives at its destination with all required documentation and licenses with the utmost care and attention.

4. Mainfreight

Mainfreight is a global supply chain partner operating on a "special people, special company" focused approach to logistics.

The Mainfreight team was founded in New Zealand and has grown to include over 80 branches around the country. They offer a team that is built on tenacity, creativity, and a genuine concern for one another.

The main priorities of Mainfreight are people, clients, quality, growing, learning, and longevity. They are able to deliver a robust team that serves many clients from various industries thanks to these fundamental elements.

By putting a sustainability and environmental management plan into place, Mainfreight likewise places a high priority on the environment. By doing this, Mainfreight is able to promote innovation and sustainability both inside its own organization and throughout the logistics sector as a whole.

Global supply chain solutions, air freight, ocean freight, land transport, and warehousing are all services provided by Mainfreight.

Mainfreight is ideal for: Medium to large scale businesses looking to ship frequently with global reach.

5. Kerry Logistics

Kerry Logistics is a freight forwarder in Australia and New Zealand that offers a route into the Oceania region for the rest of the world by providing global freight forwarding services and full-service supply chain solutions.

In order to foster innovation and specialized logistics solutions, Kerry Logistics provides a lean and adaptable logistics structure that successfully blends logical know-how and infrastructure in Greater China and the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) area.

Kerry Logistics provides comprehensive logistics, contracted logistics, global freight forwarding, supply chain management, chilled transport, and temperature-controlled warehousing services.

A very diversified range of sectors' clients make up Kerry Logistics Oceania's clientele. This gives the team the opportunity to have expertise working with a variety of industries and demonstrates their dedication to assisting their clients with market expansion and growth.

Kerry Logistics is ideal for: Small, medium and large scale businesses with a strong focus on expanding into Asian markets.

6. TGL

Think Global Logistics (TGL) is a global freight forwarder that provides comprehensive commercial logistics services. TGL provides a personalized experience through open communication, streamlined quotation, and no additional fees thanks to a committed staff of THINKERS.

TGL places a strong emphasis on training its employees so they can help your company with any logistical challenges you may have.

Simply said, their team and what they provide the market are defined by their motto, "Our People, Your Advantage." Your discomfort from dealing with anonymous freight businesses will be eliminated by their highly skilled workforce.

TGL specializes in acting as a provider of logistics services for businesses. Sea freight, air freight, domestic freight, third-party warehousing, and customs clearance are just a few of the ways that TGL serves their customers.

To ensure complete control and responsibility, TGL specifically conducts its own operations for third-party warehousing.

With a heavy emphasis on technology, TGL has its own internal IT development team to foster innovation and challenge industry norms.

TGL is able to further automate their operations and offer a user-friendly platform for shipping tracking, making it easier for its clients to acquire shipment data.

TGL's headquarters are in Sydney's central business district, although they cover both local and foreign sectors.

TGL is ideal for: Small, medium and large scale businesses looking for a personalized and dedicated approach to international logistics.

7. JAS Australia

For more than 30 years, the international freight forwarder, JAS Australia has offered freight forwarding services in Australia.

The business offers international logistics services, such as sea freight, air freight, and customs brokerage, through offices in 11 different nations.

They can also offer specialized logistical solutions because they have knowledge of particular sectors such as:

  • Automotive
  • Chemical
  • Food and beverage
  • Live animals
  • Luxury and fashion
  • Pharma and healthcare

8. Across the Ocean Shipping

Across the Ocean Shipping is an Australian-based logistics company founded in 2008. It offers freight forwarding services to clients from around the world out of five offices spread across Australia, the US, and The Netherlands.

The business states that with its ten years of experience, it can handle more than 350,000 tons of freight annually. Additionally, it may offer custom logistical services for the following sectors:

  • Food and beverage
  • Construction and mining
  • Energy and utilities
  • Retail and e-commerce
  • Hazardous goods

9. BCR Australia

For more than a century, BCR Australia, a domestic and international freight forwarding business, has offered businesses in Australia specialized freight forwarding solutions.

