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MTN Free Internet With TLS Tunnel

Free internet is a key term that is widely search now our days and it is going viral on internet. Free internet is a means of getting internet access without paying a dime. As frequent readers know, this blog shoots and aims at providing as many free internet tricks as possible for all countries. Which is why you should keep an updated ear on all of our new releases. 

We provide free internet tricks for many countries and who knows, yours can be among. But in today’s trick, I will be providing you readers with free internet trick with MTN for SA using TLS Tunnel VPN.

MTN free Internet 2020

What is Free Internet?

Free Internet makes use of several protocols and tools to get a User connected to the internet for free. This is usually possible mainly if the firewall restriction of the ISP is bypassed by an attack and loop holes are being exploited. Click here to read more on Free Internet...

Getting the Free Internet Trick

In order to obtain this trick and get it working for you, you need to comply with some requirements and make sure they are okay. Then, you can proceed

As most of you readers know, we usually do blog posts on two types of VPN Injectors which are HTTP Injector and SlowDNS. But today, we will be talking of a new Tunneling agent known as TLS Tunnel. TLS Tunnel config format is in TLS don’t get it confused with that of Injector which is EHI.

In today’s trick, we will make use of a VPN Tunnel known as TLS Tunnel which with the help of a specified TLS config, we will get connected to the internet for free. You can download TLS Tunnel from PlayStore.


  • MTN SA SIM Card with Zero data,
  • TLS Tunnel VPN application,
  • TLS Config below


  • Go to PlayStore and Download TLS Tunnel VPN
  • Now download the config below Noted MTN SA.
  • Once you download the config, launch TLS Tunnel and Click Import to import the config.
  • As the config finishes to load, switch your mobile data on and click the START button in TLS Tunnel to initiate the injection process. This usually takes some seconds to get connected and once it is connected, you can enjoy the internet for free.
See the below image for a successful connection status

mtn SA free internet trick 2020

Along side the config below, I added an Orange Cameroon Free internet Config with HTTP injector. So the Cameroon users can download that config and get started to browse the internet for free.

Things to note on the Config

  1. I am not the author of this config which means the config shouldn’t be violated in anyway and I don’t assure the reliability of the config.
  2. This trick is for educational purposes only and it is to let the ISP know of their vulnerabilities.
  3. Cameroon readers can download the Orange Config below.
  4. Enjoy the free internet trick and share to support for there are more to come...

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