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Orange Cameroon Free Internet Updated Config

Download the VPN below and launch it. Configure it as shown below and click on START to initiate the free internet injection process then browse free.

 As promised in our previous post, we are here back with another free internet trick for our fellow Cameroon blog readers. We always do our maximum to get out with free internet tricks for most countries we can easily have access to and our free internet tricks are mostly for Cameroon because our work lab is located there and we have various resources for testing our free internet tricks with Cameroon users who later return us the feedback before we publish the trick on this blog. 

So rest assured because each and everyone of the free internet tricks published here on this blog are working till they get blocked by the concerned ISP.

orange cameroon free unlimited internet updated config

If you have any hints on any ISP that you will love to get an assist for working on, then just contact us in our Telegram group or directly on our contact page and we will get back to you and assist you. Also do check our free internet tricks library for more free internet tricks available on our blog. 

Free internet is really one of the cool stuffs we have the privilege to use these days especially after the discovery of the numerous things the internet has to offer to us. We follow many courses online, Stream online, do downloads and all of these demands internet connection. Free internet has facilitated us the work and expenditure for buying internet bundles from our various ISPs. 

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We solely warn everyone reading this article or any of the articles on our blog that we are not out to sell our tricks, we share them out for free and don’t buy any trick out there in the name of AiM Tutorials. It is and will never be us. We first urge at sharing our internet tricks and many more other tutorials present on this blog for free to reach out a maximum audience of people that cannot afford to buy them out there where they are sold on various platforms including on Telegram.

In today’s posts, we will be sharing the free internet trick with Orange Cameroon which is simply an updated method of the previous one given on this blog. This config is an update because we found a way to stabilise the free internet connection. So continue reading to get the trick and method to stabilize the free internet connection.

What is Free Internet

Free internet is an act of obtaining the internet connection for free which is done by the use of USSD Codes, VPN, Proxies etc. These methods are known as internet protocols that use a wide range of connection modes to get any of the user utilizing the method connected to the internet. These connection modes are mostly TCP, UDP, SSL/TLS etc. The most common protocol and method used on Android is VPN and on PC the easiest method is with proxies. 

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VPN are applications that run on specific servers for a specific connection request type. Each VPN is dedicated to a set of precise servers for every handshake request by the client. We commonly know SSL/TLS handshake that was once a mode of connection for free internet in Cameroon with OM deals. Here applications known for such actions are HTTP Injector, Anonytun VPN, ComboVPN etc...

Also, we also have TCP and UDP which are direct connections to servers and also requires a premium access to servers to work properly. Here we talk of applications that do the job such as DroidVPN.

So now the question is, how can i get free internet with orange Cameroon? Well let’s see that below.

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Free Internet with Orange Cameroon

As mentioned above this is an update to the free interne tricks we have been publishing on Orange Cameroon. The VPN we will be using is know as DroidVPN due to its sustainability on servers and fast connection That’s why we’ve target the app for our previous works on free internet. With droid vpn, you will just need a good config and a premium account and you will be connected to the internet at a blink of a eye.

To get the free internet trick with Orange Cameroon, you will need to make sure you have the following requirements. Make sure you take note of the requirements that will be mentioned below.


  • An Android device running on Android version 5.0 at least
  • An Orange Cameroon SIM Card
  • Droid VPN config (Download it below)
  • Droid VPN premium account ( Contact me on Telegram if you will like to purchase one)
  • Terminal Emulator (Can be downloaded below)


Download DroidVPN Application from the below link and launch the VPN. 

Open the application and click on Settings. Now click on UDP Connection Settings. 

Configure it as you see in the below. Remove any previous settings you already have and configure it as you will see below.

For security purposes, I’ve decided to put the config in a file that you can easily download from the link given below. Please make sure you use the precise settings of the config so that the trick will work completely without any ambiguity. Everything and all steps are details explained in the config.

Don’t forget to put in your account

Download Orange Cameroon Free Internet Updated Config

Now, all you need is to download the orange  Cameroon free internet updated config and get started with the trick. To download this config, click on the dedicated download link below for the config.

How to Stabilize this Free internet trick with Orange Cameroon (Update)

This is the final part of the config which consists of stabilizing the free internet trick with the config you have downloaded above. So follow the explanation and method below to know how to stabilize the free internet trick with Orange Cameroon.

As you have seen in the config, the mode we use for this free internet trick is UDP which is as explained above a simple connection mode whose connection time varies on a wide range of ports. That’s why the VPN keeps on disconnecting and reconnecting (instability). So the only way to stabilise this config is to redirect the connection  on a specific ping of a particular IP. 

How is that possible? Hopefully developers have developed android terminals that will make the job be even easier for us. So we will be using a terminal that will redirect the VON connection to the Ping running in the terminal in background. 

The terminal we will be using is known as Terminal Emulator which can be downloaded from the link below. Note that this application is essential for the stabilization to work perfectly.

I’ve tested a wide range of Terminal Emulators and concluded that this Terminal Emulator is the best in stabilization for this connection mode. SO make sure you download the Terminal Emulator from the link given below.

So the steps to perform this stabilisation are as follows;

  • Download Terminal Emulator from the link below
  • Configure DroidVPN ad shown in the config you’ve downloaded and click on START to connect.
  • Once connected, Open Terminal Emulator you will download below.
  • You will be presented a fresh window. 
  • Now type ping google.com
  • This will redirect the DroidVPN Connection to google.com IP and as such, will stabilise the connection.
  • You can use any other ping but I solely advise you to use google.com because it is a very active ping because queries are being made on its IP and servers. So it is constantly active which will keep your connection alive.
  • When yo type the command given above, you will see some lines of ping similar to that below
Configuration surf gratuit illimité orange cameroun

Download Terminal Emulator From the link below and get started to browse the internet with high and stable speed.

So that’s it for the free internet updated config and stabilization. Don’t forget to share with friends so they can profit of the update too. 

We always shoot high tutorials and tricks for our readers satisfaction. That’s why we work day and night to come out with the best free internet trick. If you love our work and wish to encourage, please contact us directly on Telegram and donate your support and we will be more than happy to receive it because researches on such tricks cost a lot and demands much time.


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