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How to Install Windows 10 on any Android and Tablet

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Installing Windows 10 on Android and Tablets

Many users world wide now both use Android and Microsoft Windows 10 OS and most of our tutorials are based on those operating systems. Now that brought us to the idea of bringing those two OS together on an Android device for we know how to use android on PC using bluestacks or new cloud method we just upload some few weeks ago.

Have you ever thought of using Windows OS on android? Not using a Windows 10 application for that but directly installing the Microsoft Windows 10 on your android device? You might be asking yourself if that is possible. Well, that is very possible. 

Also with this trick, you will be able not only to install Windows 10 OS on android, but you‘’lol be equally able to install all the other Microsoft Windows OS on your Android device. The android device here can be your Android Phone or Android Tablet. It would work on any of those.

Getting Started for the Tutorial

In this tutorial, I will be showing you two steps which are: to install Windows OS on your android and  to revert this installation back to your normal Android OS.

Important: OS here means Operating System ie the system in which your device runs.

Install windows 10 on android


  • An Android Device (Mobile Phone or Tablet) of at least 4.4 and above
  • A Windows PC (Laptop or Desktop)
  • A Working and reliable USB Cable (If damaged during the process, your device OS might get broken)
  • A fluent and good Internet connection.
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Steps to Install Windows 10 on Android

Make sure you’ve gotten all the requirements listed above and if you’ve gotten them, then follow the steps below.
  • On your android device head on to the Settings app
  • Scroll up to Developer Options. However, it can be obvious some of you don’t yet see the Developer Options. So to be able to see that, go the the About Phone tab in the settings and scroll up till you find the Build In Number. Click on the Build in number 7 times till you receive a message saying “you are now a developer
  • Go back to the settings main menu and you will now find the developer options there. Click on it and locate the USB Debugging option there and switch it on.
  • Once you’ve done that, you can now get started to work on your PC.
  • On your PC, open your browser and click here to download change my software.
  • Once you’ve downloaded the software, install it.
  • Now before proceeding, you will need the Android ADB drivers to continue. Without these drivers, you won’t be able to establish a connection bridge between your Android Device and your PC. So this step is a primordial step.
  • After installing the drivers, plugin your Android to your PC using an android USB Cable.
  • Launch the Change my Software and select Android —> Windows (XP/7/8/8.1/10) depending on the OS version you would like to be installed on your android.
  • If you followed the steps well, you can click on continue.
  • Now select your Language. This language is the language which your Windows OS will be using.
  • Now the download will automatically start and windows drivers will equally start downloading and note that this step requires a good internet connection.
  • Once download finished, you can select to dual-boot or skip. The dual-boot option is to allow the two OS run in your phone ( ie Windows and Android ) or if you don’t want to dual boot, you can choose Remove Android which will remove your Android OS from your device. However, you can still use the dual-boot.
  • At this stage, the windows OS installation should begin. Don’t unplug your android from your PC or interrupt the installation. Let it be!
  • Once the installation of Windows features is complete, your android device will reboot automatically. Don’t be scared, it’s normal.
  • Now an option will be displayed to you asking you to choose the OS you would like your device to boot in every time it starts up that is the Android or Windows OS. This option might not be asked for those who selected the Remove Android option earlier. And now you are good to go. 
So now if you want to revert this installation back to your normal android OS, then follow the below steps.

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Steps to Revert the installation of Windows OS on Android

  • Connect back your Android device to to your Computer where the installation was done.
  • Now open the Change my software application and select the Restore to Original Condition
  • Once you choose that, it will take some time and when it completes, your Android Device will boot to its Original State, that is, carrying its Original Firmware.
Enjoy this trick and please share to support us with the below share buttons. Thanks.

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