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Finding PayPal ATM Near Me: A Complete Guide

Looking to withdraw funds from your PayPal debit card? Here's how to find a nearby ATM for free PayPal withdrawals.
paypal atm near me

Whether you're looking to equip yourself with cash or need to sort out an emergency, a nearby atm can be of help. 

Nowadays, ATMs are everywhere, and with the increasing popularity of mobile payment platforms like PayPal, consumers holding a PayPal debit card are more likely to withdraw funds at ATMs

While PayPal itself doesn't operate its own ATMs, you can still withdraw cash from your PayPal balance at ATMs.

Let's see how you can find nearby ATMs that will accept your PayPal debit card.

How To Locate PayPal ATMs Near Me

If you have a PayPal debit card, you can use it to withdraw money from your PayPal balance at any ATMs displaying Mastercard®, PULSE®, Cirrus®, or MoneyPass® logos.

In fact, you can make free ATM withdrawals from your PayPal debit card at any ATM that carries the MoneyPass logo—PayPal itself confirms this. Amazing right?

But first things first, you'll need to find a MoneyPass ATM. Thankfully, the MoneyPass website makes it easy to find nearby ATMs and lets you withdraw funds from over 61,000 ATMs located at various financial institutions and retail locations throughout the country.

Here's a snapshot of how it locates nearby surcharge-free ATMs.

moneypass atm locator

So to find a nearby PayPal ATM:

  1. Go to the MoneyPass ATM locator on the website.
  2. Enter your location and tap "Go".
  3. The tool will display all nearby ATM locations from which you can choose to make your surcharge-free withdrawals with your PayPal debit card.

You should keep in mind, however, that using your PayPal debit card to withdraw funds from an out-of-network ATM might incur service fees. Only MoneyPass ATMs let you withdraw funds from your PayPal balance without having to pay fees.

Final Thoughts

Finding a "PayPal ATM near me" requires knowing your options. While MoneyPass ATMs offer the best chance of fee-free withdrawals, you can always give a try to other out-of-network ATMs if you can't find a nearby MoneyPass ATM.

However, you need to be mindful that withdrawing funds from any ATM that does not carry the MoneyPass logo will incur fees.

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