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Spectrum Channel List And Numbers (A Complete Guide)

Looking to find out what channels are available on Spectrum? Here's a list of Spectrum channels and numbers to help you out.
spectrum channel list and numbers

Spectrum offers a wide variety of channels to suit all your viewing needs. Whether you're a sports enthusiast, a movie buff, or love catching up on the latest shows, Spectrum has something for everyone. But with so many options, navigating the channel list can be overwhelming.

This blog post will serve as your guide to the Spectrum channel list, helping you find your favorite channels and discover new ones.

Table of Contents

Finding Your Spectrum Channel List

Spectrum offers various TV packages, each with a different set of channels. These packages typically range from basic channels to premium tiers with exclusive content. Since channel availability depends on your specific package, it's important to know which package you subscribe to.

Here are some ways to find your channel list:

1. Through the Spectrum Website

spectrum channel list on website

The Spectrum website offers a great way to know what channels are available for a specific package. All you have to do is visit the Spectrum website. From there, you should find information on available packages and channel lineups.

2. Through the Spectrum App

You can also use the Spectrum app to get the different channel lists. To do so, download the Spectrum app and sign in with your account information. The app allows you to browse channels and view the current program guide.

3. Contact Spectrum

Last but not least, calling Spectrum's customer service is another great way to get your channel list. You can reach out to Spectrum customer service by calling 855.860.9068 and requesting the channel list.

Spectrum Channel List & Numbers

We've seen how to find your Spectrum channel list. But what if you need a list that can orientate you for an informed decision? While I can't provide you with a detailed list of Spectrum channels (since it varies by package and location), here's a list to give you an idea of the kind of channels you might find:

Local Channels:

  • ABC (typically channel 4, 7, or 8)
  • CBS (typically channel 2, 5, or 10)
  • NBC (typically channel 6, 10, or 13)
  • FOX (typically channel 9, 11, or 14)
  • PBS (typically channel 3, 12, or 57)
  • CW (typically channel 18, 31, or 34)

News & Weather:

  • CNN (typically channel 20 or 202)
  • Fox News (typically channel 21 or 212)
  • MSNBC (typically channel 15 or 152)
  • BBC World News (channel availability varies)
  • The Weather Channel (typically channel 26 or 100)


  • ESPN (typically channel 14 or 200)
  • ESPN2 (typically channel 22 or 202)
  • FS1 (channel availability varies)
  • NBCSN (channel availability varies)
  • TBS (typically channel 23 or 223) (broadcasts some MLB games)
  • TNT (typically channel 21 or 221) (broadcasts some NBA games)


  • A&E (typically channel 28 or 228)
  • AMC (typically channel 24 or 224)
  • Animal Planet (typically channel 35 or 335)
  • Bravo (typically channel 51 or 351)
  • Comedy Central (typically channel 61 or 361)
  • Disney Channel (channel availability varies)
  • E! (typically channel 46 or 346)
  • FX (channel availability varies)
  • Hallmark Channel (channel availability varies)
  • HGTV (typically channel 52 or 352)
  • Lifetime (typically channel 33 or 333)
  • MTV (typically channel 66 or 366)
  • Nickelodeon (typically channel 36 or 336)
  • SYFY (typically channel 59 or 359)
  • TBS (typically channel 23 or 223) (sitcoms and some movies)
  • TNT (typically channel 21 or 221) (dramas and some movies)
  • TLC (typically channel 44 or 344)
  • USA Network (typically channel 32 or 332)


  • Cartoon Network (typically channel 58 or 358)
  • Disney Channel (channel availability varies)
  • Disney Junior (channel availability varies)
  • Nickelodeon (typically channel 36 or 336)
  • PBS Kids (typically channel 123 or 617)


  • TNT (typically channel 21 or 221) (some movies)
  • TBS (typically channel 23 or 223) (some movies)
  • FX (channel availability varies) (some movies)
  • Hallmark Channel (channel availability varies) (mostly original movies)
  • Premium Movie Channels (additional fee): HBO, Showtime, Starz, etc.


  • MTV (typically channel 66 or 366) (music videos)
  • VH1 (typically channel 62 or 362) (music videos and music-related reality shows)
  • Music Choice (typically channels 400-449) (various music genres)

Spectrum Channel Lineup Resources

Once you know your package tier, you can explore the channel lineup. Spectrum doesn't provide a downloadable channel list in PDF format, but there are alternative resources:

  • Interactive Channel Guide: Your Spectrum TV comes with an interactive program guide that displays channel numbers and program descriptions.
  • Online Channel Lineup Tools: Several websites offer user-generated channel lineups for Spectrum based on zip code. Keep in mind that these may not be entirely accurate, so double-check with Spectrum if needed.

Tips for Navigating the Spectrum Channel List

Spectrum offers a broach channel list and unless you are familiar with such a TV provider, navigating through its different channels won't be a gameplay for everyone.

Here are some tips to help you better navigate through the Spectrum channel list:

  • Channel Categories: The Spectrum channel lineup is categorized to make browsing easier. Categories include Sports, News, Entertainment, Kids, and more.
  • Channel Numbers: Use the channel numbers provided in the guide or app to tune in to your desired channel.
  • HD Channels: Look for the "HD" designation next to channel numbers to find high-definition channels.
  • Search Function: The Spectrum app and interactive guide often have a search function to find specific channels by name.

Beyond the Basic List: Premium Channels

In addition to the standard channel lineup, Spectrum offers premium channel packages for an additional fee. These packages include channels like HBO, Showtime, and Starz, which offer exclusive movies, TV shows, and sporting events.

Final Thoughts

Spectrum is one of the most popular TV providers out there. It offers different channel packages and to each is attached a list of specific channels which vary by location.

This guide compiles a list of Spectrum channels that you should expect to find in any package. However, I highly recommend you use the different methods mentioned above on how to find the different channel lists before making an informed decision.

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