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Top 10 Best Cash Advance Apps That Work With Chime

Chime is an online-only bank that supports cash advance apps. Here are the best cash advance apps that work with Chime.
cash advance apps that work with chime

Cash advance apps have become increasingly popular in recent years, providing people with quick access to funds before their next paycheck.

In fact, over 33% of Americans used cash advance apps in 2022. For sure, these apps are lifesavers in case of financial emergencies.

If you're a Chime user and in need of a quick cash advance, you'll be glad to know that there are many cash advance apps that work seamlessly with Chime. These apps provide convenient and accessible options for getting the funds you need before your next payday.

In this article, I've reviewed and ranked the best cash advance apps that work with Chime.

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How Does Chime Work With Cash Advance Apps?

Many people might quickly get themselves into financial difficulty if they don't know how to manage their money.

If you require a small amount of cash but are hesitant to take out a loan, you should seek an alternative kind of financing that does not demand collateral.

Chime, an online banking service, can help give short-term loans for a variety of reasons, not simply financial emergencies.

You may also use it to make payments or make online purchases without having to worry about accruing interest.

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10 Cash/Payday Advance Apps That Work With Chime

Cash Advance App Works with Chime Cash Advance Max
Dave Yes $100
Cleo Yes $100
Albert Yes $250
Empower Yes $250
Klover Yes $100
MoneyLion Yes $250
Earnin Yes $100
Opploans Yes $4000
Branch Yes $500
Chime SpotMe Yes $200

1. Dave

Dave is a cash advance app that works with Chime and allows you to get cash before payday.

If you have a Chime account, you can get up to a $100 advance, and if you have a Dave direct deposit, you can get up to a $200 advance.

The amount of the advance will be determined by two qualified direct deposits, expected income, deposit, and transaction history for the previous two months, the amount of money you retain in the account, and whether you have had recent negative balances on the account.

Dave is a tip-based app with a $1 monthly subscription cost.

How to Link Chime to Dave

  • Open the Dave app.
  • Go to the Profile Tab.
  • Choose Linked Banks and Card.
  • Tap Change next to Linked Banks.
  • Select bank and continue.

2. Cleo

The Cleo app includes a money management feature that lets you link your bank account and track spending and deposits.

It will allow you to borrow funds depending on your spending patterns and balances if you have been a long-term customer. You'll need to sign up for Cleo Plus to receive a salary advance of up to $100.

3. Albert

Albert is another great Cash Advance app that works with Chime.

Depending on your salary, Albert can provide you a cash advance ranging from $100 to $250. Albert is free, but offers a premium service, Albert Genius, at $3.99 a month.

Personal finance tips and advice from live experts, a 1% incentive on your savings, and a micro-investment account are just a few of the genius features.

You can also get a quick cash advance for an additional $4.99 charge.

How to Link Chime to Albert

  • Open the Albert app.
  • Navigate to the Budget tab.
  • Tap + at the top of the screen.
  • Select Chime, or search for it by name if it's not listed.
  • Enter Chime's account credentials on the following screen.

4. Empower

Empower is yet another Cash Advance app that works with Chime.

A $250 interest-free advance is available to qualified members who open an Empower checking account.

A healthy current bank account, periodic deposits of more than $500 from your company, and a $8 monthly subscription fee are all required for eligibility.

In addition, you must have made two deposits of at least $100 in the preceding two months and maintained a balance of at least $100 for ten days in the previous 30 days.

How to Link Chime to Empower

  • Go to the Home page of your Empower app.
  • Scroll down to the Accounts section.
  • Click on the + icon on the upper right.

5. Klover

Klover is a cash advance app based in Illinois that was founded in 2019.

To qualify for a cash advance from the Klover app, you'll need three direct deposits to your primary checking account from the same employer within the last two months.

Your paycheck must average $250 or more per week, you must have a bank account with at least three months of history, and you must deposit regularly monthly, or weekly.

Deposits made on a monthly or semi-monthly basis are not accepted.

It also includes budgeting tools and overdraft protection. They use a points system to increase your borrowing limit.

