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Who Accepts ACH Payments Online? (Best Stores)

ACH payments are convenient, safe and instantaneous. Find out who accepts ACH payments online.
who accepts ach payments online

Online shopping is constantly gaining traction in the e-commerce framework, and having the most convenient payment method is crucial for maintaining a financial well-being.

While credit card payments account for a considerable portion of preferred payment methods, shopping online and paying through ACH payments shouldn't hurt in any way.

ACH payments are electronic payments usually made between a customer's checking account and a merchant's business bank account.

In fact, we use ACH payments for our day-to-day or monthly transactions, and most of the time without knowing.

If you're looking for a store that let you shop online and pay through an ACH transfer, then you've come to the right place.

To help you out, we've explained how ACH payments work, mentioning who accepts ACH payments online.

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What is an ACH Payment?

An ACH payment is an electronic money transfer usually made between banks and credit unions that are found in the Automated Clearing House network.

ACH payments are usually safe, convenient and fast as it works by processing a direct debit from the sender's checking account.

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Who Accepts ACH Payments Online?

ACH payments are usually common than what you might think — we typically use ACH for bill payments, mobile check deposit, and even money transfers between banks and credit unions in the ACH network.

Popular payment services like PayPal, Venmo use ACH to facilitate money transfers — meaning if you're a user of one or more of this apps, chances are you've certainly made an ACH payment online through it.

You can make an ACH payment online by depositing a check and using it at the checkout phase of an online store that accept eChecks — there are just many online stores that accept ACH payments through checks (eChecks and personal checks).

For instance, Amazon.com is an online store that accept ACH payments through eChecks and bank transfers. Walmart is just another one.

We also have some online stores accept ACH payments only through services like PayPal including; Best Buy, Macy's, QVC, Oriental Trading among others.

On the other hand, some online stores like Wayfair, Cabela's accept eCheck payments directly — meaning, they let you make an ACH payment for your purchases at their online catalogs.

However, Square Sellers are among the best online stores that accept ACH payments online.

Simple put, there isn't a precise list of who accepts ACH payments online because we use ACH payments for making payments online at our favorite shopping places.

With all that said, online stores accept ACH payments either directly or indirectly; — an example of stores that accept ACH payments directly include Square Sellers, while those that accept ACH payments indirectly do so through third-party services.

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How Do I Pay Online With ACH?

You basically can make an ACH payment online through a direct ACH Debit by providing the merchant with your bank account details and authorization for making the payment.

Can Cash App Do ACH transfers?

Yes, you can do an ACH transfer through Cash App by mobile depositing checks into your Cash App account.

Does Zelle Work With ACH?

Yes, Zelle definitely works with ACH.

Zelle works with a network of banks that use ACH for making transfers — meaning, money transfers through Zelle usually use ACH.

Can PayPal Receive ACH Payments?

Yes, PayPal allow users (usually customers and merchants) to send and receive money through ACH.

PayPal feature services that allow merchants to initiate Automated Clearing House ("ACH") credit and debit entries to a bank account (the "ACH Service") and Merchant desires to use such services.

Does Walmart Money Card Accept ACH Payments?

Yes, the Walmart MoneyCard uses ACH for transferring funds — meaning, you use ACH anytime you transfer funds through the Walmart MoneyCard.

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Can I Accept ACH Payment Instantly For Free?

You'll typically need to use a payment processor to accept ACH payments if you own a business, and most payment processors usually charge a fee for using the service.

However, you can set up a business bank account at a bank in the ACH network to start accepting ACH payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What apps use ACH transfer?

Payment apps like PayPal, Venmo, Zelle use ACH for facilitating money transfers.

What is the best way to accept ACH payments?

The best way to accept ACH payments is though a bank — all you'll need to do is to setup a business bank account at a bank in the ACH network and begin accepting ACH payments.

What banks use ACH transfers?

While most banks in the United States use ACH for money transfers, some banks in the U.K. can also accept ACH transfers.

Final Thoughts

Shopping online has never been more convenient since the integration of modern technology in the e-commerce framework.

Following that, most online stores began accepting the most convenient payment methods to close up sales.

While local and online stores accept credit card payments, some, on the other hand, accept ACH payments either directly (through bank transfers, mobile check deposits) or indirectly through third-party services.

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