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How Long Does SHEIN Take To Ship And Deliver (SHEIN Shipping Guide)

There are some factors that influence how long does SHEIN take to ship and deliver items. Here is all you need to know about SHEIN shipping.
how long does shein take to ship

SHEIN is a fashion retailer that ships its products everywhere in the world. When you place an order at SHEIN, the first thing that should come in your mind is how long does SHEIN take to ship and deliver?

SHEIN is a Chinese retailer that features lots of outfit catalogs and ships across 220 countries.

As of 2022, SHEIN is the largest fashion retailer in the world, according to Wikipedia. SHEIN credits its success to the practical and affordable shipping options it provides to customers abroad.

SHEIN offers three different shipping methods which vary depending on the country and region of the purchase.

Each shipping method estimates its own time at which your items will arrive prior to your location.

Knowing how long does SHEIN take to ship and deliver will let you estimate when exactly will your item arrive if you shop at this big fashion retailer.

That being said, this SHEIN shipping guide focuses on showing you how long does SHEIN take to ship and deliver items to supported locations.

Table of Contents

What is SHEIN?

SHEIN is a Chinese e-commerce company founded in Guangzhou, China in 2008.

The business specializes in women's fashion and accessories, though it also offers options for men and kids.

The US, Europe, Middle East, and Asia are SHEIN's target markets.

The company uses a highly competitive pricing model that rewards customers for taking part in outfit design competitions, participating in app-exclusive promotions, and receiving free coupons.

In addition to ASOS, H&M, Zara, Uniqlo, and other popular high volume e-commerce stores, it has grown to become one of the most downloaded shopping apps.

SHEIN takes pride in offering a network of distribution services to serve customers all over the world while completing orders at competitive prices.

SHEIN Shipping Methods, Cost & Delivery Time

Economy Shipping, Standard Shipping, and Express Shipping are the three different shipping options offered by SHEIN.

Depending on the country you're in, shipping prices and delivery windows are listed on SHEIN's checkout page.

You can see the shipping costs, delivery times, and free shipping thresholds for your country in the table below.

Country Shipping Cost Delivery Time Free Shipping
Australia $4.95 – $7.95 (Standard Shipping) 12 – 14 Days (Standard Shipping) N/A
Austria €2.50 – €4.50 (Standard Shipping) 13 – 15 Days (Standard Shipping) Order €39.00+ (Standard Shipping)
Canada C$6.95 (Standard Shipping)
C$26.00 (Express Shipping)
14 – 18 Days (Standard Shipping)
10 – 14 Days (Express Shipping)
Order C$49.00+ (Standard Shipping)
Order C$129.00+ (Express Shipping)
Denmark €3.90 (Standard Shipping) 12 – 14 Days (Standard Shipping) Order €19.00+ (Standard Shipping)
Finland €7.90 (Standard Shipping) 13 – 16 Days (Standard Shipping) Order €59.00+ (Standard Shipping)
France €1.99 (Economic Shipping)
€2.99 – €4.49 (Standard Shipping)
24 – 27 Days (Economic Shipping)
11 – 14 Days (Standard Shipping)
Order €39.00+ (Standard Shipping)
Germany €1.50 (Economic Shipping)
€2.90 – €4.50 (Standard Shipping)
25 – 27 Days (Economic Shipping)
14 – 17 Days (Standard Shipping)
Order €39.00+ (Standard Shipping)
Hong Kong HK$40.00 (Express Shipping) 6 – 8 Days (Express Shipping) Order HK$400.00 (Express Shipping)
India ₹80 – ₹130 (Standard Shipping) 7 – 14 Days (Standard Shipping) Order ₹1,800 (Standard Shipping)
Italy €2.49 (Economic Shipping)
€4.49 (Standard Shipping)
About 4 Weeks (Economic Shipping)
13 – 16 Days (Standard Shipping)
Order €25.00+ (Economic Shipping)
Order €39.00+ (Standard Shipping)
Malaysia Free (Standard Shipping) 9 – 12 Days (Standard Shipping) All Orders (Standard Shipping)
Netherlands €2.00 – €4.00 (Standard Shipping) 8 – 11 Days (Standard Shipping) Order €39.00+ (Standard Shipping)
Singapore Free (Standard Shipping)
$3.00 (Express Shipping)
9 – 10 Days (Standard Shipping)
7 – 9 Days (Express Shipping)
All Orders (Standard Shipping)
Order $80.00+ (Express Shipping)
Spain €1.90 – €3.90 (Economic Shipping)
€3.90 (Standard Shipping)
About 4 Weeks (Economic Shipping)
12 – 16 Days (Standard Shipping)
Order €29.00+ (Standard Shipping)
United Kingdom £2.00 (Economy Shipping)
£2.00 (Standard Shipping)
£12.00 (Express Shipping)
12 – 14 Days (Economy Shipping)
19 – 27 Days (Standard Shipping)
10 – 12 Days (Express Shipping)
Order £35.00+ (Economy Shipping)
Order £35.00+ (Standard Shipping)
Order £100.00+ (Express Shipping)
United States $3.99 (Standard Shipping)
$12.90 (Express Shipping)
10 – 12 Days (Standard Shipping)
6 – 8 Days (Express Shipping)
Order $49.00+ (Standard Shipping)