Due to their restricted partnership, Chime users can only be approved for a $20 upgrade. They recently began working with Chime and are attempting to determine how to best serve all Chime clients.

For the time being, all Chime customers are enrolled in a points program, which requires them to earn points in order to pay out.

Points can be earned by watching advertisements, scanning receipts, and referring friends.

It's simple to link your bank account. During the earliest stages of getting started, you will notice the prompt during the registration procedure.

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6. MoneyLion

MoneyLion allows you to borrow up to $1000 interest-free with the option of tipping to keep it that way.

You'll need a two-month-old bank account with monthly income deposits and a positive balance.

Credit builder loans, checking accounts, managed investments, personal loans, and credit score tracking are among the additional services they offer.

How to Link MoneyLion to Chime

  • Click on the "Add Account" button under the Transfers section. Or you can click on the "More Options" menu located under the Finances tab.
  • Select the Add Account option.

7. Earnin

Earnin is another cash advance app, but it has a unique feature called Balance Shield that sets it apart.

Customers who use Balance Shield Alerts will receive a push message whenever their bank balance goes below a certain amount, up to $400.

Customers can also enable Balance Shield Cash Outs, which preemptively cash out up to $100 of their earnings if their balance goes below $100.

Earnin is now beta-testing new ways to support Chime users and is allowing a restricted sample of Chime users to use its platform.

8. Opploans

Opploans is the cash advance app that works with Chime which all bad credit borrowers should love.

Bad credit borrowers can turn to Opploans for installment loans with no credit check. If eligible, you can get a loan between $500 and $1000.

With higher loan amounts and longer repayment periods, this app provides a viable alternative to payday loans.

9. Branch

Branch can be useful for Chime users, but there is a catch. If you bank with Chime, you will be required to put your direct deposit in your Branch Wallet in order to qualify for an advance, according to the Branch Support Page.

Select Settings, then Payment Methods to add Chime to Branch. You can add a new bank or card at the bottom of the Payment Methods page. Select "Bank." and then "Chime" from the "Add Bank or Card" menu.

10. Chime SpotMe

Last but not least is Chime SpotMe, Chime's own advanced program. SpotMe is an overdraft solution that charges no fees.

Eligibility requires you to have a Chime bank account and have received $500 in direct deposits in the last 31 days.

To meet requirements, you must continue to receive at least $500 every 31 days. Obviously, you'll be required to sign up and once you do so, you'll be given a SpotMe limit, which normally starts at $20.

Depending on your deposit history, you may be eligible for a maximum of up to $200.

SpotMe will cover all or part of debit card purchases up to your limit.

The number of transactions is unrestricted.

Your overdraft will be deducted from your next direct deposit without any fees.

Keep in mind that you can't withdraw cash or fund a transfer with SpotMe.

What is Chime?

Chime Financial, Inc. is a financial technology company based in the United States that offers fee-free mobile banking services through The Bancorp Bank or Stride Bank, N.A.

Account holders get Visa debit or credit cards, as well as access to the company's online banking system, which may be accessed via the company's website or mobile apps.

The majority of Chime's income comes from the collection of interchange fees.

Chime is a virtual bank with no physical locations and no monthly or overdraft fees. Chime had 8 million registered users as of February 2020.

Chime's partners offer bank accounts that are covered up to the standard maximum deposit insurance value of $250,000.

Chime offers a spending account that comes with a Chime Visa Debit Card. Paychecks are deposited directly into the spending account.

Chime also has a savings account as well as a secured credit card for credit building. To use these products, you must have a Chime spending account.

How to Open a Chime Account

  • Complete the enrollment form at member.chime.com/enroll/. It takes less than 2 minutes to open an online banking account with Chime.
  • After you've finished your enrollment, you'll receive your Chime Visa® Debit Card to the mailing address you provided. In most cases, your new debit card will arrive within 7-10 business days.
  • Download Chime's mobile banking app and log in to your account. You can transfer funds or set up direct deposit using your existing bank account. When you need it, you can also use chime.com to access online banking.

