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Finding Drive-Thru ATMs Near Me

Looking to leverage the convenience of a drive thru ATM for your cash withdrawals? Here's how to find a nearby drive thru ATM.
drive thru atm near me

Convenience is king nowadays. And when it comes to accessing your cash, there's nothing quite as handy as a drive-thru ATM.

These ATMs allow you to withdraw money, check balances, and even make deposits without leaving your car. While major US banks have thousands of ATM locations, it isn't always easy to locate one without proper guidance.

Let's see how you can easily locate a nearby drive-thru ATM.

Finding a Drive-Thru ATM Near You

There are several ways to locate a drive-thru ATM near you:

1. Through Your Bank or Credit Union Website

Most banks and credit unions list their ATM locations on their websites, often highlighting which ones have a drive-thru option.

2. Use ATM Locator Apps

There are many mobile apps, like those offered by Visa (Visa® Locator), Mastercard (Mastercard® ATM Locator), or your bank, that can help you find ATMs in your area. A couple of them will allow you to filter for drive-thru ATMs specifically.

3. Do a Simple Search

A simple search for "drive-thru ATM near me" can bring up results from banks, locator websites, and even mapping apps.

Or better still, you can directly open your Maps app (Google Maps on Android or Apple Maps on iOS) and search for drive-thru ATMs. The results you'll get will typically be similar to this:

drive thru atm

This is an easy way to find nearby drive-thru ATMs, especially if your banking app does not feature an ATM locator.

Drive Thru ATM Bank of America

Bank of America takes second when it comes to banks with the largest ATM network with over 16,000 ATM locations throughout the country. Bank of America features an ATM locator tool that lets you locate nearby ATMs.

drive thru atm bank of america

You can narrow down your search to filter only drive-thru ATMs which is perfect for those looking to leverage its convenience.

Chase Drive-Thru ATM

Chase has an ATM locator that lets you find nearby drive-thru ATMs. This tool lets you filter the results from a search into different categories.

chase drive thru atm

You can even filter an ATM search to "drive-thru" so the tool should provide you with the nearest drive-thru ATMs.

You can use this tool at your convenience whenever you need to get cash at any Chase ATM.

Wells Fargo Drive-Thru ATM Near You

Wells Fargo is one of the major US banks with the largest ATM network. And just like Chase, it features an ATM locator tool that lets customers locate nearby ATMs.

wells fargo drive thru atm

You can even filter the results and narrow your search to deliver only drive-thru ATM locations.

Benefits of Drive-Thru ATMs

  • Time-saving: No more wasting precious minutes searching for parking or waiting in line. Drive-thru ATMs are perfect for busy schedules.
  • Safety: Especially at night or in unfamiliar areas, drive-thru ATMs offer an added layer of security by allowing you to stay in your car.
  • Accessibility: Many banks and credit unions in the US offer drive-thru ATMs, making them widely available.
  • 24/7 access: Certain drive-thru ATMs operate alongside branches with extended hours, providing access to your cash even after traditional banking hours.

Things to Consider When Using a Drive-Thru ATM

  • Fees: Be aware of any potential fees associated with using a non-bank ATM. Some banks may charge a surcharge for using an out-of-network ATM, while others may reimburse these fees.
  • Daily Withdrawal Limits: Daily withdrawal limits may apply, so check with your bank beforehand if you need a large sum of cash.
  • Security: Always be aware of your surroundings and avoid using ATMs in poorly lit areas. Never share your PIN with anyone.

Final Thoughts

Drive-thru ATMs offer a convenient and secure way to access your cash on the go. While these ATMs are a time-saving option, especially for those on the go or who prioritize staying in their car, you should be mindful of the fees involved and always prioritize your security when accessing them.

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