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How Does SHEIN Shipping Work?

When a customer places an order, there are three steps involved: Processing times + shipping times equal receiving times.

Your order will first be received by SHEIN, and it will take about 24 hours for that order to be processed. Order processing and item shipping will take one or two working days after the order has been received.

The items will then be shipped out within one to four business days of that. The amount of time it takes for the items to get to you may vary.

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How Long Does SHEIN Take To Ship and Deliver?

SHEIN shipping typically takes 1 to 3 weeks to reach your door. The shipping method you select and your location will affect the actual delivery time. You can use the following as a guide:

  • Economy Shipping: 3 – 4 Weeks
  • Standard Shipping: 2 – 3 Weeks
  • Express Shipping: 1 – 2 Weeks

Because the goods are made in China and shipped there, delivery times are typically short in Asia.

Delivery lead times for orders to addresses in Europe and North America are generally shorter than for orders to remote locations.

SHEIN mentioned in an announcement that while they strive to deliver orders as quickly as possible, the time it takes to process an order from the warehouse can range from one to three days.

For instance, if a customer orders an item from SHEIN, the package must go through three steps: receiving time, processing time, and shipping time.

The package is shipped once all the procedures have been completed.

The distance between the destination and the SHEIN warehouse, therefore, affects how long it takes to deliver.

Although one to three weeks is the estimated delivery time, occasionally the package may arrive sooner or later than anticipated.

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How Much is SHEIN Shipping?

Standard shipping to the US costs $3.99, while express shipping will set you back $12.90. US customers can enter their state and city to view the applicable rates for more detailed and up-to-date fees.

There is currently a uniform rate for all states.

For instance, express shipping to Los Angeles, California, costs $12.90 while standard shipping costs $3.99.

For purchases over $49.00, shipping is free. Deliveries to countries in Europe and Asia are typically less expensive.

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Does SHEIN Offer Free Shipping?

Free shipping is available from SHEIN for orders over a certain threshold, and there is no minimum order value for free shipping in some Asian nations.

Basically, it depends on where you buy the item.

For instance, free shipping is available in the US for orders over $49.00, and free shipping to Germany, Italy, and France is available for orders over €39.00 in Europe.

Free shipping is available in Australia for purchases over AU$49. The average cost of free shipping for destinations in Asia is between $60.00 and $70.00. (with a few exceptions where shipping is free).

It's also important to remember that SHEIN frequently runs sales with free shipping through deals and coupons.

These promotions occasionally occur and are made available depending on the location of purchase.

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Changing Shipping Details for SHEIN Orders

You might occasionally encounter a situation where you unintentionally entered the incorrect shipping or billing information.

Normally, SHEIN only permits you to change an order by canceling it and placing a new one before it has been shipped.

How to Change Shipping Methods on SHEIN?

You must cancel your shipment before it has been shipped by going to "My Orders" and changing the shipping method there. Reorder the items and choose the proper shipping option.

How To Change a Shipping Address in SHEIN?

Go to "My Orders" and edit the shipping address there to save the change. The shipping address cannot be changed for orders that have been confirmed or that have already been delivered.

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What Shipping Carriers Does SHEIN Use?

SHEIN uses China Post, and the United States Postal Service handles deliveries when using Standard Shipping to the US. SHEIN typically collaborates with national postal services for nations in Asia and Europe.

FedEx is the designated carrier for international express shipping. SHEIN fulfills orders for other nations with express shipments via international couriers or national postal services.

How to Track a SHEIN Shipment?

After a successful order checkout, a tracking number will be given to your shipment. There is a link next to this tracking number that will take you right to the courier's website.

You can also retrieve your tracking number by following the steps listed below.