Benefits of Using Chime

  • Get paid early: — Direct deposits are available up to two days before payday.
  • Low fees: — There's no monthly fee, minimum balance fee, or overdraft fee.
  • Large ATM network: — Chime has 60,000 ATMs nationwide.
  • Easy fee-free payments: — You can send money to anyone with a bank account with no fee.

There are some drawbacks: cash deposits may be difficult to come by, and online transfers are limited to $200 each day.

If you have signed up for a direct paycheck deposit, you can only use a mobile check deposit.

You might also want to check these banks that don't use ChexSystems.

What is a Cash Advance App?

Cash advance apps are digital storefronts where people can apply for small loans.

When you run out of money before payday, cash advance apps, often known as cash apps, give short-term loans. You take out a loan and it is automatically repaid. When your paycheck is deposited, the app withdraws it.

In most cases, cash advance applications do not charge interest. Some apps charge a fee, while others encourage users to leave tips. Unless you specify a smaller amount, there may be a default tip charged.

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Cash Advance Apps Like Dave That Work With Chime

If you don't consider Dave as an ideal Cash advance app for Chime, here are some Cash Advance apps like Dave that work with Chime;

  1. Cleo
  2. Albert
  3. Empower
  4. Klover
  5. MoneyLion

Cash Advance Apps That Don't Work With Chime For Now

There are a number of cash advance apps available, each with its own set of capabilities, but not all of them are compatible with Chime. Here are a few that won't work for the time being.


Brigit is a cash advance app that also serves as a budgeting tool. Although Brigit's basic membership is free, it does not allow you access to all of the site's features.

Brigit Plus is a monthly fee of $9.99 that gives you fast access to cash advances anytime you need them.

Due to connectivity concerns, Brigit does not work with Chime, Capital, NetSpend, or Varo.

However, several users have complained that while it may work for certain previous users, it no longer supports new users owing to network problems.


Possible is only available in 20 states, and you must have a state-issued ID, three months of transaction history, and a positive checking account balance to qualify.

Fees vary by state, and you can borrow up to $500 with various payments spread out over several pay periods.

This tool allows you to establish a credit history by reporting to the three major credit agencies.

Why do Some Cash Advance Apps not Work with Chime?

Some ACH e-check payments aren't accepted by Chime, and some payment apps aren't compatible with Chime since they're sponsored by an enterprise. That means you can only utilize the service if your employer is a partner and offers it as a perk to employees.

Why is a Cash Advance App better than a Payday Loan?

Cash advance applications are simple to use and set up, and you can get your money right now with only a few taps on your phone.

They provide you with a near-constant infusion of cash till your next paycheck arrives.

They also don't charge loan sharking costs or have exorbitant interest rates like traditional payday lenders, and some even help pay expenses and provide a safety net to cover costly overdraft fees.

Payday loans' high interest rates make repayment impossible, leading to the need for a second — and third-, and fourth—ans.

A payday lender's interest rate on a short-term loan might be as high as 600 percent.

Best of all, you won't have to deal with any unwanted or threatening phone calls because your debt is automatically withdrawn from your account at the end of the next pay month.

Frequently Asked Questions

What cash advance apps work with Chime?

Cash advance apps that work with Chime include; Albert, Cleo, Empower, Varo, MoneyLion, Dave, Branch, and Klover.

Can I get a cash advance with Chime?

Yes, you can get a cash advance with Chime. You typically get a cash advance when you use your Credit Builder Card to withdraw cash at an ATM

Final Thoughts

Cash advance apps, often known as payday advance apps, allow you to borrow money from your previous paycheck before your next payment.

They're also known as earned or early salary access apps, and they're a digital version of a payday loan company.

While this is a less expensive alternative to payday loans, you should avoid making this a habit.

It can be harmful to your long-term personal finance goals and lead to a debt trap if it becomes a habit.

You may look into a longer-term solution like credit counseling or a budgeting app (Mint is a good option).

And, before you use any cash advance app, be sure to read each app's review and general web reputation before choosing to work with them.


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