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Orange Cameroon Free Internet Trick (Latest Update)

Orange Cameroon is a popular internet service provider in the country. Find out how to get free internet with Orange.
orange cameroon free internet trick

Free Internet is one of the commonly searched term nowadays and has become very rare and difficult to get. The main aim of this blog is to provide readers adequate tricks and method to browse the internet for free.

It’s almost obvious that we published most tricks for Cameroon because this is one of the countries that suffer a lot from this torture and that we easily have access for proper researches on its numerous ISPs which are MTN, Orange, Camtel, YooMee, and Nexttel.

Most people ask for free internet with MTN Cameroon, Free internet with Orange, Free Internet with Camtel, Surf gratuit avec Camtel. 

I have to say, all these Internet Providers had system faults which once nourished all users with free internet but today, that is no longer possible especially for ISP that have filtered ports and static response.

But still we find some ways to get to the internet for free with some of this networks. Click here to view our Free Internet Tricks library for all countries.

In today’s, post, I will be giving you readers Free Internet with Orange Cameroon.

Table of Contents

What is Free Internet

As always in each and every one of our free internet posts, we will always give a brief description to free internet. Free internet is a common term elected by users which is defined as a means of accessing the internet without paying for any data a subscribe to any data bundle.

That is, bypass restrictions set by any ISP that is known as target with a set of rules (VPN, Proxies, SSH) which are the common bypassing methods.

Free Internet is only possible and vulnerable and exploited targets (host) but still, there are some Censureship tunnelers that gives us access to servers without host required. Here we talk of Psiphon and K-Phon Mini.

What is Free Internet In Cameroon?

Free internet in Cameroonians just obviously same as in other countries. Free internet in Cameroon use mostly the use of hosts that can be exploited for possible tunneled connections. Most free internet tricks without the use of host is known to be slow as many of us know when it comes to slow DNS.

Is Free Internet Possible in Cameroon?

Yes. Free internet in Cameroon is very well possible. But injection with host is temporarily unavailable so most Cameroon users makes use of special VPN providers such as Your Freedom and DroidVPN that gets them connected to the internet just with the use of a Premium account.

These VPN Providers are also available for all other countries along the globe and with good configs, they work just perfectly.

In today’s post, we will be dealing with DroidVPN and I will provide you all with an updated stable config for this VPN.

How to Get Free Internet with Orange Cameroon?

The steps of getting this free internet trick is as simple as all the other free internet tricks provided on this blog. Just follow the steps given in the config file you will download below and all will be good for you. But before, you need some requirements to get started.


  • Orange Cameroon SIM Card with zero data
  • Android device of at least 5.0.1 (Very important for speed)
  • DroidVPN application from PlayStore
  • DroidVPN Config


As always, from some recent days, we have decided to provide or configs for download available for every members directly from our site. This is just a security precaution for both our readers and us. Below you can download the config file and follow the instructions given in the file.

Orange Cameroon Free Internet Config Download

Download the orange free internet config below. Note, if you wish to request for a free internet trick for your country, then contact us from our contact page with some specific information so we can help you out for the exploit.

Orange Cameroon DroidVPN New Config.txt 200kb

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate my Orange Internet?

You can activate your orange internet by dialing #145# in your phone's dialer.

How do I get unlimited data on Orange?

You can use free internet tricks for browing freely without limits on Orange Cameroon network. We got plenty of tricks in our library starting by the one on this page.

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