Depending on your needs, they can offer warehousing, customs clearance, freight forwarding, and other supply chain services.

They can provide logistical solutions in particular to the following sectors:

  • Automotive
  • Building materials
  • Consumer product and retail
  • E-fulfillment
  • Mining supply
  • Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG)
  • Medical supplies

10. CTS Australia

Since 2007, Sydney-based Customs & Trade Solutions (CTS) Australia has offered customs brokerage and freight forwarding services. They offer logistics planning, warehousing, and freight forwarding services.

They can also provide other services like the ones listed below.

  • Preparation of shipping and export documents
  • Tracking inland transportation
  • Arranging space for cargo
  • Insurance for cargo and filing of claims

Additionally, they offer specially designed answers to certain logistical problems. They assert that they have experts who offer assistance as needed.

Best Freight Forwarders in Brisbane

Below is a list of some of the best freight forwarders that you can have in Brisbane.

  1. Brisbane Logistics
  2. CS Logistic Solutions
  3. Tomkinson Global Logistics
  4. Cargoclear International
  5. Alliance Intercontinental

Best Melbourne Freight Forwarder

Below is a list of some of the best freight forwarders that you can have in Melbourne.

  1. MF Freight
  2. Glen Cameron Group
  3. AirRoad Group
  4. DEAN World Cargo
  5. Niche Logistics

Best Sydney Freight Forwarders

Below is a list of some of the best freight forwarders that you can have in Sydney.

  1. Glen Cameron Group
  2. AirRoad Group
  3. CargoMaster
  4. Global Product Supply Management
  5. Megatop Cargo

Best Freight Forwarder USA To Australia

If you've shopped at a USA online store that doesn't ship to Australia, these freight forwarder USA to Australia will help ship your freight to your desired location.

  1. ShopMate
  2. HopShopGo
  3. Matesfreight
  4. Shipito
  5. MyUS
  6. PostRope
  7. Sendle

Best Freight Forwarder China To Australia

If you've shopped at an online store in China that doesn't ship to Australia, these freight forwarder China to Australia will help ship your freight to your desired location.

  1. BCR
  2. ChinaFreight
  3. Freightos

How to Choose the Best Freight Forwarder Company

Australia offers a wide selection of freight forwarding services. However, not every freight forwarder is the same. Here are six things to take into account when choosing the ideal freight forwarder for your company:

  • Their experience and expertise
  • The size and scope of their network
  • The range of services they offer
  • Their financial stability
  • Their reputation
  • Their customer service

Final Thoughts

Freight forwarders in Australia are those companies that let you move freight or goods from one area to another.

Though freight forwarder offer most similar services, not all of them are equal in servicing.

This article compiles a list of the best freight forwarders in Australia that will tailor your business to the next level.

Frequently Asked Question

How mych does hiring a freight forwarder company cost in Australia?

The standard fee for a freight forwarder is a percentage of the overall shipment value, ranging from 0.50 percent to 15 percent. Additional charges apply for services like tracking, insurance, and customs processing. Before transporting your goods, it's crucial to receive a precise estimate from your freight forwarder because these costs might mount up.

What are the benefits of hiring a freight forwarder company?

Hiring a freight forwarder service has several advantages. They will take care of the logistics of your cargo, saving you both time and money while allowing you to concentrate on running your business. Furthermore, freight forwarders have access to deals and discounts that you might not be able to find on your own.
You can work with freight forwarders to get your goods to market swiftly and effectively. They are a crucial component of the global supply chain. Make careful to select a trustworthy freight forwarder with knowledge in handling shipments to or from Australia if you're shipping goods there. You may be confident that your things will arrive on schedule and in good condition with their assistance.

How many freight forwarders in Australia?

Australia has a lot of freight forwarders hut however, not all are the same.

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