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Camtel Cameroon Free Internet Trick (Latest Update)

Camtel is a popular internet service provider in Cameroon. Find out how to get free internet with Camtel in Cameroon.
camtel cameroon free internet trick

Free internet is a real outstanding discover made in this century. Free internet helps us in doing many things online without having to pay anything for the internet charges. With free internet, you can download any of your favorite content online, stream contents online and stay connected 24/7.

Getting free internet is as hard as looking for money these days. But hopefully we are there to help you out. Our blog readers know that the main objective of this site is to publish free internet tricks for all countries.

Today we will be talking of free internet for Cameroon using Camtel network. This is actually the first post we are doing on the Camtel network and we strive at hitting the trick hard. For more tricks, please consider joining us on Telegram for more internet tricks. 

Free internet in Cameroon and most African countries such as Nigeria, Congo, Tchad, Benin and many more has been so difficult. But still, we assure you that a free internet trick for many other countries will be available on this blog so consider subscribing to the blog for more free internet tricks for your country.

Table of Contents

What is Free Internet?

Free internet is the act of connecting and navigating the internet for free. Accessing the internet at no charges applied by your network operator. This free internet isn’t archived easily but makes use of certain internet protocols that bypass your restriction limits to your network operator.

Meaning, bypassing the firewall placed between you and your internet provider that blocks your access to the internet when you don’t have any active bundle. When your internet bundle expires, you will immediately get disconnected from the data server till you subscribe once more for an internet bundle.

The protocols used for free internet are of various types some of which are proxies, VPN, SSH, USSD Codes etc. VPNs are the most common methods of connecting to the internet because the developer has made the work easier for us. We have the possibility to configure the VPN settings to the settings that will satisfy our need and easy access and to bypass restrictions. 

In some cases, we make use of hosts and some other cases, we dont use hosts. A host is the target where the data back flow will be established. We generally exploit hosts for possible data leakages and if it is exploitable then not only we will be able to get free internet, but more other informations will be gotten of which I wouldn’t mention here for security purposes.

To read more more on free internet, click on the link below. 

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What is Free Internet in Cameroon?

Free internet in Cameroon is achieved the same way as in other countries. Each ISP in Cameroon has improved their security level and so free internet in Cameroon has become difficult to get.

So as free internet in Cameroon has become difficult to get especially as the disappearance of the last freesurf in Cameroon known as OM Deals, free internet in Cameroon has become a commercial topic of which people use as a pretext to get money and the desperate people get scammed when the keep on asking it all over.

I’ve receive many complaints on Telegram and I want to inform all of you reading this post to keep calm and stay updated on this blog because all free internet tricks will always be published on this blog. Note that on this blog, you will always get internet tricks for free. 

How to Get Free Internet in Cameroon

There are many methods now existing and still alive of getting free internet in Cameroon some of which are our free internet tricks recently published on this blog you can check our free internet library for more.

We are out today with another trick on getting free internet with Camtel Cameroon. The method is as simple as the other free internet tricks on this blog. 

Free Internet with Camtel Cameroon

As earlier said, this free internet trick is as easy as the other free internet tricks available on this blog. We will be using a 3rd party VPN Provider known as Your Freedom.

Your Freedom runs with a various set of protocols that encrypt connection from their servers and serve all its users world wide that posses a premium account.

Using Your Freedom is even easier when you already have a config. So you quickly understand that I will be sharing a premium config which is the one I personally use for connection. 

If you wish to know how to create your own Your Freedom Config and know more of your freedom click the below quoted text.

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To get started with the trick, you will need some requirements which are listed below;


  • An Android or PC Device
  • Your Freedom APK.
  • Ping & Net APK.
  • Your Freedom config (will be shown how to get it below)
  • Your Freedom Premium Account : Contact me for one by clicking Here


When you assure yourself that you’ve gotten all the above given requirements, then you can proceed with the trick below.

Step 1: Download and Open Your Freedom application version from the Here or from the link below. ( Make sure you download the appropriate version from the link provided in order to make the trick matching and fluid. 

Step 2: Once you open the application, skip the wizard pop up and click on Configure. You will see a list of tabs. Click on General and there, click on Enable expert mode (more settings).

Step 3: Go back to the list of tabs and click on Account Information and on the next screen, enter your account login details. If you dont have a premium account, just contact me via telegram and I’ll get a account ASAP for you. Contact me Here.

Step 4: On the tab list page, click on Connection. This is the most important part because your connection speed will depend on the settings you apply here. Follow the order below and put exactly what you see in the application on your site.

First Section Settings;

Server Connection

  • Your Freedom Server: ems06.your-freedom.de;,
  • Tweaks: None
  • Connection mode: DNS
  • Port: 53

DNS Settings

  • DNS for tunnel connection: set manually
  • If address:
  • DNS for applications: YF server’s suggestion

Connection Options

  • Avoid using DNS: Off
  • Enable encryption: On
  • Enable re-keying: Off
  • Block IPv6 side channel: On
  • Block IPv6 DNS resolution: On

Second Section Settings;


Leave it as it is. Do not edit.

Protocol specific

  • Avoid EDNS: Off
  • DNS mode no direct conn.: On
  • Case-insensitive DNS: On
  • DNS max tx interval: 1000
  • DNS min  tx interval: 5000.0
  • EDNS max payload: Don’t change anything there
  • DNS tx adaptation factor: 2.0
  • DNS Domain: whatever works
  • DNS query type: WKS

Make sure you’ve successfully done all the edits mentioned above and make sure you recheck the settings and compare with what is on this site. 

If you don’t understand the settings please read this post to know how these settings work.

Step 5: Go back to the welcome screen and click on Start Connection. Immediately you’ll see an uplink and downlink band pings and you will get connected to the server at maximum 10 seconds. This is my personal config and it is very fast you all can use that.

How can I improve the speed of Your Freedom Connection?

If you are here meaning you want a better speed than the fast one you already got. To get improve your freedom vpn connection speed, you need to play a little with the DNS min and max tx intervals that are found in the connection tab making sure to keep the DNS max tx interval relatively low than the DNS min to interval.

Make sure you don’t pass the given values for those are the maximum values you will get considerable speed. So play with the values small than each interval given and compare the speed ranges.

Important: Make sure you download the appropriate versions of the Your Freedom application from the link given below. The trick will be even better with this version of the app. So make sure you get it from the link below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy Camtel data?

You can buy Camtel data from Switchn, which is an authorized partner for airtime top up.

How do I check my Camtel Internet balance?

Enter *825*1# or *825# in your phone dialer. A message will be displayed on the screen. You will then receive an SMS with information about your internet balance. You can also get your data balance by dialing 124 and following the voice instructions.

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