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Who Accepts PayPal Pay in 4? A Comprehensive List

PayPal Pay in 4 offers flexibility at the checkout when shopping. Here's a list of stores accepting Pay in 4.
who accept paypal pay in 4

PayPal Pay in 4 is an increasingly popular option for those craving flexibility at checkout. This handy service lets you split your online purchases into manageable bi-weekly installments, making it easier to budget for bigger expenses.

Many stores offer this service as a payment method. Let's see what stores accept PayPal Pay in 4 as a payment method.

Who Accepts PayPal Pay in 4?

Millions of online merchants accept PayPal, but not all offer Pay in 4. PayPal Pay in 4 integrates seamlessly with your existing PayPal account. So, the real question is: can you use PayPal at checkout? If yes, there's a good chance you might be able to leverage Pay in 4 for that purchase.

Finding PayPal Pay in 4 Merchants

The good news is you can find stores accepting PayPal Pay in 4 on your own. It is very easy and straightforward and you don't need to explore every store for this. You just need to continue shopping as you usually do and proceed to the checkout then follow these steps:

  1. Select PayPal at the checkout (if the store accepts PayPal payments).
  2. You'll see the "Pay Later" option within PayPal.
  3. Look specifically for "Pay in 4" listed as a payment method, and select it.
  4. Get instantly approved for Pay in 4 and split the cost of your purchase.

Popular Stores Accepting Pay in 4

While I can't provide you with a complete list of stores that accept PayPal Pay in 4, here's a short comprehensive list of stores I've reviewed and confirmed that they do offer PayPal Pay in 4:

  • Best Buy
  • Target
  • Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Macy's
  • Home Depot
  • Lowe's
  • Staples

I'll keep this list updated as I continue to review more stores. So check back if you need to know more stores that accept Pay in 4.

Final Thoughts

While there isn't a complete list of stores accepting Pay in 4, you can hope to find Pay in 4 at the checkout of your favorite store. One great way to be sure about that is to visit an online store and shop as you usually do, then proceed to the checkout. If you find PayPal, scroll down to see if you will find Pay in 4 and if you do find it, then you can leverage its flexibility for your purchase.

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