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Top 6 Best Offline Football Games For Android To Play In 2023

Football games are full of thrilling and exciting moments. Find out the best offline football games for Android to play.
offline football games for android

Football is the most popular and best sport that unites the world — it is a game full of thrilling moments, emotions and inspiration for play far way better than your favorite idol.

If you're a football lover like me, then you got a favorite idol, probably Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, as both football superstars are in a constant rivalry for the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time) title in our present generation.

For sure, seeing them playing should have given you the inspiration and dream for playing one day like them.

There's a faster way to play like your football idol without the need of physical skills — which is through the best offline football games for mobile (Android and iOS).

There is a plethora of football games out there for mobile and determining which of them is the best should be quite complicated, especially if you're still starting your football gaming career.

Thankfully, our experience on the football games got you covered on this.

To help you out, we've compiled the best offline football games for Android to help you kickstart your football gaming career.

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What is an Offline Football Game?

A football game is typically a contest in which two teams comprised of 11 players compete against each other with the aim to score as more goals as their opponent in order to win the contest.

An offline football game is one that is played without internet connection on your mobile phone, PC, or gaming console.

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What Are The Best Offline Football Games For Android?

While the most exciting football gaming features are available online, there are some exceptional games that let you play with more than enough features offline.

With that said, based on our experience with each football game, we've ranked the best offline football games you must play if you're an Android gamer.

1. Dream League Soccer

dream league soccer
Dream Leage Soccer on Play Store

Dream League Soccer (DLS) is arguably the best offline football game for Android that every Android gamer must have come across.

Personally, I've been an addict to the game since 2016, where the game's graphics migrated to another level with more exciting features and top players.

Dream League Soccer as the name predicts is a football game that allow Android gamers create and personalize their dream football team ever from Zero to Hero by allowing them develop their gaming skills with the game from the least competitive division to a legendary status curated with top rated competitions.

DLS allow gamers buy any football player, personalize kits, logos and import your own creations, recruit agents and scouts, compete for the best status through 8 divisions and compete in more than 10 cup competitions, build outstanding stadiums.

If you're just starting up a gaming career, then DLS is definitely game you want to try out since it can be played both online and offline.

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2. Score Hero

score hero
Score Here on Play Store

Score Hero is another great offline football game for Android with so much potential I've ever got to play.

Just like DLS, Score Here was developed by First Touch Games with the aim to offer football lovers the opportunity to play the game as the want and move up till a legendary status.

In each level you'll get to complete passes, aim for perfection and shoot to score an outstanding goal that will move you up to the next level.

You typically earn golden stars when you complete a level in the game and the more stars you earn, the more you get closer to unlocking a higher status in the game and diving into even more competitive levels.

While the latest version of the Score Hero game requires an internet connection, older versions like Score Hero 2, however, don't require an internet connection — meaning the game can be played offline through older versions.

3. World Soccer League

world soccer league
World Soccer League on Play Store

World Soccer League is another exciting offline football game for Android curated with many features that every football enthusiast will love.

It is available in 16 languages making it an ideal option for all gamers located in any part of the world.

World Soccer League compiles 60 national teams, 60 clubs and a total of 2000 players, — and if there's any country, club or player you're looking to play with, you certainly can get them with this exciting football game.

Additionally, the game features 4 gaming modes including; Exhibition, Cup, League, and Training and allow you to take great images and videos of the best moments you experience with the game.

You'll be happy to know that you'll receive achievements for completing goals and skill-based challenges.

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4. Real Football

real football
Real Football on Play Store

Real Football, a popular football game developed by Gameloft SE, is arguably one of the best offline football games you definitely got to play.

It is one of the best football game with exciting on and off features allowing you to build your football team in and off the pitch.

It has stunning graphics, allowing you to play in 3D stadiums where polished shadows, detailed textures, spectators and multiple camera all come together to make the game even more exciting.

Players are more like real as the game's name predicts as they are designed for a much more realistic and challenging experience.

Moreover, you get to build your dream team by recruiting your favorite football idols under your management, and upgrade your team facilities like the Stadiums, Hospitals, Physiotherapy Centers and a Youth Camp.

While most features of the game are available online, there are just enough features you need to play the game without an internet connection.

5. Final Kick

final kick
Final Kick on Play Store

Final Kick is another great offline football game for Android that I personally enjoyed playing since 2017.

The game's graphics are just outstanding and what I love most when playing the game are the crazy slow-motion replays from all angles you enjoy after scoring a penalty.

Every beginner should find this game really really appealing as the controls are more than simple — you just need to shoot the ball with your finger and drag the goal keeper to make a save.

You can customize and train your football players and make them even more skilled at scoring penalties.

While the game is designed for online gameplay, it however, has an offline version which allow gamers play against 100 of the best soccer teams without the need of an internet connection.

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6. Soccer Super Star

soccer super star
Soccer Super Star on Play Store

Soccer Super Star is another great Android football game with offline support that every action arcade soccer gamer of any skilled level will love playing.

It's easy-to-use game controls allow gamers of any level to kickstart with the exciting game.

The game uses the latest motion capture technology to capture movements made by the world's greatest super stars.

Soccer Super Star's 3D mobile engine and advance A.I. are what would blow off your expectations for any Android football game — it allow realistic freedom and powerful simulation with accurate ball control and physics — allowing you to develop your gaming skills in the most realistic way ever.

What I love about the game is increasing challenge as you progress through levels as shots become even more difficult, forcing you into improving your shooting technique.

The game's high degree of independence lets you develop your personal strategy as you level through dream leagues.

Soccer Super Star is one of the best offline football games we've features on this list as it allow you to play and manage your dream XI without the need of an internet connection.

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Best Football Games For Android Offline Under 100MB

The best football games come with stunning graphics and these ones come usually with sizes more than 100Mb.

However, some best football games for Android offline under 100Mb include the older versions of;

  • Score Hero.
  • Pro Evolution Soccer.
  • Winning Eleven.

Best Konami Offline Games For Android

Konami Group Corporation is a Japanese multinational video game and entertainment company that focuses on creating thrilling soccer games.

There are a few Konami offline games for Android which include:

  • Pro Evolution Soccer.
  • Winning Eleven.

Best EA Sports Offline Game For Android

Most, if not all, EA arts sports games are usually online games and the only offline EA sports game for android is Real Racing — making it the best option.

However, some modified EA sports games come with offline support, which include:

  • Need for Speed.
  • EA SPORTS UFC Mobile.
  • NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball.
  • Madden NFL Mobile Football.
  • Golf Clash.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play FIFA football offline?

Yes, you can, but you can't play the latest FIFA football games online. You can, however, can play older versions like FIFA 2020 offline.

Is PES an offline game?

PES is no longer an online game since the latest version of the game can only be played online. You can, however, play older versions of PES offline.

Is Top 11 an offline game?

You'll need an internet connection to play Top 11. However, many games on forums say they play the game offline after using an internet connection to open the game.

Can total football be played offline?

Yes, total football can be played offline.

Final Thoughts

Football is a thrilling game that brings the world together and thanks to gaming companies, we are all able to enjoy this exciting game directly on our mobile phones.

While most Android football games are available online, there are great football games for Android that come with offline support.

Based on our experience with playing many football games, we've compiled the best offline football games for Android to help you start off with a thrilling mobile gaming experience.

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