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What Channel Is Lifetime On DirecTV?

Lifetime is now available on DirecTV. Find out what channel Lifetime is on DirecTV!
what channel is lifetime on directv

Looking to watch Lifetime's Married at First Sight on DirecTV?

Or you rather love to stream Lifetime's The Rap Game on DirecTV?

Whether you're looking to watch Lifetime's most entertaining TV Show or something else featured by this cable-based television, you've come to the right place. We'll later show you what channel Lifetime is on DirecTV.

Lifetime is a popular American cable-based channel that has won the hearts of series lovers in the United States.

In fact, as of January 2016, Lifetime was received by approximately 93.8 million households in America—according to Wikipedia.

It features some of the most interesting TV Shows and Originals you'll find catchy in the market, some of which include; Married at First Sight, Arranged, Little Women: LA, Little Women: Atlanta, Bring It!, Dance Moms, The Rap Game, Atlanta Plastic, etc.

Over the years, Lifetime has provided millions of customers with top-notch Original content and now it is available to watch on top satellite television providers, including DirecTV and a couple of other providers.

Wondering what channel is Lifetime on DirecTV? Keep reading.

In today's guide, we'll share with you what channel you'll find Lifetime on DirecTV, together with some steps you can take to watch your favorite Lifetime TV Shows and Originals on DirecTV.

Table of Contents

Can You Watch Lifetime On DirecTV?

Yes, you can watch Lifetime on DirecTV.

This means you can follow your favorite Lifetime TV Shows and Originals, such as You, Cheerleader Generation, Monster-in-Law, Black Girl Missing, Project Runway, and Surviving R. Kelly, among others.

What Channel Is Lifetime On DirecTV?

DirecTV is a popular American multichannel video programming distributor that features many of on-demand entertaining channels that satisfy customers.

Following that, Lifetime is one of the top-notch channels featured by DirecTV.

If you're looking to watch Lifetime on DirecTV, you can always do that by switching or tuning to channel 252.

In other words, DirecTV's channel 252 features all of Lifetime HD TV Shows and Originals.

Channel Name Entertainment Choice Xtra Ultimate Premier
Lifetime 252 252 252 252 252

How To Watch Lifetime On DirecTV

Watching Lifetime on DirecTV is very easy and straightforward.

To do so:

  1. Make sure you're subscribed to the appropriate DirecTV package (DirecTV Choice package preferably).
  2. Tune in to channel 252.
  3. Enjoy Lifetime on DirecTV in full HD!

DirecTV Subscription Plans And Pricing

DirecTV features a lot of on-demand cable-based channels—and subscribing to the ideal plan is crucial to watch and streaming the channel you want on DirecTV.

Below is a table comprising DirecTV plans and pricing to help best understand which package is important for you.

Package Price Channel count
ENTERTAINMENT All Included $64.99/mo.* 165+
CHOICE All Included $84.99/mo.** 200+
ULTIMATE All Included $109.99/mo.** 270+
PREMIER All Included $154.99/mo.** Edinburgh 340+

Advantages Of Watching Lifetime On DirecTV

Watching Lifetime on DirecTV comes with plenty of benefits, which include:

  • It promotes some shows that make a different routine.
  • The shows help to refresh the mind from the daily routine tasks.
  • Women find their favorite stuff.
  • This channel promotes women and their issues.
  • If children like to watch some bears in the morning they can probably get into this channel.
  • For grannies watching TV for a day it is really interesting.
  • Full-time movies are playing.
  • Some popular shows are broadcast.
  • Dance shows and love stories are aired on this channel.
  • It is easily accessible to every service provider.
  • Can be watched without a cable.
  • If one misses the show it can be recorded for future watch.

Disadvantages Of Watching Lifetime On DirecTV

While watching Lifetime on DirecTV comes with plenty of benefits, there are, however, a couple of disadvantages, which include:

  • For those who want political news, it won't be their cup of tea.
  • Although it shows every type of show for sports lovers, it won’t be favorable.
  • It mainly focuses on women's priorities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What channel is A&E and Lifetime on DIRECTV?

A&E and Lifetime are available to watch on DirecTV. You can find them by tuning to channel 252.

How do I watch Lifetime on DirecTV?

You can watch Lifetime on DirecTV by simply tuning to channel 252, which features all of Lifetime's TV Shows and Originals in full HD.

Final Thoughts

Lifetime is a popular cable-based TV channel that's now made available on a couple of satellite TV providers.

With that said, Lifetime is available to watch on DirecTV—you can stream Lifetime's media content on DirecTV by switching to channel 252.

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