  1. Log in to your SHEIN account and click "My Account."
  2. In the "My Account" screen, click "My Order" and you will be presented with all of your current orders. 
  3. If shipment status is "Shipped", click on "Track Order Details" on the right side of the pane. 
  4. SHEIN will provide a specific tracking number with a link to the courier that will look up the shipment progress.

You can track your order to see the status of the shipping as well as all milestones, which are displayed for your viewing. You can see the precise location of your shipment here.

Does SHEIN Offer Shipping Guarantee/Insurance?

SHEIN offers shipping insurance; however, this service carries a $2.99 surcharge. During checkout, you will be given an option, which you must simply choose.

As a result, you will be able to return the shipment for free, no questions asked, and without having to give a reason.

Additionally, you should be aware that even if you cancel your order, the cost of the shipping insurance is non-refundable.

What is SHEIN's Return Policy?

You have 45 days from the purchase date to submit a refund request under SHEIN's return policy. Only the first return is free of charge; any additional items will incur a fee.

The shipping costs will be subtracted from the amount that customers will receive in refunds for successful returns.

Refund requests are typically processed within 7 days. Be aware that while refund policies may vary by country, lead times and charges may be different.

Make sure to review the SHEIN website's refund policy for your country. The general rules are as follows:

  • First return typically free
  • Subsequent return shipping fee deducted from refund
  • 7 days processing time
  • 45 day refund window
  • Shipping label fee deducted from refund

How Do I Return a Shipment from SHEIN?

Items that can be returned to SHEIN up to 45 days after purchase.

The clothing must be new, unwashed, undamaged, and come with all of its original tags, packaging, and hygiene stickers.

Bodysuits, lingerie, jewelry, cosmetics, underwear, event and party supplies, and DIY materials are some examples of specific purchases that cannot be returned for hygiene-related reasons.

Free gifts and samples, as well as items with non-returnable markings, cannot be exchanged or refunded.

There are two main steps to take before returning a shipment if you are in the US.

Go to "My Orders" after signing into your SHEIN account, click the items you wish to return, give a justification if necessary, and then click "Submit."

You can print your own label and attach it to the return package, or you can use the shipping label that came with the item.

Finally, make arrangements to pick up or deliver the package at the nearby post office. When doing so, you are free to select your own shipping option.

Refunds will be processed seven days after SHEIN receives the package. Your SHEIN wallet or payment account will receive refunds. Be aware that insurance and shipping costs are not refundable.

Where to Find SHEIN Return Shipping Labels?

You can access the return shipping label by clicking "Order Details" under "My Orders."

After that, select "Return & Refund Record" and then "View".

For US customers, the $7.99 cost of the SHEIN shipping label is deducted from the refund. The US shipping label is only valid for transactions within the US.

The policies and costs for the return labels may vary slightly in other nations.

It is best to contact a customer service representative if you have any questions about the SHEIN return policy in your nation or about any other subject.

Your questions will be answered, and they will be able to point you in the right direction.

FAQs About SHEIN Shipping

How Long Does SHEIN Take to Ship in UK?

The processing time for shipping items rises to 2 to 4 days as Australian SHEIN shipments leave Global Logistics. So, depending on where you are, the standard shipping method could take 15–18 days.

How Long Does SHEIN Take to Ship to Germany?

Delivery from SHEIN takes longer in Germany than it does elsewhere else in the region. It will take nearly 25 days for the economic shipping and 15 days for standard shipping, based on SHEIN's recent shipping history in Germany.

What is the SHEIN Shipping Time for Texas?

SHEIN orders are expected to arrive in Texas in 12 to 14 days for standard shipping and 8 to 12 days for express shipping. I recommend opting for express shipping if you require your SHEIN order as soon as possible.

How Long Does SHEIN Take to Ship to California?

The shipping times can change depending on where in California you reside. SHEIN will ship your order using standard shipping in 12 to 15 days. Likewise, express shipping will take between 9 and 14 days.

Final Thoughts

SHEIN is a popular fashion retailer that offers clothing catalogs at a very cheap price.

The main concern, however, SHEIN customers have when shopping at SHEIN is the shipping time.

SHEIN's shipping time depends on how far you're located from SHEIN's nearest warehouse.

Customers located out of Asia usually receive their items in a longer time than does located in Asia. This is because customers located in Asia are closer to SHEIN's warehouse than those located outside of Asia.

This SHEIN shipping guide contains everything there is to know about SHEIN shipping times, methods and costs.

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