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Cash App Taking Money Without Permission? Do These Now

Is Cash App taking money from your account without permission? Find out why and what to do to secure your funds.
cash app taking money without permission

Is Cash App taking money from your account without your permission? Don't worry, your money is not gone, we'll see how to recover your funds in this guide.

There are just a lot of possibilities that could have led to this issue. And of course, you'll want to take immediate action to secure your finances.

While the Cash App secures users' accounts and transactions with end-to-end encryption, it's no new thing to see victims of scams on the platform.

However, if Cash App keeps taking money without permission, there are a few questions you should ask yourself, at the same time, asking yourself whether or not you willingly or unwillingly gave access to your Cash App account to someone.

To help you out, we've run some research, as per some user reports, and came out with possible reasons together with solutions to stop Cash App from taking money without permission.

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Why Is Cash App Taking Money Without Permission?

It is usually unlikely that Cash App takes money from users' accounts without their consent. However, something out of the ordinary on your account might primarily be the cause.

In most cases, the main reason why Cash App is taking money without permission from an account is because of unauthorized access to the account.

Another reason is when someone has your Cash App card and knows your PIN.

In this case, the person can withdraw money from your Cash App without permission.

However, users usually forget to consider the fact that they might have given access to their Cash App account willingly maybe to a friend or relative that can use the account for transactions on their end.

Moreover, Cash App may be taking money without permission if you set up bill payments on your account. In this case, we can say recurring payments are the cause.

Furthermore, Cash App may be taking money without permission from an account if there is a pending payment that hasn't been canceled.

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What To Do If Cash App Taking Money Without Permission?

Before knowing what to do if Cash App is taking money without permission from your account, it's important to check whether the issue can be caused by something accidentally occurring from your end or you're a victim of a scam.

That said, here's what to do if Cash App is taking money without permission.

1. Check for Recurring Transfers and Bill Payments

Let's not just think of the negative side of this. Think well if you did not set a recurring payment on your Cash App account.

Recurring payments are those transfers that are set to be sent on a scheduled date.

Check to see if you set recurring payments on your Cash App account.

If you set up automatic bill payments on your Cash App account, then you'll be debited for your bill payments depending on how you set the automatic bill pay.

This is an important, but less regarded reason why Cash App is taking money without permission from an account.

2. Change Your Password And Enable Two-Factor Authentication

If someone has access to your account or knows your password or Cash PIN, they can easily carry out transactions on your account without your consent.

With that said, when you notice Cash App taking money without permission from your account, the first thing you'll want to do is to change your password and Cash PIN. Doing this will prevent the person behind this from accessing and carrying out unauthorized transactions from your account.

To add an extra layer of security to your account, consider enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) for your Cash App account. While hackers can bypass 2FA, it wouldn't be an easy task, though. With this enabled, all transactions through your account will require an extra authentication from you before being processed.

After doing this, you can begin carrying out your investigations on why Cash App was taking money without permission from your account by exploring the next tips below.

3. Check Your Activity Feed

Checking your activity is the second thing you'll want to do when Cash App is taking money without permission. This section of your account reports all transactions made throughout your account and if you notice frequent transactions out of the ordinary on your account, you should definitely find it reported in your activity feed.

With that said, check your activity feed for any transaction you did not authorize and if you find one or more transactions you didn't authorize, then report the transaction to Cash App support immediately.

4. Cancel Any Pending Transaction

If someone has access to your Cash App account or Cash Card, the person can do lots of transactions without your permission and you'll only notice it when you're getting debited by Cash App.

Cash App Card transactions usually go through 3 phases once they are processed:

  1. Temporary Authorization.
  2. Void.
  3. Capture

The Capture phase is the phase that determines whether or not your transactions can be completed.

If you notice any unauthorized Cash Card payment to a specific merchant, Cash App recommends users contact the merchant immediately to cancel the transaction.

If the transaction is still pending, it should even be easier to cancel the transaction.

To cancel an unauthorized Cash App payment to a merchant:

  1. Tap on the Activity tab on your Cash App home screen.
  2. Select the payment
  3. Tap "Completed."
  4. Tap "Need Help?"
  5. Tap "Call Merchant."

You should receive a refund on your Cash App account in 10 business days once you cancel the transaction.

Furthermore, if someone has access to your Cash Card and knows your Cash App Card PIN, the person can withdraw money from your Cash App without permission.

In this case, I recommend you reset your Cash App PIN and apply for a new Cash Card right away.

If you checked your activity feed and just noticed an unauthorized transaction to another user, then you can cancel the transaction if the payment receipt displays a cancel option.

To cancel an unauthorized Cash App payment to another user:

  1. Tap the Activity tab on the Cash App home screen
  2. Select the payment in question
  3. Tap ". . ."
  4. Select "Refund."
  5. Press "OK."

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5. Dispute the Transaction

If the transaction is marked as completed, then filing a dispute for the transaction is the best thing to do in order to get a refund.

Cash App lets you file a dispute for a transaction if you've contacted the merchant for a transaction you don't recognize on your account but found no solution.

You can even file a dispute for a recurring subscription on Cash App if you notice it is taking money without permission for a subscription renewal.

