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Orange Benin Free Unlimited Internet Trick

Download the Orange, MTN Benin and also Orange Cameroon config below. Import it in the VPN app and click on START then browse for free...

 Free internet is one of the coolest things that we have existing is today’s world especially when it is unlimited. Free internet is one of the highest search terms on most search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Most readers of this blogs know that free internet tricks is our main priority and we strive to provide free internet tricks for most African countries due to the crises they go through. So if you haven’t subscribed yet, please subscribe to this blog for internet tricks and If you have any recommendations, please write to us on our contact page and we will get to you as soon as we get your mail.

orange and mtn Benin freeness internet

We always see on many platforms people searching for free internet tricks, how to get free internet for a specific country and many more. Mostly we see search queries on how to get free internet with with orange Cameroon, how to get free internet with MTN Cameroon, how to get free internet with yoomee, how to get free internet with Camtel Cameroon, surf gratuit orange cm, internet surf gratuit mtn Cameroun and many more queries. If you will love to get any of these free internet tricks, please visit our free internet library. We have published free internet tricks for such queries. 

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We target Cameroon because it is our site of operation and 70% of people that get scammed on free internet tricks are from Cameroon because they are desperate to get free internet tricks that will be as fast as the OM Deals free internet trick that died in 2020. We promise you that we will come out with something bigger to satisfy your worries and need. That takes time because we are still working on good hints that can give something big. We solely advice all of you to be patient and subscribe to our Telegram channel to always be updated on any of our free internet tricks. For the main time while we are still preparing something big for you, we have provided manageable free internet tricks in our Free internet library. So check that out.

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Today, we will be posting a free internet trick for Orange and MTN Benin because one of our members in Benin came out with some instincts and tips and we finished the job and decided to publish it. So thanks to him, we can publish a Benin free internet trick with MTN and Orange.

So in today’s post, we will be talking of free internet with Orange and MTN Benin. Yes the trick will work for both ISPs.

What is Free Internet 

Free internet as the name says all is the act of browsing the internet for free without any bundle or without subscribing to any internet bundle. This is realized by the use of certain protocols that are known for bypassing restrictions placed by any ISP. Two connection methods are commonly known which are TCP and UDP. We often use VPNs and Injectors with Proxies to bypass these restrictions placed on UDP and TCP. 

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Today, with this Benin free internet trick, we will be using a UDP mode to bypass internet restriction on the concerned ISP. Hopefully, there is a suitable app we will use to do the job. The app is known on most of our free internet tricks. The application is called DroidVPN. We will be using DroidVPN with a stable config to get the trick working.

How to get free internet with Orange and MTN in Benin

As mentioned above, we will be using a VPN known as DroidVPN. DroidVPN runs with a set of protocols that when properly configure gets to work best but also it is known for its instability but we have optimized this config to make it stable. DroidVPN doesn’t only require a config but also requires a Premium account to work properly with a great speed because the free servers are slow and at times doesn’t connect. Contact me on Telegram to get a Premium account is you dont have one. To get free internet with Orange and MTN Benin, you will need some requirements and you will need to follow the procedure as it is given in this post.


  • Orange or MTN Benin SIM Card
  • Android device of at least 4.0 Android version
  • DroidVPN application
  • DroidVPN Config. Download it Here


Download DroidVPN application from the link below at the end of the post.

Now configure the Application as shown below;

Open the application and go to Settings >> UDP Settings

Set these settings at;

Tick Autoport Scan

Set Remote UDP Port : 600

Set Local UDP Port : 443

UDP Mode : Mode 1

Set TCount : 0

Set RCount : 14

Make sure you’ve set all the above settings as it is shown above. 

Now enter your premium account then enjoy free internet with orange and MTN Benin.

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Download DroidVPN Apk from the link below

APK DroidVPN.apk Download

Free Internet in Cameroon

We solely inform our Cameroon readers that there will be a free internet trick with Orange Cameroon later in the day or tomorrow. We ask you to be patient and wait for the trick and make sure you’ve subscribed to our Telegram Channel to be informed when the trick is ready.

We thank you all for your trust in us for it is it that makes us go further in bringing you new tricks.

Disclaimer: This free internet trick is for educational purposes only and AiM Tutorials isn't responsible for any misuse of its contents.

Note: Any reproduction of our tricks or pages without any proper linking back will have to face copyright take down. We have noticed sales of our Free internet tricks on many social platforms and we advice the authors to stop such acts.

On AiM Tutorials, we published each and every free internet tricks for free and we don't ask anything in return. So don't be misled and get scammed in our name because we don't sell tricks. So beware of scammers and Fraudsters.

Sharing is the key to build outstanding trusts. 

Stay tuned for more free internet tricks.

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