Netflix New BIN With New Method 2020

Netflix New Bin 2020

If you are a Netflix passionate and lover but unfortunately you don’t have a Netflix premium account to follow up your TV shows and stream on Netflix for free then this is the solution for you. No worries about that anymore, today I will share with you a new method to have Netflix premium accounts and together a working BIN.

Netflix working bin 2020

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Netflix is a streaming service with allows us to watch our favorite shows just at a cost of a dime but some of us don't have that dime and will also love to get the Netflix premium for free. Now the question we commonly ask is how to get Netflix premium account for free? There are two common methods that are used to get netflix premium account for free. They are: Cracking and Free trials using what we call BINs.
Many usually go after the BIN method because we wouldn't have yo buy any tools. The difficult part in it is how to get working bin precisely how to get a netflix premium bin and how to bypass otp verification for netflix. In this tutorial, we will be dealing with the method that goes in with BIN and how to bypass that otp verification in just a blink of an eye. The BIN and method + OTP bypass are provided below.

To start here is the Netflix working BIN

“BIN - 519404”
“Zip code - 10010 or 10080”
“VPN - NordVPN, VyprVPN, ExpressVPN, etc”
“Browser - Firefox, Chrome, Safari (Private Navigation)”

Netflix premium account

Now you got the BIN and requirements, below is the method.

This method consists of two steps:

Step 1:

  • Go to Godaddy make sure your IP is set to USA (Use VPN). Get a virtual phone number from there using the BIN 650983. Please note that this BIN is for your virtual phone number. 
  • You don’t need to use a CC generator to generate phone numbers. Just fill in the first six digits of bin and add some suggested figures at the end.
  • Once you’ve completed the above steps, Install Godaddy Smartline application then login.

Step 2:

  • Now open your web browser on Private Navigation and go to Netflix sign up for an account and when you reach the payment page, open a new tab in the private navigation and generate the CC/Exp/CCV informations from the first bin quoted above.
  • You will need a CC generator and checker for that. You can find those in my Telegram channel 
  • Copy those information and paste in the payments page and then proceed on to the phone number verification page. 
  • Not that all these steps should be done on IP USA.
  • Put your number you got from Godaddy and you will receive a message from Netflix with your OTP code which you will use to access Netflix. 
  • Always remember that this BIN wouldn’t last long and so will expire soon so profit as much as you can.
  • Also note that the account created will last only for the 30days trial period. 
Once you've completed the above steps, you are now set with your free Netflix premium account but note that this account will only be valid for 1 month period so you can stream and watch on any device for that 1 month period.

An Alternative Method for Netflix Premium

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a method on watch netflix premium for free for lifetime, then watch this complete video below and you will be able to watch netflix premium anytime anywhere just with your PC.


Enjoy!!! And if you have any worries, you can always put them in the comments section below and I will be glad to help you out if I can.