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What Bank Does Cash App Use?

Cash App partners with a couple of banks to offer banking services. Here's a list of banks that Cash App uses.
what bank does cash app use

Cash App may be the king of mobile money, transforming how we send, receive, and manage money. But when it comes to banking, it doesn't wear a crown.

That's because Cash App isn't a bank itself, but rather a platform that partners with established financial institutions to offer its services.

So, if you're wondering What bank does Cash App use? The answer isn't as straightforward as you might think.

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What Bank Does Cash App Use?

Cash App relies on two main banking partners to handle different aspects of its operations:

1. Lincoln Savings Bank

This FDIC-insured bank serves as the backbone for Cash App's direct deposit feature. When you set up direct deposit, your paycheck or other income is routed to your unique account and routing number issued by Lincoln Savings Bank. This allows you to access your funds faster and seamlessly within the Cash App platform.

2. Sutton Bank

This bank plays a crucial role in facilitating debit card transactions and money transfers made through Cash App. Your Cash App balance resides in an FDIC-insured account held at Sutton Bank, enabling you to spend and send money with confidence.

The Cash App debit card, issued by Sutton Bank, also draws from this account, providing convenient access to your funds at ATMs and physical stores.

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What Bank Does Cash App Use for Direct Deposit?

As earlier mentioned, Cash App uses Lincoln Savings Bank for direct deposits. The bank issues a unique routing and account number which is available on your Cash App account. When you set up and start receiving direct deposits, they'll be redirected to an account at the Lincoln Savings Bank.

What is Cash App Bank Name and Address?

Cash App partners with two banks to provide banking services to its customers: Lincoln Savings Bank and Sutton Bank. Both banks are FDIC-insured, which means that funds in your Cash App account are secured and protected up to $250,000.

Here are the addresses and details for each bank:

Sutton Bank:

  • Full bank name: Sutton Bank
  • Address: 1 S Main St, Attica, OH 44807
  • Routing number: 041215663
  • Account type: Checking
  • Number of branches: 8
  • Phone: (800) 422-3641
  • Website: Sutton Bank Website

Lincoln Savings Bank:

  • Full bank name: Lincoln Savings Bank
  • Address: 508 Main Street, Reinbeck, IA 50669
  • Routing number: 073905527
  • Account type: Checking
  • Number of branches: 17
  • Phone: (800) 588-7551
  • Website: Lincoln Savings Bank Website

Technically, Cash App doesn't have a singular "bank name and address" since it uses multiple partners for different functions. You won't find a Cash App branch waiting to greet you on Main Street. However, the information associated with your direct deposit (account and routing numbers) will reference Lincoln Savings Bank.

Understanding the Cash App's Banking Ecosystem

It's important to remember that Cash App doesn't hold a banking license itself. Instead, it acts as a bridge between you and its partner banks. This model allows Cash App to offer its services without the regulatory burden of a traditional bank, potentially contributing to its streamlined user experience and competitive fees.

Final Thoughts

Cash App may not be a bank itself, but it's built on a solid foundation of established financial institutions. Partnering with Lincoln Savings Bank and Sutton Bank allows Cash App to offer its users essential banking features like direct deposit and debit card transactions, all within the convenience of a mobile app. So, while Cash App may not wear a banker's suit, it leans on trustworthy partners to help keep your money safe and accessible.

Remember, even though Cash App partners with FDIC-insured banks, the app itself isn't FDIC-insured. This means your Cash App balance isn't subject to the same level of protection as a traditional bank account. So, while Cash App is great for day-to-day transactions and sending money to friends, there are other substitutes for a full-fledged bank account when it comes to long-term savings or emergency funds.

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