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What Channel Is Showtime On DirecTV?

Showtime is available to watch on DirecTV. Find out what channel is Showtime on DirecTV.
what channel is showtime on directv

With over 27 million subscribers streaming worldwide, Showtime is probably one of the top on-demand television services that have got interesting video content.

It features a couple of Original Series and TV Shows, includingYour Honor, The Circus, Waco, Couples Therapy, Murder in Big Horn, among others, which have captured the attention of the worldwide population and have given the company its "Showtime" reputation.

Following its popularity and originality, top multichannel video programming distributors, such as DirecTV have included it in their channel list and made it available for their customers.

Wondering what channel does Showtime streams on DirecTV? Keep reading.

In this guide, we'll discuss what channel is Showtime on DirecTV.

Table of Contents

Can You Watch Showtime On DirecTV?

Yes, you can watch Showtime on DirecTV—meaning, if you're looking to watch a Showtime popular show such as Dexter, then DirecTV got you covered.

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What Channel is Showtime On DirecTV?

DirecTV is a popular television entertainment service that has taken its entertainment to the next level by integrating on-demand services such as Showtime, Paramount, HBO in its channel lists.

With that said, you can watch Showtime HD East through DirecTV on channel 545.

There are a couple of popular Originals and TV Shows you'll find interesting on channel 545 on DirecTV which features Showtime's original media content.

The best is you can watch Showtime on DirecTV regardless of the plan you're subscribed to.

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How To Watch Showtime On DirecTV

Watching Showtime on DirecTV is very easy.

To do so:

  1. Make sure you're subscribed to a DirecTV plan.
  2. Switch to channel 545.
  3. Enjoy Showtime on DirecTV!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I watch SHOWTIME on DIRECTV?

To watch Showtime on DirecTV, all you need to do is make sure you're subscribed to a DirecTV plan, then switch to channel 545, which features Showtime's media content.

What TV channels are on SHOWTIME?

Showtime's TV channels include; Showtime (East/West), Showtime 2 (East), Showcase (East), SHO×BET (East), Showtime Extreme (East), Showtime Family Zone (East), Showtime Next (East), and Showtime Women (East).

Is SHOWTIME anytime included with DIRECTV?

Yes, it is. If you subscribe to SHOWTIME through DIRECTV, SHOWTIME on demand is free through the SHOWTIME Anytime app.

Final Thoughts

Showtime is a popular on-demand television service that has captured the attention of millions of series and TV Shows lovers out there.

If you're looking to watch Showtime on DirecTV, you can always tune to channel 545 to stream Showtime's media content.

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