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Finding Walgreens ATM Near Me: A Complete Guide

Looking to withdraw cash at a nearby Walgreens store? Find out what Walgreens stores near you have ATMs
walgreens atm near me

Walgreens is a one-stop shop for many of our daily needs, from prescriptions and groceries to beauty products and greeting cards. But did you know you can also withdraw cash at many Walgreens locations? Their ATMs, provided by the Allpoint network, offer a convenient way to access your money without having to go to your bank.

However, not all Walgreens have ATMs, and navigating potential fees requires some know-how. This blog post will equip you with steps to locate a Walgreens ATM near you and help you make informed decisions about using it.

How to Find a Walgreens ATM Near You

The easiest way to find a Walgreens with an ATM near you is to use the store locator tool on the Walgreens website. This tool lets you locate any Walgreens store nearby and narrow down your search to display only locations with ATMs.

walgreens atm near me

To find a Walgreens ATM near you:

  1. Go to the Walgreens store locator on their website.
  2. The tool will automatically detect your location (grant location permission if required) and display nearby stores.
  3. Narrow down your search to only display locations with ATMs by navigating to "Filters>>Conveniences" and selecting ATM, then tap Apply.
  4. You'll be shown a list of nearby store locations with ATMs.
  5. Just click on any location to get directions and withdraw your cash.

Tip! Since Walgreens ATMs are managed by the Allpoint network, you can also use the Allpoint ATM locator to find Walgreens locations with ATMs in your area.

Final Thoughts

Walgreens ATMs can be a convenient way to access cash, especially if you find a location that participates in your bank's Allpoint surcharge waiver program. However, it's always a good idea to check for potential fees before using one. By considering the tips above, you can find the most cost-effective way to withdraw cash when you need it.

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