To file a dispute on Cash App:

  1. Open the Cash App on your mobile device.
  2. Tap the "Activity" tab on your Cash App home screen.
  3. Select the transaction in question and tap the "" in the top right corner of the screen.
  4. Select "Need Help & Cash App Support."
  5. Tap "Dispute this Transaction."

After you file a dispute, Cash App will file a dispute with the card network.

The merchant will be given time to review the transaction.

After gathering the facts, the card network will make a final decision and you will be notified of the final decision of the dispute.

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6. Check Among Your Friends and Relatives

If you willingly gave access to your Cash App account to a friend or relative to complete a specific transaction, then it is a good thing you try to ask them if they have used your Cash App account for transactions other than the one you authorized.

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7. Contact Cash App Support

If you've tried out the aforementioned methods and none of them helped you stop Cash App from taking money without permission from your account, then as a last resort, you'll need to contact Cash App support for assistance.

To contact Cash App support:

  1. Tap the profile icon in Cash App
  2. Select Support
  3. Select Start a Chat and send a message

Once you contact Cash App support, briefly explain what's going on with your account and what you think you've done that might be causing the issue and they'll best help you out.

Can Someone Take Money From Your Cash App Without Permission?

Yes, someone can take money from your Cash App without permission if the person has access to your account.

If the person has your Cash App password, then they can easily access your account and take money from it without your permission.

How Do I Stop Someone From Taking Money From My Cash App?

If you notice someone is taking money from your Cash App, the first thing you'll want to do is stop them and you can do so by restricting access to your account by setting up Two-Factor Authentication for your account and changing your Cash PIN.

What Will Cash App Do For Unauthorized Transactions?

If Cash App notices an unauthorized transaction on your account, it will block or decline the transaction and if the violation is severe, it might limit the account associated with the transaction.

Depending on the transaction, Cash App may send you a notification asking you to confirm whether you recognize the declined transaction within your app.

How to Recognize and Avoid Scams to Keep Your Money Safe On Cash App

Cash App recommends users follow the best practices below to stay safe from scams:

  1. Only send payments to people who you trust
  2. Verify and double-check all recipient information before sending any payment to confirm you are sending money to the correct person
  3. Check the other person's profile to help determine if it is the correct person
  4. Don't send money to someone promising something in the future (like free money in return, for example)

Is Cash App Safe?

Cash App is somewhat a secure way to send money to friends, family, and coworkers, just like its rivals.

Cash App can claim PCI-DSS level 1 certification, the highest level of compliance with a set of rules meant to ensure that businesses store, transfer, and process credit card data to the highest standards.

Cash App encrypts all data in transfers.

Additionally, the software provides fraud prevention against illegal charges.

Depending on the type of phone you have, Cash App also has security features built into the app to prevent unauthorized users from accessing it if they should come into the physical possession of your phone.

These features include Touch ID and PIN code security.

Nevertheless, you must use caution because users are frequently Cash App's weakest link.

Kim Komando, a media personality and IT expert claimed that Cash App payments are instant and cannot be undone. "In the unlikely event that something goes wrong—say, you accidentally sent it to the incorrect John Smith in your contacts—hopefully, that person will be sincere and send it back to you.

However, fraud involving payment apps has increased. Cash App is becoming more popular, and con artists are acting much more brazenly."

It's important to keep in mind, though, that Cash App promotes itself as a viable replacement for a traditional bank account; nonetheless, your money is not FDIC-insured, which is a safety flaw.

According to Ted Rossman, senior industry analyst at Bankrate.com, "This may be a significant concern if the company is hacked, if it were to go out of business, or if it were to undergo some other calamity."

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Cash App taking my money?

In most cases, Cash App would take money when someone gains unauthorized access to users account and carry out transactions through the Cash App account directly or through the Cash Card.

Will Cash App refund stolen money?

Yes, Cash App can issue a refund for an unauthorized transaction from your account when you cancel the transaction.

How do you get money back from unauthorized transactions on Cash App?

The best way to get money back from an unauthorized transaction on Cash App is to file a dispute for the transaction in question. The process is simple and can be done from your Activity feed. However, keep in mind that this works best with transactions made with businesses and merchants.

Can people take away money from Cash App?

Money can be withdrawn from Cash App as long as you have a card linked to the account already. But it is also possible to do it using other methods, more specifically transferring the money to your bank account or sending the funds to one of your contacts.

Can someone steal your money with your Cash App name?

Hacking your Cash App by only using your name is generally impossible. However, if they can get ahold of more information about you, including your email address and your phone number, your Cash App account could be in jeopardy.

How are people scamming through Cash App?

Scammers might send you a payment 'by accident' and ask for you to send the payment amount back to them. The amount you send them back is from your account funds. These scammers will dispute the payment with their bank or credit card after you've sent the funds back.

Final Thoughts: Cash App Taking Money Without Permission

Cash App might take money from your account without permission if someone has access to your account and keeps on using the account balance.

Depending on how the person got access to your account, the access type might be authorized or unauthorized by you.

Regardless of how the person got access to your Cash App account, this guide compiles the best steps to take if Cash App is taking money without permission from your account.


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