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Camtel Cameroon Free Unlimited Internet with High and Stable Speed 2022

Free internet Camtel Cameroon is still possible. All depends on the way you see it. Download this Config Now, Click Start and browse freely no limits!

 Free internet has become gold lately and through the past months, it has become even tougher for people to live without free internet. Getting free internet now isn't that obvious especially in countries where free internet has been limited or where they have blocked some loop holes for that gives access to the internet without subscription.

Today, we have put our focus on the ISP Camtel Cameroon which is one of the ISPP that gives access to the internet for free. 

camtel cameroon free internet trick with high and stable speed using your freedom vpn

In our recent posts on free internet, we have talked on free internet with Orange Cameroon, free internet with orange Benin, Free Internet with YooMee Cameroon. You can also, check out more free internet tricks in our Free Internet Library.

It is really important for you all to note that this is the only free internet available with Camtel Cameroon though there is another trick which is slower than this but put in mind that this is the most reliable trick.

So in today's article, we will be giving you free internet trick for Camtel Cameroon with high and stable speed.

What is Free Internet?

Free internet is a set of means or methods used to access the internet for free without subscription to any data plan by the use of certain internet protocols and tools such as VPN, Proxies, SSH and many more.

With free internet, you don't have to think of your internet bundle when streaming, you stream at ease. 

Talking of free internet, we have limited and unlimited tricks. Limited free internet tricks are those tricks that give you free internet with a specific bandwidth daily. On the other hand, unlimited free internet tricks are those that get you connected to the internet giving you an unlimited access to the internet.

Unlimited free internet tricks are those that use tools such as VPN applications of which we can list Your Freedom, DroidVPN, Anonytun, HTTP Injector etc. We will have free internet with one of these tools in this trick.

So now lets look at how to get free internet with Camtel Cameroon

How to Get Free Internet with Camtel Cameroon

The free internet method we will be using today will imply the use of Your Freedom. Of course this is an updated Config that is known for its speed and stability of connectivity. We have covered several sections concerning Your Freedom VPN and how to set it up. Check this post to know how to setup Your Freedom VPN for optimal speed in any country.

So now let's get to our trick. Before se start, make sure you have ready, the below requirements.


  • Your Freedom VPN Client. Get it Here.
  • A Your Freedom Premium account. Contact me Here for one if you need an account.
  • Settings: You will get them below in the procedure section. Also, you can download the Config below


Step 1: Download Your Freedom VPN client and launch the application. Go to the Account tab and enter your Account Information (Username and Password). Click on Back.

Step 2: Go to Connection Tab, and set it up as below:

  • Your Freedom Server: ems06.your-freedom.de;,
  • Tweaks: None
  • Connection mode: DNS
  • Port: 53
  • DNS for tunnel connection: set manually
  • IP address:
  • DNS for applications: YF server's suggestion
Leave the Connection Options section all turn off. If there is any option turned on, switch it off.

Slide left to the other section still in the connection tab and set it up as below;
  • DNS mode: no direct conn: Switch it On
  • Case-insensitive DNS: Switch it On
  • DNS max tx interval: 1000
  • DNS min tx interval: 5000.0
  • DNS Domain: whatever works
  • DNS query type: WKS
Now you are done with the connection tab and make sure you set up your freedom rightly as shown in this article. 

Step 3: Now click on Start Connection. The connection time will take maximum 7 seconds to connect you to the server. Once connected, you can experience the high speed and stability of these updated settings.

The Below screenshot shows detail speed of Your Freedom using this config.

camtel cameroon free internet trick with high and stable speed using your freedom vpn

Alternatively, you can still download the extracted config file from the below link.

cfg Your-Freedom-Fast-Stable-Config.cfg Download

What is the Updated Tweaking in this Config Settings?

It takes a long time to understand how your freedom vpn turn around firewall restrictions and access the internet freely. When an ISP blocked an access of their loop holes or resolve loop holes from which your freedom vpn tunnels data, obviously, you wont have any free internet again and your freedom will no longer be able to access that data till a new loop hole is discovered.

This ISP recently limited the data flow from which your freedom tunnels using DNS. So the concerned ISP limited access of their date through the known DNS used for tunneling. 

So the solution and tweaking here is to redirect the connection to another DNS before redirecting to your Freedom Server. Which DNS is best than Google's DNS for such a job? So that's what is done in this config.


Above, we have provided you with the method on how to get free internet with Camtel Cameroon. Please note that at this moment, Your Freedom is the Only way which can let you browse the internet for free using Camtel Cameroon.

Beware of scammers everywhere that will lie to you about free internet tricks using camtel cameroon other than using your freedom at this moment. 

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • At the present time, we can't confirm there is a real working internet trick for MTN Cameroon, but Orange, YooMee and Camtel Cameroon have free internet tricks that are still working
  • We have published methods on how to get free internet with Orange Cameroon. Check it Here.
  • You can have free interenet with yoomee cameroon because this ISP has diverse ways whiwh you can use to access the internet. Check out this Free Internet trick with YooMee Cameroon.

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