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Does SHEIN Accept PayPal? (Complete Guide)

SHEIN does accept PayPal as a payment method—here's how to use PayPal to pay on SHEIN.
does shein accept paypal

Mobile payment apps such as PayPal and Cash App, have taken the stage in the financial industry.

If you've been using PayPal for a while and come across an interesting item that you want to buy on SHEIN, you'll be wondering whether does SHEIN accept PayPal.

PayPal is one of the best international money transfer app that allows it users to send and receive money, pay bills and even receive payments from employers. 

PayPal is also used by professionals and freelancers for their online shopping activities—however, some PayPal alternatives for Freelancers and Business owners can be viable options to receive payments.

SHEIN, which was founded in 2008, and is one of the most well-known online fashion and sports retailers.

The SHEIN app was the most downloaded shopping app in the United States as of May 2021.

When you shop on SHEIN, you will need to pay for the goods you want to buy. SHEIN accepts bank cards (credit and debit cards) as payment methods.

Does SHEIN accept PayPal? Yes. SHEIN does accepts PayPal as a payment method. You will be redirected to a PayPal payment page when using PayPal as a payment method on SHEIN.

Want to know how to proceed in paying with PayPal on SHEIN? Continue reading.

In this article, I will show you how to use PayPal as a payment method for goods you purchase on SHEIN.

Table of Contents

What is SHEIN?

SHEIN is a B2C fast fashion retailer with a global footprint.

The company's main concentration is on women's clothing, but it also sells men's and children's clothing, accessories, shoes, luggage, and other fashion items.

Consumers in Europe, North America, Australia, and the Middle East, as well as other consumer markets, are SHEIN's primary target markets.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is an online payment service that makes it easy for people to send money to each other.

Customers can create an account on PayPal's platform that is linked to their credit card or checking account.

Users can start making and receiving payments to and from other PayPal accounts online or through the company's app once their identification and proof of money have been verified.

For your convenience, here's how to create a verified PayPal account

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Can You Use PayPal on SHEIN?

Yes, you can use PayPal on SHEIN.

SHEIN lets you pay for your shopping items with PayPal as a payment method.

Funds from your PayPal balance or linked bank or bank card will be used as funding source for the payment.

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Does SHEIN Accept/Take PayPal?

Yes, SHEIN does accepts PayPal as a payment method.

To use PayPal as payment method on SHEIN, shop your favorite catalog and then, at the checkout, select pay with PayPal and you will be redirected to a PayPal payment page.

You can still checkout without a PayPal account.

To do so, go to "Pay with Debit/Credit Card" and you'll be taken to a secure page where you can enter your credit card information or make a secure PayPal payment.

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How to Use PayPal to Pay on SHEIN

  1. Shop your favorite products on the SHEIN site.
  2. Once you've finished shopping through the catalogs, proceed to checkout.
  3. Select Pay with PayPal.
  4. You will be redirected to a PayPal payment page where you will be required to login to your account with your PayPal email and password.
  5. You can also check out without PayPal by tapping on "Pay with Debit/Credit Card".

How to Pay SHEIN Using PayPal Without Credit Card

To pay SHEIN using PayPal without credit card, simply add your debit or prepaid card to your PayPal account.

It will be considerably easier to change your preferred payment card if you already have a debit or prepaid card linked to your PayPal account.

Logging into your PayPal account and change your preferred payment card from the Wallet section.

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What to Consider When Paying With PayPal on SHEIN

  • Using PayPal, you can send payments safely online and fast.
  • You can pay with a bank card, bank card, or bank accounts balance.
  • Once your order is filled, you may soon be redirected to PayPal’s site where the payment could be made by you.
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Does SHEIN Accept PayPal Pay In 4?

SHEIN accepts PayPal as a payment method, but does not let you pay in 4 equal payments.

If you're looking to pay for your item on SHEIN in 4 interest-free equal installments, then you can use either Klarna or ZiP as payment methods. 

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What are SHEIN Payment Methods?

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • PayPal
  • Afterpay
  • Klarna
  • ZiP
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Final Thoughts On Does SHEIN Accept PayPal

SHEIN is a place to shop women, catalogs and also men and children stuffs.

SHEIN does accept PayPal as a payment method.

When paying with PayPal, you will be redirected to a secure page where you will be required to login to your PayPal account and complete the purchase.

You can also checkout with out PayPal by paying with a debit or credit card.

Frequently Asked Questions

What payment methods can you use on SHEIN?

You can choose wallet balance, debit/credit card or net banking to pay the order. If you do not have a Paytm account, you can pay via Paytm with your credit card, debit card or net banking.

Can I pay for shopping with PayPal?

Yes, you can. Lots of shopping websites use a payment method called PayPal. It's a safe and easy way to pay online. When you set up a PayPal account you can pay money into the account by credit card, debit card or direct from your bank. You can use PayPal to pay for goods online.

Can I use PayPal without linking bank account?

You don't need a bank account for PayPal as an individual making purchases. You will just need a valid debit or credit card. If you are a business, you will need a bank account to use your PayPal business account.


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