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How To Order Cash App Card Online

The Cash App card offers a flexible way to use your Cash App balance. Find out how to effortlessly order a Cash App card online for free.
order cash app card online

Cash App is a popular payment service that got its reputation from the convenient and easy-to-use services that it offers customers.

You typically can send and receive payments instant through the app by tapping a button.

Over the years, Cash App have strived to bringing more convenient features to better serve their customer; — Block Inc. launched the Cash App Card (also known as the Cash Card) to offer a flexible way for users to use their Cash App balances for transactions.

The Cash Card comes with lot of features and can be used online, in-store and even at ATMs to withdraw funds.

The best is, the Cash Card is completely free and Cash App makes the process for getting a Cash Card very easy and if you're wondering how to order yours, keep reading.

To help you out, we've compiled a step by step process to order a Cash App card online.

But before, lets explore some basics about the Cash App card.

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What is the Cash App Card?

The Cash Card is a Visa debit card that can be used to pay for products and services both online and in stores using your Cash App balance.

It is basically accepted anywhere Visa payments are accepted and does not have any link with your personal debit card or bank account.

Your Cash Card can be used right away by connecting it to Apple Pay and Google Pay, or by entering the card details in the Cash Card tab.

The Cash Card transaction limit is $7,000 per transaction.

The following restrictions also apply:

  • $7,000 per day
  • $10,000 per week
  • $15,000 per month

These limits reset at the following times:

  • Daily limit: 6pm CST
  • Weekly limit: 6pm CST every Saturday
  • Monthly limit: 6pm CST on the last day of the month

These limits apply to all Cash Card transactions, in-store or online, as well as ATM withdrawals.

Keep in mind that any attempted transaction, whether successful or unsuccessful, will go against these restrictions.

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How To Order Cash App Card Online

Before ordering a Cash App, you'll need to make sure your account meets the following requirements:

To order your Cash App card online:

  1. Open Cash App on your phone.
  2. Tap the "Cash Card" tab on your Cash App home screen.
  3. Press "Get Cash Card."
  4. Tap "Continue."
  5. Follow the steps.

Cash App cards are usually delivered within 10 business days.

Your Cash Card can be used right away by linking it to Apple Pay and Google Pay, or by entering the card details in the Cash Card tab.

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Can I Order A Cash App Card For Free?

Yes, the Cash App card is completely free — meaning, you can order yours without paying anything.

Where Do I Get A Cash App Card?

You can get a Cash App card by following the on-screen instructions that will display after you must have clicked on the Get Cash Card button in the Cash App mobile app.

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Can I Have 2 Cash App Cards?

No, you can't have 2 Cash App cards.

Cash App only allow users get a own one Cash App card, but you can order a new Cash App card in case you lost the old one.

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How Do I Get A New Cash App Card?

Cash App allow users order a new Cash App card as replacement in case they lost their old Cash Cards.

To get a new Cash App card:

  1. Tap the "Cash Card" tab.
  2. Select "Cash Card Support."
  3. Select "Report your Cash Card."
  4. Select Card Stolen/Compromised or Card Missing.
  5. Follow the steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can you get a Cash App card?

Anyone 13+ can request a Cash Card. Customers 13-17 can get access to expanded Cash App features in the US with approval from a parent or guardian.

Is Cash App card a physical card?

When you order a Cash App card, you'll get a physical version of the card. You can also access its digital version through the Cash App mobile app.

Can I activate my Cash App card before it arrives?

No, it is not necessary to activate the Cash App card before it arrives.

Final Thoughts

The Cash App card offers a flexible way for users to use their Cash App balances for purchases and withdraw funds at ATMs.

Thankfully, Cash App offer a direct process to order Cash App card online through the mobile app.

However, do keep in mind that you'll need to verify your identity on the Cash App and be at least 18 years of age before you can get eligible to get a Cash App card.

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