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Is Venmo Safe To Use With Strangers? (Avoid This)

Venmo is generally not safe to use with strangers. Here's what you should know when using Venmo with strangers.
is venmo safe to use with strangers

Venmo is a popular payment service that typically recommends users to do business only with people they know and trust—that is, with friends and family.

Do you know why Venmo recommends this besides being one of the best and most secure payment services in the market? I guess you don't, right?

In today's piece, we'll see whether Venmo is safe to use with strangers.

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Is Venmo Safe To Use With Strangers?

No, Venmo is not safe to use with strangers.

Surely, Venmo uses the latest encryption technology to secure customers' accounts. However, this technology does not keep you safe from scammers.

Scammers can create fake Venmo accounts and get in contact with you to steal not only money but your financial information including your banking details.

There are many techniques scammers can use to trick you into a scam on Venmo, including romance scams, paper check scams, phishing, and even accidental money transfers.

So if you're dealing with a stranger on Venmo, always be cautious and never forget to verify their identity before exchanging anything concrete with them.

This goes for business owners who typically get paid through Venmpo—never forget to verify payment before delivering the good or service—since scammers can equally create fake Venmo payment screenshots.

Why is Venmo Not Safe To Use With Strangers?

There are a couple of reasons why Venmo is not safe to use with strangers, which include:

  • Lack of Fraud Protection: Venmo lacks the same level of fraud protection as other payment methods, such as credit cards. Scammers can create fake Venmo accounts or pose as legitimate users to trick others into unsafe actions.
  • Transfers are Instant: Venmo transfers appear almost instantly, but they are not normally verified for a few days. This makes it harder for banks to catch scammers who may be using stolen credit cards or bank accounts. If the real user files a credit card or fraud claim, the money sent to the scammer cannot be recovered.
  • Venmo is Anonymous: Venmo is more anonymous compared to other money transfer apps. Scammers can create fraudulent accounts or pretend to be legitimate users to request money. Venmo suggests using the app only for sending money to people you know.

Is There Any Risk in Giving Someone Your Venmo Name?

Giving someone you know and trust your Venmo name is safe. However, if you don't actually know that person and it happens that you just met yourselves through Venmo, I'll recommend you not share any personal details with them including your name.

If the person is a scammer, they'd impersonate your identity and start requesting money from all of your contacts posing themselves for you. So be careful.

If someone wants to know you more, there's social media for that—you don't need to know the person through Venmo.

Is It Safe To Give Someone Your Venmo Username?

Yes, it is generally safe to give someone you know your Venmo username. There's typically no major risk in sharing your Venmo username. The only risk is impersonation where the person might create a username similar to yours and start requesting money.

To stay on the safe side, don't share your Venmo username with people you don't trust.

Why is Someone Asking For My Email For Venmo?

If someone is asking for your email for Venmo, be cautious—especially if it's someone you don't actually know.

Besides, even if it is someone you know, do they really need your username? Even if it's to send money, they can do so through your Venmo username.

So why is that person asking for your email? The most obvious reason is to send you phishing emails and trick you into scams.

If someone you don't know insists on getting your email for Venmo, I recommend blocking the person and reporting that account to Venmo customer service.

Final Thoughts

Venmo is a popular payment service that advises users to only do business with people they know and trust on the platform.

That said, using Venmo with strangers isn't the best thing to do on Venmo—since it can lead you into a potential scam.

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