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How to connect rdp on Windows 7,8,8.1,10

We are going to be using the windows built-in Remote Desktop Connection for thisOn your desktop, go to search and search for Remote Desktop Connection

Connect RDP On any Windows OS

Before going, lets talk a little on RDP.

What is RDP?

Remote Desktop Protocol more known as RDP in short form is a Microsoft Protocol Property which serves in providing users with a Graphical Interface to connect to a computer.

how to connect rdp on windows 10

In this tutorial, I will assume that you already have an RDP or VPS. If you don't have one and wish to get one for free, Read on the Free RDP post

How do I get a Free RDP?

MUST READ: How to get free rdp 2020

If you are looking for a means to get RDP for free then refer to our tutorial on that by clicking here.

How to connect a computer using RDP

We are going to be using the windows built-in Remote Desktop Connection for this. Nevertheless, you can still use remote desktop softwares such as Any Desk, Team Viewer etc. We will be connecting a local computer to a VPS Server through RDP. Note that for windows 10 users, you can only connect to a computer higher than the version you are using. That is you can only connect Windows 10 Profession, Windows 10 Enterprise

On your desktop, go to search and search for Remote Desktop Connection

how to connect rdp on windows 10

On the next window, you will get something similar to the image below. You put in the name of the computer you will want to connect to just as I did.

remote desktop software.

After putting in the name, on the next window you will be asked to provide a username and password for your rdp. 

how to connect rdp on windows 10

When you purchase an RDP, you will be provided with a name or IP, a username and a password for your RDP from your RDP provider. So use those details to connect to your RDP

Once you fill in your RDP details, you will be automatically logged in to your RDP graphical interface which will surely look as a windows PC. 

How do I connect rdp on Android? Connect to an Android Server.

Its is quite simple to connect rdp on your Android device. But there is no option in your settings permitting you to do that so what we do is we use browsers to connect to rdp. Not all browsers do that but the best browser to connect to rdp is Chrome Browser. 

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