Unlimited Torrent Leeching Trick | No File Size Limit 2020

Torrent Leeching Trick

It's quite difficult to find torrent leeching sites that can leech our torrents files of huge sizes without us having to pay anything. In most cases you will have to pay for a subscription plan. Some are free but offer little leeching sizes of at most 2GB, we find sites such as seedr.cc and bytebx.com. So guys, in this tutorial, I will show you a trick that will change your life concerning torrent leeching today. I will show you a trick better than bytebx premium account and seedr.cc premium account I will show you how you can create your own torrent leeching site.

Many have been asking me on YouTube "how to create a torrent leeching site, how to leeching unlimited sizes of torrent, how to leech torrent without bytebx and seedr" some even ask "how to bypass the 2GB limit of bytebx and seedr" Well guys don't search anymore for this is the solution for you.

Just continue reading to get the trick.

torrent leeching websites

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 What is a torrent file?

A Torrent file is an extension file for Bittorent file formats used by Bittorrent clients applications.

Torrent contains points and text for point trackers for successful download from distributors which are commonly known as torrent seeders and requests or requesting clients commonly known as torrent leechers.


The requirements aren't that too specific. They are as follows:

  1. Node
  2. Some Commands
  3. Good Internet Connection

Procedure and Steps to Follow

  • Download Node From Here
  • Once you download Node, Install it.
  • After Node Installation, Run Windows Powershell Admin (Windows 10) or Command Prompt Admin (Windows 7,8) and execute the following command
npm install -g peerflix-server

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  • Now type and run 
torrent leeching

  • Now Open your browser and head on to the address "localhost:9000 or" and you will get something like the below image

unlimited torrent leeching websites

  • In the first indication above, you can put in the magnet link of any torrent of your choice and the second is to browse and upload the torrent file to be leached and it will start leaching automatically and you will be able to download your files after few seconds by clicking on the name of the file which will just be below.
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Important Notice:

  • The progress bar is not the leeching process but it is the upload process of your file to the peerflix-server you hosted locally using the command above.

That's the simple trick on how to leach unlimited torrent file sizes on a local server or how to create your own torrent leaching website.

As for the trick on how to leech torrent files with telegram, I will soon be uploading it so suscribe to the blog to be updated when I upload that.

I have made a video tutorial on that. So check it out for application part if you face any difficulties with the written version

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